CBM Member Code of Conduct:

We're excited to offer CBM users the ability to contribute to our content with member fansite(s) under the ComicBookMovie.com url. In order to safeguard proper ethics and standards, we must ask that all members agree to following terms and agree to the rules as outlined in this Member's Code of Conduct.

Members Must Agree to Conform to Site Theme:

ComicBookMovie.com is first and foremost a breaking news site about big screen adaptations of comic books and superheroes. Contributions and fansites that do not fit into applicable categories may be deleted from our server. For those who want to create fansites and do articles in broader categories you may want to join our sister site www.EarthsMightiest.com.

The CBM Webmaster is God:

We, the owners of ComicBookMovie.com, reserve the right to edit and/or delete users contributions and fansites at any time, and for any reason. Now of course, we hope to never have to do that, but we also have no idea what one of you naughty little buggers might do in the future, so we require total control over all elements of the site. Furthermore, as a contributor to CBM you are agreeing to shared ownership of all content created under the ComicBookMovie.com url. We pledge to be fair masters, and you may contact us with member concerns, questions or disputes HERE.

The Don'ts:

Doing any of the stuff on the below list can get you banned and your content deleted FAST--without notification.
  1. No trolling
  2. No porn
  3. No hate (not to be confused with honest debate)
  4. No copyright infringement.
  5. No plagiarism.
  6. No hacking.
  7. No spamming or "sales" soliciting.
  8. NO FAKE news articles or making up "rumors"--except on April 1st.

If you need clarification on anything, ask us HERE.

The Do's:

Doing the things on this list are encouraged, as it will help to popularize your fansite and possibly make you rich and famous.
  1. Build as many fansites as you want--as long as you can maintain them. See some sample sites HERE. Note: Sites abandoned or inactive for more than 3 months will be deleted from our servers.
  2. Create unique content! It'll get you on our homepage, and picked up by hundreds of other sites.
  3. Update your fansite frequently with the best stuff you find on the web. (Note: Be sure to follow the journalistic standards listed below)
  4. Make money with your own ad code and a site store. REALLY! You can earn money doing this! Find out how HERE.

Journalistic Ethics and Standards on the Internet:

Your fansite is formatted to be a news site. OK, so you're not a REAL journalist. Neither are we. We're passionate fans first! Still, that doesn't mean we don't want to do our best to follow established guidelines and ethical practices. So, here they are:
  1. Don't plagiarize. Stealing is bad. When aggregating news content from other sites, only take a portion of someone elses work--a paragraph or two is acceptable. If you find you are taking too much you might just want to rewrite it and call it your own.
  2. Always credit your source. Make sure when you use content from another site or news source that you give them credit with a link back to their site. Your newsloading tool has that ability, so use it.
  3. Don't use copyrighted images. There is a lot that is free on the web, but some of it is not. Sometimes stuff you shouldn't take will tell you that it is copyrighted. If we are contacted by the copyright holder we will need to remove it.
  4. Exclusive content is GREAT! Do a lot of that. It will get your fansite noticed. REMINDER: Fake "rumor" articles will get you banned!

If You Are 14 or Under, Get a Parent's Permission to Join:

There won't be anything going on here that an under-14-year-old couldn't participate in, but the law says that we're not supposed to solicit kids under 14 to join up unless they have permission from their parents to do so. So, we're telling you now to go talk to your Mommy and Daddy. OK? This bit here absolves us from any wrong doing, but we have no way of knowing how old you are anyway.

Now, go and make an awesome fansite and contribute to our content! If you need help, check our tutorials HERE.