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Before stepping into the Octagon in the UFC, former WWE Superstar CM Punk will take the reigns of a new ongoing series starring Guardians of the Galaxy member Drax the Destroyer! Hit the jump for details on the series and a first look at artwork from Ed McGuinness...
Star of the original Supergirl film, Helen Slater, has taken part in an interview for the yet to be picked up CBS show where she praises Melissa Benoist's take on the character and reveals details of her contract.
Another new international promo has appeared, this time for Arrow 3x21 episode 'Al-Sah-Him' which features new scenes as well as a possible new identity for Willa Holland's Thea Queen, check it out.
The creators of that impressive "leaked" AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON After-Credits scene, which began making the rounds last week have revealed themselves, posting an exceptional BTS a video detailing the making of the scene. Check it out after the jump!
Avengers: Age of Ultron is already off to an amazing start at the international box office, grossing upwards of $200 million in just a matter of days. Hit the jump for details on that and some thoughts on how well the sequel is going to perform when it reaches North America and China...
A New Zealand promo for the next all new episode of The CW's The Flash, "The Trap", contains a spoilerish Reverse-Flash scene that will definitely have fans talking. Take a look...
The final teaser before the new trailer comes out tomorrow, Rocksteady has shown us the first in game footage of Nightwing in Batman: Arkham Knight. Click to check it out.
This is my first article so hope you guys like it, It is my theory about one of the characters death in The Avengers Age of Ultron ...if you havent seen the movie this contains spoilers, so proceed at your own risk
Charlie Cox recently revealed that his contract includes an option to appear on the big screen as the Man Without Fear, and while he admits here that the chances of a Captain America: Civil War cameo are slim, the British actor is far more interested in a Daredevil solo outing...
Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto manga had a long, 15-year-run atop the best-selling manga charts with many standout moments. One such highlight was the fact that manga readers and fans of the anime never glimpsed fan favorite, Team 7 leader Kakashi Hatatke's face...until now!
Joss Whedon has made it clear that he's taking a break from Marvel after Avengers: Age of Ultron, but is he lobbying for one of the upcoming DC Comics adaptations? He'd like to helm one, but believes that his humorous approach probably won't be welcome in the grim world of Batman v Superman...
Fans have been clamoring since Season 1 that David Ramsey's Diggle needs a mask while fighting alongside Stephen Amell's Arrow. With a wife and baby, sounds like Diggle finally thinks it's time to establish a secret identity. Mild Spoilers
"I don't want to give too much away about how much he's involved in A.K.A Jessica Jones but Jessica and Luke Cage have a history and a relationship. I don't how much will be revealed in the actual series, but yes, I play an integral part."
The official website for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four has been updated with new character images of the foursome along with revealing character bios narrated by Dr. Storm, one of which confirms that the nature of Mister Fantastic's powers will be a lot different to the comics...
Over the past few days, Jurassic World's charismatic star Chris Pratt paid a visit to both The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the The Ellen Show. Come check out both visits as he has a ton of fun while also chatting about his highly anticipated dinosaur sequel!
After another exciting episode of Orphan Black, next time we see Sarah and Art learn more about what the Project Castor clones want from the Leda seestras. Meanwhile, Rudy is set loose and on the hunt for brother Mark! Come check out the promo for next week's episode now!
Two more clips from Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron have been released. The first features Captain America & Thor leaping into action and the second features the big bad Ultron sitting on his throne recruiting the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Come check it out!
I think it's fair to say the biggest surprise of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was the fact People's 2000 Sexiest Astrophysicist Alive, Neil deGrasse Tyson, was one of the voice overs in the trailer. He talks with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show about Batman and Superman. Click to check it out.
Take this news with a huge grain of salt, but a new Suicide Squad report has surfaced suggesting that Common may not be playing John Stewart a.k.a. the Green Lantern, but might actually be playing a villain, a villain Aquaman fans are probably more than familiar with! Come check it out!
The CW has released the plot synopsis for the season 3 finale of Arrow, which airs May 13, and it looks like Ra's al Ghul has something big planned for the citizens of Star City. This leaves Oliver with a major decision to make, will he pick the League or his former team? Come check it out!
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