More Interviews With Kick-Ass Teen Stars

More Interviews With <i>Kick-Ass</i> Teen Stars

Hear from Chloe Moretz, Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse

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Bandrews1 - 3/30/2010, 8:31 PM
ThisFan - 3/30/2010, 8:35 PM
i cant wiat for this movie it looks awesome and has a great cast
InTylerWeTrust - 3/30/2010, 8:38 PM
I'm surprised Millar didn't pop in and shove McLovin and Johnson out of the way to talk about his idea for a new comic book concept he might possibly have somewhere down the line. Okay, okay, that was a little uncalled for, I won't do it again :)
DogsOfWar - 3/30/2010, 8:46 PM
@Tyler-LMAO! I was thinking the same thing!
TheUnknown - 3/30/2010, 9:40 PM
JoshWilding - 3/31/2010, 3:54 AM
Awesome find DOGS! :) Going to see this in a couple of hours..!
hardcorefrokid - 3/31/2010, 2:05 PM

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