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Lee Pace (The Hobbit) recently made it clear that he hopes to return as Ronan the Accuser in a future instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and while James Gunn has confirmed it won't happen in the sequel, he may still reappear! Hit the jump for details on that and more...
When she was introduced in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, readers were unsure of how Silk would turn out - and now, she's heading into her own solo series on the back of the massive event Spider-Verse. Check out a preview of issue one after the jump.
What's your favorite transformation movie? I should clarify. I mean, what is your favorite rags-to-riches movie? Is it Trading Places, Pretty Woman or perhaps, My Fair Lady? Maybe, it will become Kingsman: The Secret Service.
The latest clip for upcoming DC Comics animated movie Justice League: Throne of Atlantis once again puts the spotlight on Green Lantern (Nathan Fillion) and The Flash (Christopher Gorham). However, Batman (Jason O'Mara) isn't going to give these two the chance to get their bromance on...
Constantine, airing this evening at 8PM on NBC, added a new character to the mix that was not a part of the Hellblazer comic: the angel Manny, as portrayed by Harold Perrineau. In this exclusive interview the actor discusses the character and the series.
After some watery heroics last week, Gordon's finally back at the GCPD full-time, and it looks like he'll have to hit the ground running once again when a key witness is killed while being held for questioning. Come check out a brand new clip from next Monday's episode now!
Director Corin Hardy will certainly have to look for a new lead for The Crow reboot since Luke Evans' (The Hobbit) schedule has become increasingly busy. At Sundance, Hardy chatted a bit about his vision. Come check it out.
TV Line teases the Villain for "All-Star Team-Up" on 'The Flash,' and she sounds like Justice League foe Queen Bee. Hit the jump and see if you agree.
Marvel have today unveiled the final umbrella of titles launching during Secret Wars; "Warzones"! This one joins "Last Days" and "Battleword" as the three different categories of titles launching throughout the universe ending event, each with their own unique type of story to tell...
What do you do when Hulk's mind is in Falcon's body, Thor's mind is in Widow's body, Widow's mind is in Hulk's body, and Capt's mind is in Iron Man's body? Adjust! Hit the jump to check out how the Avengers adjust to new abilities!
Before there were The Avengers or the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., there was... Agent Carter. Marvel has released a brand new promotional cast photo from the hit new show featuring the trio of Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, & Edwin Jarvis. Come check it out!
While he doesn't give away any new story details, Paul Bettany talks here about the huge scale of working on a movie like Avengers: Age of Ultron, his experiences at Comic-Con, suiting up as The Vision in the highly anticipated sequel, and more. Hit the jump to check it out!
Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim previews Wednesday's all new episode of Arrow, titled Midnight City. Will Laurel (Katie Cassidy) make a smooth transition to the Black Canary mantle? "If you're a Laurel Lance/Black Canary fan, this episode is going to make you insanely happy."
Andy Serkis' appearance in the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers alone was an early indication of who the mo-cap guru will play in the Marvel sequel, but a report now "confirms" what we've expected.
[Article restored by webmasters. NOT St Martin] Much like the second full trailer to 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' confirmed what we already believed about the film, Paul Bettany's recent interview with the Radio Times confirms the scope, scale and overall quality of 'Age of Ultron'
Jesse Eisenberg talks briefly here about playing Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, promising plenty of surprises and praising those he worked alongside during the course of production. Is he interested in reprising the role further down the line? Read on for details...
The Interstellar actress actually reveals (jokes?) that she would have been in The Force Awakens if she'd been asked, but since that spaceship has sailed she's thrown her hat in the ring for one of the next trips to the galaxy far, far away...
In this new preview of Ray Fawkes's Wolverines #4, every member of the wolverines are putting their bodies on the line to protect and defend Fantomelle from a mutant beast! Will they succeed? Or get slashed trying? Hit the jump to check ii out!
Marvel have unveiled thei Free Comic Book Day offerings for 2015 with Secret Wars #0 and All-New, All-Different Avengers. Promising to shed some light on what appears to be an upcoming reboot for the Marvel Universe, hit the jump for details on both of these FCBD offerings...
Following the "Hulkbuster Smash" reveal yesterday, LEGO has now offered official images of the other four Avengers: Age of Ultron sets including the "Hydra Showdown" and "Attack on Avengers Tower."
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