Is A HEROES FOR HIRE Movie On The Horizon?

Is A HEROES FOR HIRE Movie On The Horizon?

While being interviewed by Buzzfeed about the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, Jeph Loeb may have let slip that Marvel are planing to bring Luke Cage and Iron Fist to the big screen in a Heroes For Hire movie. Read on and see what you make of it..

There have been whispers and rumors of a Heroes For Hire movie going back as far as when The Avengers was first announced, but there has only ever been vague talk of it from the guys at Marvel, and never anything concrete. Until now? Jeph Loeb (Marvel's head of television) has mentioned the potential project while discussing the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series with Buzzfeed (via Bleeding Cool) and he brings it up in the same breath as Marvel's last big movie announcement, Guardians Of The Galaxy...

Just like we just announced Guardians of the Galaxy, we are certainly looking at the Heroes for Hire franchise which is Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Seems pretty cut and dry right? Well Loeb IS head of Marvel's TV department, and we know there are still plans to bring their AKA Jessica Jones - which will apparently feature Luke Cage - show to the small screen, so he may have been referring to that and lumped it in with the GOTG movie. Either way, he doesn't elaborate so this is all we have to go on. I have no doubt that Marvel have big screen plans for one or both of these characters at some point anyway, the question is when. Click the link below for the full interview.

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BlueMex - 1/15/2013, 3:55 PM
That would be an awesome movie, instead of stand alone luke cage movie just do a buddy movie Heroes for hire!
LEEE777 - 1/15/2013, 3:56 PM
Well if it is IRON FIST will cater for the Martial arts movie fans too, most probably get even more fans into cbm's - well ya never know, fingers crossed anyways...would be awesome!!!
FrenzyFreak - 1/15/2013, 4:00 PM
My predictions for Phase 3
Thor 3
Captain America 2
Heroes for Hire
Black Panther
Doctor Strange
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
War Machine (I personally think Iron Man might be killed in Avengers 2)
Either Namor or Ms. Marvel
Avengers 3, four or five years after Avengers 2
jessepostal - 1/15/2013, 4:06 PM
Director choices boys??? I guess Shane black is prob out
SomTingWong - 1/15/2013, 4:09 PM
Phase 3
Ant man
Hulk sequel
Black panther
Avengers sequel
FrenzyFreak - 1/15/2013, 4:14 PM
And hulk sequel.
DrDoom - 1/15/2013, 4:18 PM
jazzman - 1/15/2013, 4:20 PM
thats cool news if its true also they better do Black Panther and Dr Strange


maybe Justin Lin


hulk been done too many times he can wait lol
ATrueHero1987 - 1/15/2013, 4:20 PM
OHHH....YES!!! Let this be true! The superhero version of Lethal Weapon...kinda.
TMW1987ProudProWrestlingFan - 1/15/2013, 4:22 PM
The Chills I got down my spine at just reading the article!

Then a *Sigh* to see that it's still jsut a maybe & not a 100% confirmation!

cdpacheco89 - 1/15/2013, 4:23 PM
@Avengers52 you're retarded. Half those movies are already phase 2. How bout we start phase 2 before you start making assumptions. Why would they kill iron man?? Really? How can you do a civil war without iron man? Whose to say when Sony and Fox join with marvel once they come to their senses that won't be a possibility. Even without spidey and wolverine it can be done. Let's see if they introduce Carol Danvers
marvelstudios - 1/15/2013, 4:27 PM
Yes. Would love to see more street-level heroes. Scott Adkins for Iron Fist and Michael Jai White for Luke Cage.
TheRock234 - 1/15/2013, 4:28 PM
Jackie Chan and Chris tucker for lead roles
DukeAcureds - 1/15/2013, 4:29 PM
InfiniteMonkey - 1/15/2013, 4:30 PM
Whatever the talks are just put it on paper and let confirm a script!
AshleyWilliams - 1/15/2013, 4:32 PM
I can only hope.
TheGambitFreak - 1/15/2013, 4:33 PM
Ray Park and Michael Jai White, Folks. That is all.
shamo - 1/15/2013, 4:34 PM
fucc yeah! Hughes Bros for directors

GuardianAngel - 1/15/2013, 4:34 PM
They've gotta let this guy play Cage. When an actor is enough of a fan to make his own fan trailer for it, he pretty much deserves it.
fullspeedahead - 1/15/2013, 4:38 PM
this will be epic!
Silentman - 1/15/2013, 4:39 PM
a heroes for hire movie would be the perfect CBM for Tarantino to helm
siggisuperman - 1/15/2013, 4:39 PM
This will be really awesome! Heroes for Hire for Phase 3
FrenzyFreak - 1/15/2013, 4:41 PM
@cdpacheco89 The Captain America 2 was a typo, obviously I meant 3. None of those other films are Phase 2, and if your referring to Ant-Man then your'e "retarded", considering it comes out in November, which most people know comes after the month of May (Avengers 2 release). And yes, of course there's a possibility they would kill Iron Man. RDJ's contract runs out after IM3, he'll probably sign for another film or two, but not the huge multi-year deal he signed in 2008. He's getting too old. And I can't see Marvel getting a new actor for Tony Star, considering they would have to live up to RDJ's legacy and Marvel isn't keen on replacing actors. Avengers 2 is going to be much more personal and emotional, which obviously translates to, "Someone important is going to die!". RDJ is by far the oldest of the main actors and will have been in the most films, and they have War Machine to take up his mantle. Plus no one ever confirmed that a Civil War film will happen, in fact the chances are quite slim. They definently won't attempt it without all the character rights they don't have, and the chances of the studious coming together for a full feature film is incredibly unlikely. They won't do Civil War without the other characters because the reason Civil War was great was due to the sense that there's a full superhuman 'community'. Without Spiderman, X-men, or FF (or the many lesser-known characters they have rights to but won't use in films), each side would have approximately 15 members which is ridiculous. Lastly, I'm not making assumptions, just saying what I personally think and what I would like to see happen. So please stop starting arguments your'e obviously going to lose.
HULK2099 - 1/15/2013, 4:42 PM
They should put just them 2, I want to see a lot people from the heroes for hire comics.
marvel72 - 1/15/2013, 4:44 PM
marvel studios should do a "marvel knights" collection of movies.

-heroes for hire
-the punisher
-moon knight

Minato - 1/15/2013, 4:44 PM
I always thought Heroes for hire would work better as a TV franchise. The characters are down to earth enough to carry on a long run without people questioning the source material. Their powers are simple enough to faithfully portray on a small budget and It allows for features of Moonknight, Spiderwoman and others.
Jollem - 1/15/2013, 4:45 PM
screw iron man triple, this'll be an awesomer "buddy cop" cbm

Jollem - 1/15/2013, 4:46 PM
@marvel72 - marvel knights t.v. shows
Funsize - 1/15/2013, 4:48 PM
Hope so that would be awesome!! It'll also open up doors to other street level characters as well!!
CharlesLord - 1/15/2013, 4:48 PM
interesting stuff indeed. i always thought a solo cage movie could end with Iron Fist approaching him on a "business deal" then we could get the H4H movie
DukeAcureds - 1/15/2013, 4:50 PM
Nicholas Cage for Luke Cage!
DukeAcureds - 1/15/2013, 4:58 PM
Galvatron04@ You think the Avengers don't get paid?
LordHuck - 1/15/2013, 5:02 PM

No way in hell can War Machine anchor a God Damn Movie. He can't even keep his own title in the comics.
MatioShack - 1/15/2013, 5:11 PM
That would be a tough movie to do. It's already tedious enough watching an origin story in a character's first movie, but they'd actually have to do two. That whole movie would have to be origin story for them to effectively flesh out the characters.

That said, I'd totally still pay my money to watch it.
FoxForce5 - 1/15/2013, 5:11 PM
Yeah, I think a "Heroes for Hire" TV show, tied into the MCU, the same way the S.H.E.I.L.D. show will be perfect! Then, a Daredevil show could follow - that's another character that could be done on TV better than in film. Just look at Arrow as an example of how to do DD - similar tone, action and effects.
TayDee - 1/15/2013, 5:13 PM
Lol people are just tossing out titles like crazy. Does anybody honestly expect a submariner movie any time soon?

superotherside - 1/15/2013, 5:16 PM
That would be great. I'd also like a Defenders movie as well. Namor and Doctor Strange would be fantastic to see on screen. :)
Osirisno6 - 1/15/2013, 5:16 PM
Terry Crews MUST be Luke Cage
Iron Fist could be Scot Adkins
MutantEquality - 1/15/2013, 5:16 PM
BRING ON IRON FIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kung Fu is AMAZING!!! and i guess unbreakable skin is cool too lol
OtakuPapi - 1/15/2013, 5:16 PM
War Machine as Don Cheadle sucks... im more interested in who may be Iron Fist?
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