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HELP WANTED! ComicBookMovie.com wants YOU to contribute to our site. We offer serious writers visibility and the chance to MAKE MONEY. We're the #1 site in the genre with millions of monthly readers and a large, active fan community. Get YOUR work seen on the homepage of an already established and popular entertainment news site that is followed daily by leaders in both the movie and comics industries. And if you don't care about that, just contribute for the fun of it!

ALL Contributions are Welcome at ComicBookMovie.com

It's all about user-generated content these days and WE at CBM credit our popularity to the fact that we allow our users (the fans) to run the show... AND PAY THEM TO DO IT! Whether you're a long-time industry professional, or a 12-year-old fledgling writer, we won't play favorites. Just produce good content and we'll use your stuff. We're always on the look out for dedicated contributors who can properly aggregate breaking news or create unique content to share with our readers. Are you a disgruntled blogger? Why continue to slave away on an obscure blog that is never seen and doesn't appear in Google? Here, you'll be read by millions, get lots of feedback/comments, and be part of a HUGE community of like-minded geeks.

Regular contributors make $1,000's of dollars monthly!

You heard right. We allow our members to use their own advertising code on our site and the regular producers earn over $1,000 each month. On your own, you could spend years building site traffic to the point where banner advertising paid off, OR just set up with us and immediately earn money the first month you start contributing. Once accepted by Google Adsense, all you need to do is insert the code they give you into the appropriate fields located in your Ad Management tool--and WHALLA! Every article you contribute earns money from banner advertising. With your good content and our built-in traffic, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY.

It's EASY! Here's what we're looking for...

Read through our style guide and provide us with quality content in one of these forms...
  • News Aggregation: Surf the net and gather applicable "breaking" news to add to our site. (Example)
  • Editorials: Do you like to spark debate? Do you have strong opinions? Do you find yourself contemplating your navel? Then you'd be a great editorial writer. (Example)
  • Interviews: Are you a budding Lois Lane or Clark Kent? Do you know people in the industry or have connections? Would you have the balls to pursue and chat up a hollywood star? (Example)
  • Features: Do you enjoy writing histories, primers, Top 10 Lists? Features can be fun non-news. (Example)
  • Reviews/Previews: Do you like critiquing movies or comics? (Example)
  • Fan Fic: Do you like writing scripts or casting movies? Are you an artist that likes to draw superheroes? (Example)
  • Scoops: Know something that nobody else does? Can you get an "exclusive"? (Example)

How to get started contributing to ComicBookMovie.com

  1. Register HERE.
  2. Confirm your account by following the link in the email you are sent after registering.
    (NOTE: Sometimes our email will get sent to your trash folder, so be sure to check. You cannot login unless you hit that link.)
  3. Go to your member/account area where you will find your editor's tools and tutorials.
From there you can create articles and fansites, upload pictures, videos and the rest.

CBM Fansites - Your Very Own Place on the Web!

Create a fansite to house all your articles--complete with a video section and picture gallery. Your ComicBookMovie.com fansite has as much or MORE capabilities as best blogging sites out there, and our online tools make it EASY to get a professional-looking website online in a matter of minutes! Below are current fansite features. Watch for this list to grow in the future:

  1. Easy Online Tools: Don't worry about knowing HTML or web design. With our easy online editor's tools you can create an awesome fansite. And if you DO have a bit of technical knowledge, your fansite can REALLY shine!
  2. Content: Your fansite is setup to be "news" oriented, and has several article types: News, Scoops, Features, Editorial, Interviews, Previews and Reviews. All article types come with a DIGG-like ratings system.
  3. Featured Top Story: Put your best stuff up top with a giant graphic and teaser.
  4. Top Stories: Your fansite automatically ranks your most popular articles and keeps them updated above the fold so your readers know what's hot.
  5. Article Sharing: Like something on another user site? With a click you can add it to yours.
  6. Video: Embed or upload your own videos.
  7. Pics: Make picture galleries and web comics.
  8. Polls: Take the pulse of your readers with a poll or survey you can insert in any articles.
  9. Links: Aggregate your favorite sites and social pages, or link to your multiple fansites from this section.
  10. Fan Clubs: A unique take on the old "web-ring" whereby you can join similar fansites and blogs together.
  11. User Ad-Serving: Insert your own ad-code from Google Adsense or other affiliate advertising programs and make money from your efforts!
  12. Multiple Fansites & Free Hosting: You can make as many fansites as you can maintain, and your fansite doesn't cost you a thing! But it CAN make you money.

Gimme an example!

OK. Here is a "themed" Fansite: SuperHeroGames
Here is an example of a "CBM contributor" fansite: Brent Sprecher- CBM Editor
See all of the current ComicBookMovie.com fansites HERE!

Member Code of Conduct

Be sure to take a gander at our Terms and Conditions where we ask you to be good and to get your parents permission if under 14 yadda yadda yadda.

Have a question?

If you get confused, we're here to help. For step-by-step instructions and help with common questions, check out our user FAQs page HERE. If you don't find your answer there, send us an email HERE.

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