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Check Out These High-Res AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Images Featuring 'The Super Siblings' And More
Had enough of Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron yet? Of course not! So hit the jump to get a great, new (high-res) look at many of the heroes (and the villain) from the Avengers sequel brought to you by Skype! Check it out!
Did Chris Evans Just Confirm That Frank Grillo Is In Fact Done Filming His Part In The Civil War Movie?
Chris Evans May Have Confirmed That Frank Grillo Is Leaving With A Response To Grillo's Farewell Tweet.
New Promo For ORPHAN BLACK Season 3 Episode 7: Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate
Wow! Well, that was certainly unexpected. After the best episode of the year, only four episodes remain before season 3 comes to close & things are certainly heating up as the seestras find themselves in a very sticky situation. Check out the promo for next week's episode now! *SPOILERS*
ARROW Producers Had Big Plans For 'Harley Quinn' Before SUICIDE SQUAD Ruined Them
Most fans agree that season three of Arrow was missing something, but could that something have been Harley Quinn? Talking at MCM London today, Willa Holland revealed that the show's producers had big plans for her before being ordered to scrap them by Warner Bros.!
HANNIBAL Season 3 Featurette Provides First Look At 'Mason Verger' And 'Red Dragon'
With the season premier of the critically acclaimed TV series only a couple of weeks away, witness a behind the scenes featurette that gives our first look at the Tooth Fairy killer and Joe Anderson's take on Mason Verger...
“AMERICAN ULTRA” Check out NEW posters for Max Landis (Chronicle) new movie!! Starring Jesse Eisenberg (Batman v Superman)
Starring Jesse Eisenberg (Batman v Superman, written by Max Landis (Chronicle) and directed by Nima Nourizadehnew (Project X) check out posters and a synopsis for the new action movie “American Ultra”
Emma Stone Reveals Whether She Would Be Interested In Playing SPIDER-GWEN
Very few newly created comic book characters have quite taken the world by storm like Spider-Gwen, but many fans are now hoping she will soon make her big screen debut. Would The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Emma Stone be interested? Hit the jump to find out...
Check Out BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT's Batman Beyond & Dark Knight Returns Skins
As with previous instalments in the Arkham franchise, Rocksteady's final chapter will see players suit up in a variety of Batman costumes, with skins inspired by Batman Beyond and The Dark Knight Returns being freshly unveiled. Take a look after the jump.
Dwayne Johnson Says SHAZAM Is Coming Sooner Than 2019
San Andreas star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson doesn't hesitate to express his excitement about playing Black Adam in Shazam every chance he gets, and in another interview, the wrestler turned actor reveals that he believes the movie will be released long before 2019...
“It’s a Me, Mad Max!”: Watch This Incredible MAD MAX/MARIO KART Mash-Up
'MAD MAX: FURY ROAD' has been described as an extended (but seldom boring) chase sequence, so parodies in the style of other successful car properties were to be expected. Now, a YouTube user has created the perfect mash-up between George Miller's 4th installment of 'MAD MAX', and the 8th installment of Nintendo's 'MARIO KART' franchise. Hit the jump to take a look.