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Interstellar has graced the cover of another major movie magazine, this week being Entertainment Weekly. Hit the jump to check out the cover, featuring stars Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway, plus some new info from Christopher Nolan himself.
Check out the initial rundown of bonus features included on the JUSTICE LEAGUE: THRONE OF ATLANTIS Blu-ray release.
The Joker made his surprise return on the final page of Batman #35 as "Endgame" kicked off, and while we still don't know how he's controlling the Justice League, the Clown Prince of Crime very much makes his presence felt on this cover for issue #36. Hit the jump to check it out...
In 1977 the maddest baddest comic of all time was born. Now the first teaser trailer of the upcoming 2000AD documentary Future Shock! The Story Of 2000AD promises to tell you the untold story of the galaxy's greatest comic!
Check it out after the jump for an update on what's next for HBO and how fans will be able to watch Game of Thrones, Man of Steel & more on the Go!
Next week, Oliver, Diggle, and Roy head to Corto Maltese with hopes of bringing Thea home. Will the trio succeed in their mission or has Malcolm corrupted her mind beyond repair? Come check out the extended promo for next week's episode now!
Originally spotted at the New York Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics have officially released the cover for next January's Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. The movie puts the spotlight on Aquaman, as does the cover. Hit the jump to check it out!
González Iñárritu's dark comedy stars Michael Keaton as a has-been superhero actor trying to mount a comeback on Broadway. Click here to read the director's thoughts on why superhero movies aren't for him.
Check it out after the jump to see the now official release date for the upcoming and fan anticipated Batman movie and news on it's director and more on it!
The CW have released the first official description for the fifth episode of Arrow's third season, and as you've probably already guessed from the title, it will explore the origin of fan-favourite character Felicty Smoak! There's also details on Laurel, Wildcat and Thea. Check it out!
After the jump you can see a sneak peek from next Tuesday's episode of Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., which will feature the highly anticipated debut of Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird. Check it out.
What in the world are they building in Deming, New Mexico? Hit the jump to check out the enormous sets being constructed for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
In next week's episode of Arrow, we'll be catching up with Malcolm Merlyn as he continues to train Thea! Can Oliver, Roy and Diggle bring her back from the dark side? Hit the jump to check out the promo for "Corto Maltese" as The Arrow battles The Dark Archer...
In an in-depth video interview with Flicks And The City, the young Game Of Thrones actress reveals that she's had discussions about starring in a "Kick-Ass style" superhero show. She also updates on where she's at with playing Ellie in video game adaptation, The Last Of Us.
For this year's Halloween special, the Hulks square off against Dormammu as they try to foil his plan to turn them into...monsters. Hit the jump to get your first look at this years Marvel's Hulk And The Agents Of Smash Halloween special! Check it out!
As we found out earlier, the lovely Gal Gadot will be reprising the role of Wonder Woman for her solo movie outing in 2017, but before that the Fast & Furious is said to be in early talks for the role of Esther in Paramount's remake of the sword 'n sandals epic.
Lionsgate have released a new one-minute trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 that focuses on the destruction of District 12. Hit the jump to check it out.
The versatile actor/comedian/musician/magician (seriously) Neil Patrick Harris (The Smurfs, How I Met Your Mother) will host next year's Oscars, airing in February. Hit the jump for details!
Suicide Squad will be Warner Bros.' first non Batman/Superman movie for quite some time, so there's a lot riding on David Ayer's (Fury) take on the villainous team. It's a good job that they're already eyeing some serious A-List talent then, including a former Batman foe!
Drive and The Place Beyond the Pines star Ryan Gosling has shied away from superhero roles in the past, but The Hollywood Reporter now reveals that the dashing actor has met with Marvel Studios for Doctor Strange. Warner Bros. are also eyeing him for a lead role in one of their movies too!
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