Kick Ass 2 Filming in London

Kick Ass 2 Filming in London

The second Kick Ass movie was using a London Iconic music location for filming on Saturday...

While out and about over the West End in London on Saturday (3rd November) I ended up walking past Denmark Street at about 5pm and notice 4 large Panalux movie & TV lighting trucks parked together. In the windscreen of each truck was a sign saying 'Kick Ass 2 Lighting'. There were no obvious production crew around to ask so I went in one of the music shops and found out that the street had been closed off all day to traffic and that filming had been taking place in the back alleys and possibly in one or more of the music bars. I did not have my camera with me and it was too dark to take any decent pictures on my mobile, therefore I have posted some generic images of Denmark Street below.

Denmark Street is notable for its connections with British popular music, and is known as the British Tin Pan Alley. Venues on Denmark Street have strong connections with the histories of British jazz, rhythm and blues and punk music. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix recorded albums in Regent Sounds Studios on the street. Elton John wrote his classic early song "Your Song" here. Later, the Sex Pistols lived above number 6, and recorded their first demos there. The street contains London's largest cluster of music shops.

Here is a video explaining the history of Denmark Street's music scene:
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