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Ezra Miller Reportedly States That His FLASH Costume Will Have A Post Apocalyptic Appearance
Some very interesting details about the appearance of the big screen version of The Flash have surfaced. The source? According to one fan, Ezra Miller himself! If these are accurate, it's clear that this version of the Scarlet Speedster will have little in common with Grant Gustin's... - JoshWilding
Kenneth Branagh Set To Direct “Artemis Fowl” Adaptation For Disney And TWC
The long awaited “Artemis Fowl” adaptation has been pitched as Die Hard meets Harry Potter. With Branagh accepting this project it may seriously affect the chances of him reuniting with Marvel for Thor: Ragnarok. Check it out after the jump - EricBorder
The Muppets Want Marvel's AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. SPOILERS In This New Promo Video
With the recent news of Kermit the Frog pairing up with a new lady, a new promo has been released for The Muppets, that sees the Muppets begging Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) for spoilers regarding Marvel's Agents of SHIELD! Hit the jump to check it out! - NightWatcher
More Big Changes At Marvel Studios As The Creative Committee Is Brought To An End
Earlier this week, it was revealed that Marvel Studios will now operate under the watch of Disney instead of Marvel Entertainment. Another big behind the scenes shake up has occurred, with the Creative Committee (made up of names like Joe Quesada) disbanded by Kevin Feige... - JoshWilding
Release Date & Special Features For TERMINATOR: GENISYS Blu-ray/DVD & Digital HD Unveiled
Hot on the heels of its massive success in China, Paramount Home Media Distribution has officially announced the release date & special features for the upcoming Terminator: Genisys Blu-ray/DVD & Digital HD. Check it out! The film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger & Emilia Clarke. - KingPatel
Theo Rossi And Rosario Dawson Join The Cast Of Marvel And Netflix's LUKE CAGE
The trailer for Jessica Jones really should be with us any day now, especially if the plan is for it to debut on Netflix later this year. In the meantime though, we have some big Luke Cage casting news as Theo Rossi joins as [SPOILER] and Rosario Dawson books a return... - JoshWilding
'Green Arrow' Aims Higher In Awesome New Poster For Season 4 Of ARROW
The Flash recently got the chance to show off his new costume on a poster, and it's now the turn of Stephen Amell's Green Arrow! The CW has released a very cool piece of imagery which showcases his superhero suit and comes with the tagline "Aim. Higher." Check it out! - JoshWilding
Steven Spielberg Still Believes The End Is Nigh For Superhero Movies
Despite the fact that superhero movies are more popular than ever before, there are those who believe that the genre will one day go the way of the Western. Among them are Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg, and you can find his sure to be controversial comments here... - JoshWilding
Tom Cruise's JACK REACHER 2 Gets A Release Date
"You think I'm a hero? I am not a hero. I'm a drifter with nothing to lose." - Paramount Pictures and Sykdance Productions have just announced the release date for Ed Zwick's upcoming Jack Reacher sequel, which stars Tom Cruise as the titular hero. Come check it out! - KingPatel
AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Deleted Scenes And Special Features Revealed
We've been watching snippets of footage from the Avengers: Age of Ultron for weeks, but the full list of special features has now been revealed, and...well, it's pretty underwhelming. There are only four deleted scenes and a handful of featurettes. Read on for details... - JoshWilding