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Comic Book Movie

He's been a fan favourite choice for a very long time, and now Brooklyn Nine Nine star Terry Crews once again shares his thoughts on playing Luke Cage, this time in the planned limited series which will debut on Netflix sometime in 2015. Is he still interested? Read on for details...
A live-action version of Luke Cage is coming in one of Netflix's planned series', but Idris Elba won't reveal whether he'll be playing him! He does however confirm that he once spoke to Marvel about the character, dismisses Jurassic World rumours and again shows his enthusiasm to play 007...
The Expendables actor has been a firm fan-favorite for the role of "Power Man" for quite some time now, but while chatting to Blackfilm.com about his first animated flick, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, Crews says that he's "trying to take myself outta that running"..
As we know, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige recently stated that he'd love to have Johnson come aboard the MCU. Now the former WWE champ has acknowledged this on Twitter, and of course has a very specific character in mind that he'd like to play..
Chad Coleman, Tyreese on AMC's The Walking Dead expresses a strong desire to play Luke Cage for Marvel Studios. He even gives us a brief taste of what his Luke Cage would sound like and delivers his infamous catchphrase, "Sweet Christmas."
This fan-made effort is pretty damn good indeed, and apparently even fooled a few people around April 1st. Check out the - as of last night former - WWE champion as the hero for hire himself after the jump. Would you like to see this happen for real?
While being interviewed by Buzzfeed about the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, Jeph Loeb may have let slip that Marvel are planing to bring Luke Cage and Iron Fist to the big screen in a Heroes For Hire movie. Read on and see what you make of it..
Before his classic Pulp Fiction crime-thriller, Quentin Tarantino had considered adaptating Marvel's Luke Cage to the big-screen with actor Laurence Fishburne playing the Power Man. Check it out!
Even though ABC passed on AKA Jessica Jones, Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg believes that might not have be final nail in the coffin for the show about a private detective agency that caters to other superheroes. Hit the jump to see what she had to say.
Jai White has long been a fan favorite to play the role and while speaking to CBR the talented actor/martial artist expresses interest, provided the movie had a good enough script...