More from Chloe Moretz on playing Hit-Girl!

More from Chloe Moretz on playing Hit-Girl!

The Kick-Ass actress has told MTV about her initial thoughts on the script and reveals more about her mom's reaction too...

"My mom read the 'Kick-Ass' script first," she told MTV. "I usually don't read the scripts!"

"You don't really know where anything is going to go when you read a script — you can only hope. You get emotionally attached to a project, and then if you don't get it, you get sad."

"I read it and I freaked out and said, 'I have to be Hit-Girl, mom!' She was like, 'Okay, well — let's try it,'" Moretz said. "So I went out to audition for Vaughn, and I got it... and then I started training!"

Kick-Ass is out now in the UK and is released on Friday in the US.
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JoshWilding - 4/12/2010, 12:07 PM
Damn, all the buzz for this movie being released in the US makes me want to go and see it again! :P

Guys, check out my UNCANNY X-MEN Fan Cast!!! Just click the link!!! :)
ASSASSIN666 - 4/12/2010, 12:21 PM
The true star of the movie!
DogsOfWar - 4/12/2010, 12:54 PM
I took my daughter to Diary of a Wimpy Kid last week. Moretz is in that too. She has a natural presence that can't be taught. I see her going down the same path as actresses like Jodie Foster and Natalie Portman. Child actors that became great women actresses.
superdog - 4/12/2010, 1:01 PM
i still cant believe you brits got this movie before us. bullshit :)
bullsize - 4/12/2010, 1:01 PM

but she has to do alots of nude scenes in future if she desires an oscar :P

Halle berry,Kate winslet lead by example
marvel72 - 4/12/2010, 1:04 PM
she is f***ing excellent,the main reason to see kick about casting her for x-23 i think she would be excellent.
HelaGood - 4/12/2010, 1:09 PM
i ahve no doubt she will be the best part of this film!
BmanHall - 4/12/2010, 1:15 PM
4 more days c*nts!
BmanHall - 4/12/2010, 1:19 PM
@ deadpool72: She would kick ass (no pun intended) as X-23. But until FOX gives up that franchise, I don't care to see anything X-Men related.
airbeyonder18 - 4/12/2010, 1:20 PM
I'm going to see this movie right now!! What? It's not out yet? When? April 16th ?!! I can't wait that long!!!
Brashlight - 4/12/2010, 1:23 PM
I don't get the uproar about this movie's violence and "crude" dialogue. People need to remove the sticks from their ass and get over themselves. If you don't like it, don't [frick]ing go see it! Its as simple as that. I hate these self righteous assholes who think they have the right to project their values on society. Oh and this movie looks AWESOME! :)
thegreek - 4/12/2010, 1:46 PM
Brashlight - These are the same assholes who want everyone else to be tolerant of their views but want to squash everyone elses ... they are douches
Brashlight - 4/12/2010, 2:03 PM
Major douches!
blankofthedead - 4/12/2010, 2:08 PM
@brashlight- i think the uproar isnt so much people hating te movies views because they dont wanna see it.. obviously everyone can choose to not see something, its more people not wanting their kids to see this movie or wanting movies with this type of violence and language being accepted because it pushes the bar "too far" I cant wait to see this, but you cant blame parents for not wanting their young kids tempted by the commercials which seem to display a movie kids usually would see
fanboiii - 4/12/2010, 2:17 PM
Ever since 500 Days of Summer, I knew I'd be seeing more of her.
Brashlight - 4/12/2010, 2:17 PM
@blankofthedead-Oh and i totally understand that. My girlfriend isn't big on the ultra violent type movies and she wanted to see this i had to tell her that the trailer on TV is very deceptive. the problem i have is the ultra conservative parents using movies like this as a platform for more censorship. Instead of sitting their kids down and explaining things to them they just attack movie studios and try and gain more censorship for movies and TV. They would rather blame everyone else then actually talk to their kids. And i have always believed the more you try and hide someone from something the more they are gonna want to see it. Especially kids. its more responsible to talk to them!

but you do make a valid point.
JiMb0 - 4/12/2010, 2:39 PM
@brashlight, you're absolutely right, I have a 5 year old boy. Theres pretty much nothing he would rather do right now than watch iron man 2, or the incredible hulk, any of the x-men, transformers or spider man movies. but the truth is they are a little over his head content wise, but as a parent who isnt willing to let his kids see that, does that mean I want them to make g rated CBM's, no, I just talk to him, tell him he can watch when he's a little older and explain why. We dont need to censor the movies, we just need to govern ourselves according to the level of sex, violence, language etc. that we find appropriate and live within those guidelines.
blankofthedead - 4/12/2010, 2:40 PM
@brashlight- I understand, and trust me the PTA soccer moms have always and will always do it.. thankfully the success of southpark is to blame for the lack censorship. They push the bar so high that everyone else can float on by without being considered too bad. TG for SP.. and hopefully southpark does the same.. its all just words or fake violence
Johno - 4/12/2010, 2:46 PM
Brilliant movie, brilliant actress!
SHHH - 4/12/2010, 3:08 PM
@Brashlight: Thank you....
JiMb0 - 4/12/2010, 3:12 PM
@SHHH my favorite part of your avatar is that it say "GET THE F*** OUT" in big letters on the whiteboard behind him, classic.
KeithM - 4/12/2010, 3:21 PM
Why should what WE want to see be governed or influenced in any way at all by kids, or the people who worry about/think they know what's best for 'the kids'?

Just who's in charge here? The kids or us grown-ups?

You have the Disney channel, you have NickToons, you have more than enough movies dumbed down for kids already (which I didn't like even when I was a kid). Keep your grubby paws off MY entertainment, prudes.

Goddamn interfering busybodies.

SHHH - 4/12/2010, 4:42 PM

Everybody "DOES" something...nobody is all goody goody....Not everthing should be geared towards kids and family movies....
dancingmonkey08 - 4/13/2010, 3:02 PM
Absolutely love Chloe in Kick-Ass, she has a bright future ahead of her in acting

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