Lyndsy Fonseca Discusses Her Return In KICK-ASS 2

Lyndsy Fonseca Discusses Her Return In KICK-ASS 2

If the following interview with Lyndsy Fonseca is anything to go by, it sounds as if her commitments to Nikita will mean that Kick-Ass' girlfriend will have a much smaller role in the sequel. Hit the jump for more details and comments from the actress.

"Somehow I’m supposed to do Kick-Ass 2 this year," Lyndsy Fonseca told IGN Movies at the San Diego Comic-Con last month. "I’m so excited, and I just pray that it all works out! I don’t know. They know that I’m on the show, so it’s not going to be a month of work because I can’t. I can’t do it. But I’ll at least be able to do something, which is very kind of them." As for her thoughts on the screenplay and director Jeff Wadlow, she added: "I read it. I think I read the latest draft -- I don’t think there’s been a new one -- and it was fantastic. It actually plays really well with how Chloe has grown up a little bit, but she’s not yet a young woman. I loved it. I think it’s really good. Jeff] seems incredibly nice though. He’s very excited, and I’m excited. Matthew [Vaughn]’s producing it, but I think it will be kind of cool to have a new point of view for the sequel."

As fans of the comic books will know, Katie and Kick-Ass never actually end up together in the Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. series. In the second volume, Red Mist/The Mother F*cker sends his goons to brutally rape her in a shocking attack on a neighbourhood which even sees children gunned down in the streets. While it was unlikely that that would ever make it into the big screen adaptation, the actress actually reveals that her role isn't a particularly large one. "She’s just in the beginning, so far. I’m just happy to be involved. She’s still the strange Katie – somewhat girl next door but has strange, drug-addict boyfriends and works at the needle exchange. Very contradicting personality traits... It’s still that weird!"

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MrDuck - 8/10/2012, 5:46 PM
MrDuck - 8/10/2012, 5:46 PM
i could give less than [frick] about that character
Kalel219 - 8/10/2012, 5:48 PM
Kick Ass 2 was too off putting for my taste, with the rape scene and kids getting shot to hell,but the first film was well made and I liked moments of it.
Zarog - 8/10/2012, 5:54 PM
She's hot.
maxxgone - 8/10/2012, 5:57 PM
i prefered the first films take on her over the comics. especially when in the 2nd book, millar chooses good solid storytelling over shock-and-awe bullshit.

i'm a fan of his, but there are times when i just have to roll my eyes and say, "really? you honestly thought this was good storytelling?"

the main thing i want from the 2nd film is to keep the tone of the first. there were some really intriguing bonds and relationships in that film, and i feel that's what made it as good as it was.

if the 2nd film is just a build up to the return of hit girl, then they have failed on every level.
MrBlueSky - 8/10/2012, 6:00 PM
She's a hottie.

IIIAdamantiumIII - 8/10/2012, 6:03 PM
she has those [frick] me hard eyes
Durf - 8/10/2012, 6:05 PM
She's hot, but I won't be heart broken if her character doesn't appear
AmazingFantasy - 8/10/2012, 6:16 PM
Sit on my face please:

gabezzz - 8/10/2012, 6:20 PM
Cant handle the violence in kick ass 2? simple dont go and see it
Tymminator - 8/10/2012, 6:25 PM
thebatdad is correct.

In the comics, first the badguy formally known as "Red Mist" makes her give him a hummer. LAter when you see her, guys are putting their pants back on and she is laying there as it was assumed not only was she gang raped, but beaten badly as well. In fact, she's in the hosptial for the rest of the book and probably still in a coma type state.

That said, I know the rape scene is not in, but I do wonder what happens to her character.

CeleryMan - 8/10/2012, 6:28 PM
Her Part isn't that huge in Kick-ass 2 anyway she comes out in like 4 panels. I think That her character is a bit important because it kinds gives Kick-ass a sort of fake love interest and a reason to hate The mother [frick]er even more besides the whole dad being hung in prison thing. They can put her being ruffed up by the mother [frick]er and then just have a stand in in the hospital scene...done!
Tao1 - 8/10/2012, 6:51 PM
it would be too aggressive in my opinion, i was reading the article and my eyes widened because i never knew her character got raped i think that scene alone would make kick ass in to some next dark bloody toned batman
darin1174 - 8/10/2012, 8:01 PM
@mrbluesky.......incredible video. She's such a gorgeous girl
Protonite - 8/10/2012, 8:16 PM
@XavierLensherr - Awesome? More like weird, and I don't mean just the age difference.
sbdc1939 - 8/10/2012, 8:29 PM
wow she the daughter from how i met your mother i never knew that. She was hot in kick ass
StSharp - 8/10/2012, 8:34 PM
Her character was annoying. She just liked Kick-Ass cuz he was, well, Kick-Ass.
sameoldthing - 8/10/2012, 8:57 PM
She's damn sexy..I would watch her read the phone book for 2 hours.
(If she read it while fully nude,all the better. Yea,I went there.)
Tymminator - 8/10/2012, 10:22 PM
To add further insult to her character, before she was gang raped and seriously beaten, before she was forced to give the M**herF**ker a bj, she watched them bust into her house and blow her fathers brains out.
Minghagz - 8/10/2012, 11:41 PM
I feel in love with this girl instantly when I first saw her on TV. She is at the top of my list for hottest actresses right now. I'll watch anything with her in it XD
95 - 8/11/2012, 12:01 AM
She has green eyes? Wow.
DrRockso - 8/11/2012, 12:49 AM
Great White Buffalo
DoomXfactor - 8/11/2012, 1:14 AM
I love her. She makes my pants get tighter
GUNSMITH - 8/11/2012, 2:45 AM
CherryBomb - 8/11/2012, 3:06 AM
I like Lyndsy and I'm very glad they are atleast including her in the movie instead of just stupidly writing her out or replacing her with another actress.

TheGambitFreak - 8/11/2012, 4:58 AM
Yeah, I really don't care. If the movie is set to be anything like Millar's vol. 2, I won't watch it. It went to places no [frick]ing comic book should go. I swear, Millar is just doing whatever means necessary to stay in the biz, his stuff is just shit now, Civil War was okay at best. Him and Romita Jr. are perfect for each other. But I digress, if they make K-A2 a completely different story from the comic, I'm in.
Smokey - 8/11/2012, 6:05 AM
I didn't really have a celeb crush before... but now I do. Praaaiise da laawd!!!
snufkins - 8/11/2012, 6:09 AM
Eh, the rape scene was taken out and replaced with something hilarious... It was in an interview with McLovin once, right?
Oh well, it's still going to be pretty fun. :)
KeithM - 8/11/2012, 6:24 AM
Haven't read the second book yet, but it sounds so vile that I don't think I will. What is Mark Millar playing at? Is he that [frick]ed up or is he merely pandering to a fan-base that is?

I read the first book after seeing the film and hated it. Nasty for the sake of nasty. This is definitely one of those cases where the film is superior in pretty much every regard to the comic.

Also just finished Nemesis. Not a bad read, but pretty [frick]ing dumb in parts I have to say. Millar's a great concept guy (often coming up with really obvious 'why hasn't anyone done this yet?' story ideas), but his execution, especially in his creator owned stuff, often leaves a lot to be desired.
KeithM - 8/11/2012, 6:52 AM
@SeedofSmiley: You didn't actually watch the film then?

She liked him initially because she thought he was gay, felt sympathy for him, and thought he might need a friend. Then she liked him in 'the other way' because they had bonded and discovered he wasn't gay after all. She even said "I so wish you weren't gay" before she had any idea he was Kick-Ass.

She DIDN'T LIKE him being Kick-Ass at all and wanted him to stop, even though it turned her on a little too at first, which is a perfectly normal, [frick]ed-up, contradictory human thing - until the novelty wore off and she started being afraid for him. She almost considered telling him to [frick] off, but realised that she liked him DESPITE the deception, not because of it.

Hate if you must (and I suspect you must), but I call bullshit on your reason.

webheaded - 8/11/2012, 7:06 AM
Whatever the case may be, I'm just lucky I get to see her on the big screen. Loved her in Kick-Ass 1!
KeithM - 8/11/2012, 7:50 AM
@batdad: I couldn't disagree with you more. Changing Big Daddy from a psychotic child-stealer into a psychotic dad/framed cop was a far better idea and at least made a KIND of sense, however twisted, unlike the comic version which was just idiotic and made the guy into a total [frick]head, impossible to sympathise with in any way. Just like most of the characters in the comic tbh, most of whom are just vile.

The film also had way more heart than the comic which was often just nasty for the sake of being nasty.

But each to their own.

Talontd - 8/11/2012, 9:27 AM
I thought she was HORRIBLE in KICK-ASS. She sounded like she was reading her lines off a cue card. Seriously, some of the worst delivery I've ever seen....but she has since done some solid work on NIKITA...

...seriously tho, HORRIBLE!
KeithM - 8/11/2012, 10:14 AM
@batdad: Sorry, but I don't see how him not being her father makes it any more understandable or easier to forgive. Harder I'd say. It's just as [frick]ed up that he turns her into a murderer either way, but at least in the film his motivations for it made a twisted sense and the love he clearly had for her mitigated it somewhat (albeit barely). In the book, he was just a psychopathic, child stealing evil prick with a revenge fetish and nothing more. The film gave him way more depth.

IMHO of course. :)
KeithM - 8/11/2012, 10:41 AM
I loved Cage's performance (and I normally don't), so that's just a matter of taste I think.

I do see where you're coming from and I can JUST about get my head around it. But still. He's a horrible, unsympathetic vile creature. At least the movie's was someone we could empathise with on some level. The comic's not a chance in hell (and if you could, I'd worry).

As for the murder part, crimes of passion or 'love' (of one kind or another, however twisted) make up the vast majority. Sociopathic serial killers are actually very rare in comparison.

Even on that level, there are so many better written, fictional sociopathic serial killers than the very one-dimensional comics Big Daddy that I doubt I'd have thought that much of him even without the film for comparison.

This isn't an argument I expect to win btw. Just airing an opposing view.
KeithM - 8/11/2012, 11:19 AM
I smell a poll. Movie Big Daddy vs comics Big Daddy. ;)
thewolfx - 8/11/2012, 8:58 PM
she shouldnt be tryin to ride her way in this movie , she needs to be riding on top of me instead :)
misterwizz - 8/11/2012, 9:17 PM

Her role wasn't even that big in the first, so I don't see how a reduced role would make any difference?
marvel72 - 8/12/2012, 8:15 AM
she should be in it but i don't think the rape scene will be from the kick ass 2 comic.
vincentomoh - 8/16/2013, 10:31 PM
It's revealed that she's only in the KA2 movie for a few seconds to break up with Dave and imply she was cheating (OOC with the KA1 movie character) so Dave hooks up with Night Bitch and Red Mist tries to rape NB but fails because he can't get an erection

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