Is Namor Now A Part Of The Marvel Studios Universe??

Is Namor Now A Part Of The Marvel Studios Universe??

There is some peculiar evidence popping up recently that might lead one to speculate if a certain Atlantean prince has been returned to his true home in the cinematic realm...Marvel Studios.

Anyone that knows about who holds the rights to our beloved characters knows that SONY owns the Spider-man and Ghost Rider franchises, FOX owns X-men and basically all mutants (except possibly Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver), The Fantastic Four and Daredevil, and Marvel Studios owns practically everyone else, including Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, etc.

For some time now, Universal has owned the right to the Submariner, and were even in the beginnings of starting work on the movie, as it was announced back in August 2009. (Check out the article here: )

Now if you payed close attention recently, you may have noticed the same things I have. When Kevin Feige was interviewed by Collider, he was asked specifically about the rights to some of Marvel's characters:

Collider: I definitely got a whole bunch of questions from people who follow me on Twitter, and one of the things that a lot of people ask me was can you clarify which mutants Marvel owns and which Fox/Sony/Universal might have or is not something that you want to talk about?

Feige: Well, Fox has mutants and Sony/Universal…Universal doesn’t have anything. Sony’s got Spidey and Ghostrider, and those family of characters. And Fox has X-Men and Fantastic Four and Daredevil and those family of characters. But any mutants in particular? Mutants are X-Men.

Although they were asking about mutants (which Namor is actually one), Feige calls attention to all heroes that are owned by these studios. Did Feige make a horrible mistake here? Doesn't seem likely. If Universal doesn't own anything anymore, it means they might have scrapped production and sold it back to Marvel just in time for Marvel to finish up the Captain America script and put Namor alongside the Invaders.

After all, it's been 9 months since Universal announced they were STILL considering doing the film and we haven't heard a peep out of them since. God knows how long ago they bought the rights. It's very possible they just took too long and simply lost their rights. Remember, they owned the rights to Hulk, but decided to just give it back since the original Hulk didn't do so hot.

Another thing to note is the new screen shot from Iron Man 2 (supplied to us from a friend here at CBM), which supposedly shows the locations of meta-humans all over the globe. Coincidentally, there is one location in the middle of the water. An obscure island?? Doesn't seem like that would make much sense, considering all the rest of the locations pinpoint a specific hero/villain.

Not too shabby of an argument, huh? Now if we can just get the rights to DOOM! Avengers movies need one of the best villains ever created!! Alright, enough of that.

You may be saying, "Nah, they could never put that into a believable cinematic universe!" But look what they're doing already. Ask someone not into comics if they believed they could put into one movie a futuristic dude in armor, a Norse god from another realm and an old solider from 60 years ago...not to mention a guy that shrinks and talks to ants. As for his costume, they don't need his speedo attire; they could easily go with a costume like this:

Anyway, this is all speculation of course (and my enormous wishful thinking!). Thanks a bunch for reading, it would be great to get some input from you guys...
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1chris2 - 5/5/2010, 4:57 PM
namor and the inhumans?
DaenerysTargaryen - 5/5/2010, 5:21 PM
Note to self: Finish reading Sub Mariner script

CorndogBurglar - 5/5/2010, 5:58 PM
this is a good question. i wish Marvel would release some kind of list of characters that they own the rights to. i don't think there's any chance in hell that Marvel will ever be able to buy back the rights from Sony and Fox.

but you make a good point. Namor's rights were with Universal for a long time. Feige said that Universal doesn't own anything now. Feige ALSO said that Fox owns all the rights to mutants. Namor is a mutant. So where does that leave Namor?? Feige kind of contradicted himself.

very good question, my friend :)
soperman - 5/5/2010, 6:01 PM
we still me to consider who else it could possibly be, im sure namor is not the only possible superhero/villian that is in the ocean.
And yes it could still be a supervillian, on the other pictures there is one with the red skulls supposed location.
Starjammer - 5/5/2010, 7:21 PM
That's very true, I just can't think of any other major hero or villain that would be located in the middle of the water, especially in a specific location by South America. I don't see why they would just pick some super obscure character and throw him in there with the others. Even if they don't have the rights yet, it could be they are planning to have them sometime in the near future and decided to add it for the fans.

@Corndog Thanks man! That's true that Namor is technically a mutant, but generally he isn't put into the same box as every other, since he has his own people and hates the surface world. He himself barely accepts it. From all that I know, in technical terms like rights he wouldn't be in that category. Also, we know FOX doesn't own him since they purchased all their characters at the same time and Namor wasn't one of them since he was owned by Universal. Apparently now he's not?? I dunno, chances look good to me.
Hawksblueyes - 5/5/2010, 8:40 PM
MercWitaMouth88 - 5/6/2010, 1:48 AM
Off Subject but does anyone think HAMMER will join forces with LOKI for the Avengers movie. He did say" Ill be seeing you real soon." When he was getting escorted out.
Paulley - 5/6/2010, 2:26 AM
I think Namor comes under the Fanastic Four banner along with the Inhumans
robdel - 5/6/2010, 5:18 AM
Wishfull thinking. But i doubt it. The character has a no fanbase or presence in any media. Does he have a comic run now? He isn't even in The Superhero Squad show. I would be surprised if he gets any screen time at all. That Iron Man reference is pushing it.
robdel - 5/6/2010, 5:19 AM
Just noticed the "spoiler Alert" lol. This is not a spoiler. I've seen the movie and those are not spoilers.
LEEE777 - 5/6/2010, 8:16 AM
This OLD CHESTNUT again!!! : D

As far as i know NAMOR is with UNIVERSAL still!

Though they will probably make a deal for a cameo as NAMOR is an important part of THE INVADERS!!!

IF INVADERS makes a spin off movie though, dunno what will happen then?!? : /

P.S. NAMOR has never and is never going to be connected to FOX or the X-Universe???
HelaGood - 5/6/2010, 9:50 AM
i really dont want to see him on the big screen. especially if all he is wearing is his scaley speedo. the black outfit is cool though.
CorndogBurglar - 5/6/2010, 4:34 PM
@ televizion

sorry man, i don't think the rock would make a good Namor. Namor is too hard core...even if he IS a whiny little bitch. the guy is constantly complaining and bitching.

however, the Rock is too hokey as an actor. he's more suited to playing Captain Marvel. He's got the look and smile down pat for that. SHAZAM!
Starjammer - 5/6/2010, 5:52 PM

Actually, execs have said that the list of characters these other studios have rights to are very specific. The contract isn't: "we have rights to all mutants"...It's actually a literal list of name by name characters that they are purchasing. Feige said they "own all mutants" because in general, the list they agreed on included all mutants of the time since that's what FOX wanted. But it's not all mutants in a literal sense. They wouldn't suddenly add Namor to the list of FOX characters later just because Marvel comics now considers Namor a mutant. It's 100% separate from comics.

Since FOX obviously didn't have the rights to Namor before (since Universal did), they definitely wouldn't have them now either, unless it was part of a completely new deal within the past few months. It makes no sense for them to do that though, they have enough on their plates with the 300+ mutants they already have. Plus Marvel probably wouldn't be selling a character like that to anyone else once they got it back.
Ryden - 5/6/2010, 7:09 PM
@sapphire- Is that the real Namor script? If so, could you please send me a copy? ;)
STOOPUDR - 5/9/2010, 11:07 PM
Did anyone see the reference to Atlantis on Ivan's wall in IM2. One of the magazines with Tony on it had a headline "Atlantis Answers". Does this mean anything? Add that with the map shown above and it seems a real possibility.
MercWitaMouth88 - 5/11/2010, 12:33 PM
I think the only reason Namor is highlights is because of Captain America and the Invaders. As I recall The Invaders will be in the Captain America movie.

Does this mean that Namor will be in Captain America? What do you guys think?
MrsNamorMcKenzie - 1/14/2011, 2:43 PM
Namor does NOT belong with the Fantastic Four, that's just bullshit, and frankly, insulting.

And as far as I've heard, he hasn't been included in the Invaders thus far. Also bullshit!
Bearjew - 8/10/2011, 2:06 PM
Namor will get made, this would be really cool and to address the idea that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would possibly get the role is absurd. The character is "white" not being racist but you wouldn't make Strom White. I would reccomend Wentworth Miller. Oh and as far as I know Namor is not part of the deal with Fox or Sony
MAXQ1961 - 12/24/2011, 7:40 AM
Johnny Depp has an interest in Namor. I like the idea!
sitec - 1/19/2013, 2:42 PM
Green Lantern now is African American And I know Hal the original was white but some generations don't care.
A lot of actors have done hokey roles and serious darker roles. Look at Jamie Foxx's career arc.
Don't presume, the execs will have advisors and consultants from the comics realm on board to eval the candidates / auditions.Dwayne Johnson brings all the intangibles for a breakout portrayal...keep open mind (he also is light complexioned,if that helps you with the white color issue,lol) and Namor doesn't live in a WHITE world anyways!
sitec - 1/19/2013, 2:48 PM
The global appeal of NAMOR is the key, global economy/climate change concerns ,oceans expanse world wide so he could be tied into any cultural area / appear anywhere any time feasibly.I SEE THE appeal to youth being intrigued and entertained world wide with interesting/creative script

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