Kick-Ass Adapted from Mark Millar's hyper-violent comic book of the same name, director Matthew Vaughn's (Layer Cake) vigilante superhero film tells the tale of an average New York teenager who decides to don a costume and fight crime. Comic book geek Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) may not have good coordination or special powers, but that doesn't mean he isn't a fully capable crime fighter. After purchasing a flashy wet suit on the Internet, Dave starts busting up baddies with nothing but brute force. He calls himself Kick-Ass, and he can take a beating as good as he can dish one out. Before long, Kick-Ass has become a local sensation, and others are following his lead. Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) are a father-daughter crime-fighting duo who have set their sights on local mob heavy Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong). They're doing a decent job of dismantling Frank's sizable underworld empire when Kick-Ass gets drawn into the fray. But Frank's men play rough, and his son, Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), is about to become Kick-Ass' very first arch nemesis. When Chris assumes the persona of Red Mist, the stage is set for a superhero showdown.
Just finished watching Kick Ass 2 for the second time. Check out my review and as always...*non spoilers* UFR
Visual effects company, Nvizage, created digital effects for Jeff Wadlow's comic book movie, Kick-Ass 2, and now they've just released their visual effects breakdown video. Check it out.
I personally think Kick-Ass 2 is extremely underrated, so after reading the Man of Steel article by yonny616, I decided to make an article of my own. Hit the jump to see why it's not as bad as most people seem to think.
New images from the UIG Entertainment developed Kick-Ass 2: The Videogame feature the titular hero, Mother Russia, Black Death and the Toxic Mega ***** in Action.
The fourth of five editorials looking back at the CBMs from 2013. Mark Millar's 'Kick-Ass' series has always been crude, funny and controversial - but how does this sequel compare to 2010's excellent first film?
Hit the jump to check out four extended scenes from Jeff Wadlow's Kick-Ass 2. They feature Jim Carrey's Colonel Stars and Stripes and Aaron Taylor-Johnson's David "Dave" Lizewski/Kick-Ass.
In this excerpt from the Kick-Ass 2 Blu-ray, Matthew Vaughn, Jeff Wadlow, Mark Millar, John Romita Jr. and more all talk about how they went about ensuring that the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2010 movie managed to live up to the first instalment. Check it out!
In this editorial, I explain what Kick-Ass 2 got right and Iron Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man got wrong.
Hit the jump to check out some deleted and extended scenes from Jeff Wadlow's Kick-Ass 2. Also, check out a cool behind-the-scenes video featuring the Mother F*cker's evil lair.
We previously saw a short clip from the "Hit Girl Attacks: Creating the Van Sequence" DVD bonus Kick-Ass 2 footage, but now take a look at the full featurette. It features storyboards and the behind-the-scenes stunt and fight choreography. Come check it out!
In the theatrical cut, Kick-Ass 2 opens with Mindy shooting Dave, who is wearing a bulletproof vest, but in this alternate opening Dave is lured into an alley and terrorized. Hey, we even get some new footage with Dave's girlfriend, Katie (Lyndsy Fonseca).
Thanks to, Kick-Ass 2 News, we have three extended scenes from Jeff Wadlow's Kick-Ass 2. All three scenes feature Christopher Mintz-Plasse ("Superbad") hamming it up as The Mother F*cker.
Your first look at the Kick-Ass 2 DVD bonus feature, "Hit Girl Attacks: Creating the Van Sequence." With the help of storyboards and behind-the-scenes footage, see how this pivotal scene involving Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) was put together.
Director and screenwriter, Jeff Wadlow, originally planned to include a cameo for Nicolas Cage's character Big Daddy/Damon Macready in Kick-Ass 2, but for whatever reason it was never shot. Hit the jump to get your first look at the scene, with help from storyboards.
Come check out the very lovely, Aline, dressed as a female version of Kick-Ass/Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson). The character was created by created by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., and was last season in this past summer's Kick-Ass 2, directed by Jeff Wadlow.
The release date and special features for the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of Jeff Wadlow's Kick-Ass 2 have been revealed, and among them are "Big Daddy Returns: The Unshot Scene". Clearly, there were indeed plans at one point to bring back Nicolas Cage! Read on for details.
Set to coincide with the release of the movie on DVD and Blu-ray, UIG Entertainment have today revealed that a Kick Ass 2 will be released for PC and consoles this November. Hit the jump for details and a batch of artwork and screenshots.
A review of the superhero sequel Kick-Ass 2.
If you didn't get enough of Kick-Ass this summer there's more Ass to Kick in the third and Final Installment. Hit the jump to find out what Mark Miller had to say.
Kick-Ass 2 may not have made the impact at the box office that many were expecting, but that doesn't mean it isn't well worth checking out! Hit the jump to read my spoiler-free review of Jeff Wadlow's big screen adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s comic book series.
Kick-Ass 2 was at one point expected to open at #1 last week, but box office analysts and fans alike were shocked when it ended up debuting at #4. Well, thanks to several new releases this weekend, the sequel has already almost dropped out of the Top 10! Read on for details.
Did your friends tell you Kick-Ass 2 Sucked? Well, with films like The Butler, beating it in the Box Office, they might be right. Here are 5 reasons you can give your friends that show why this movie doesn't suck, and why you should go see it yourself.
To celebrate the release of Kick-Ass 2, we've teamed up with Titan Books to offer three lucky readers the chance to get their hands on a copy of the new Kick-Ass 2 and Hit-Girl trade paperbacks which have recently been rereleased with new covers featuring artwork from the movie. Hit the jump to enter!
Jeff Wadlow's follow up to Matthew Vaughan's original hasn't exactly set the box office on fire, and was generally not as well received by critics as the first Kick-Ass -- but we thought it was pretty good! How about you guys?
Despite analysts predicting that Kick-Ass 2 would take the top spot at the North American box office this weekend, it has in fact earned only $13.6 million (meaning it is currently tied for third place with last week's Elysium). Universal were expecting better. Read on for details!