EDITORIAL: What are toy designers coming to?

EDITORIAL: What are toy designers coming to?

This super team, aint so super!

There are some ridiculous toys out there, I've seen a GI John, and a naked Spider-man wearing red gloves and his mask. I've never seen a super team that included, Dinoco Mcqueen from Disney's Cars, a darker version of Shrek, a messed up power ranger, Superman with his sleeves rolled up, Batman with a purpley pink Bat symbol and belt, and Spider-man with his undies on the outside. With a cool name such as "Sense of Right Alliance" you can do no wrong! Notice on the packaging in the top corner you'll also see TMNT and Splinter made the team, just not in THIS package. Chances are they were put together for some cheap Bargain shop trying to make a dollar. But I know if I was a kid and got this, I would probably be pretty mad at my parents for not getting me the real deal.
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MrPagBrewster - 2/22/2012, 5:50 PM
well it depends where they're selling it,it seems like something from the local 40 ounce store in north miami for poor hatian kids.
Armyshot - 2/22/2012, 5:51 PM
Shrek looks Haitian himself in this package, so you could be right..
Irons - 2/22/2012, 6:05 PM
Lol how hard is it to make an accurate Shrek toy
Armyshot - 2/22/2012, 6:15 PM

The Shrek looks like this dude with lighter skin/green
Ghostt - 2/22/2012, 6:28 PM
bahahahah...friggin terrible. geez, don't buy your kids that stuff, its toxic
BSingerFoxMen - 2/22/2012, 6:49 PM
how do they substitute Shrek for Mr Incredible? lol
Armyshot - 2/22/2012, 6:54 PM
haha good question?
TonyChu - 2/22/2012, 9:55 PM
These are just cheap knockoffs. Growing up in southeasr DC and if you go into a liqour store or dollar store they would have toys like these. You wont find toys like these in major stores like Toys r Us or Target. These toys are generally geared toward less fortunate kids.
jarel93 - 2/23/2012, 12:59 AM
Boot. Leg.
marvel72 - 2/23/2012, 4:45 AM
you want decent figures ya gonna have to pay a few hundred.
Tainted87 - 2/23/2012, 8:49 AM
Psh, any Haitian I know would take one look at this and throw it away. Just cuz their country is poor doesn't mean they don't have standards when they immigrate to the US.
leftcoastpunk - 2/23/2012, 11:51 AM
I've actually seen this exact one before and others like it in mexico. Must be enough subtle differences to keep the lawyers away
marvelguy - 2/23/2012, 1:53 PM
Obviously foreign knock-offs.
MrPagBrewster - 2/23/2012, 7:59 PM
I didn't say hatian, I said poor hatian from north miami, aka all my cousins

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