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The British actor talks revealingly about The Vision's abilities, his relationship to Scarlet Witch and Ultron, and much more while video interviews with the entire Age of Ultron cast surface. Check it out!
Check out the footage description for Duncan Jones' Warcraft portion of the Legendary Pictures SDCC panel. Based on the reactions, it appears that the film is very "high-fantasy", complete with griffins and energy blasts.
Hit the jump to check out the trailer
Here is all the currently confirmed Lego Batman 3 Characters that I have been able to find, if you have any others not listed please comment and give source for validation.
Well, those lucky enough to be in attendance weren't kidding when they pointed out the similarities between the suit worn by Ben Affleck and the one from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns! Hit the jump for a first look at a leaked image from the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser...
New director Peyton Reed and cast members Paul Rudd (Scott Lang), Michael Douglas (Hank Pym) and Corey Stoll (who confirms that he's playing Darren Cross and is described as a protégé of Pym's) are all featured in this video discussing Ant-Man. Hit the jump to check it out!
Legendary Entertainment threw out what may be the biggest curveball at San Diego Comic-Con when they announced a new King Kong movie with a quick teaser trailer. The film will be called Skull Island and will open, November 4, 2016. Come voice your opinion.
Unfortunately, there were no surprises at the end of Warner Bros.' panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, but "The Trinity" (Ben Affleck (Batman), Henry Cavill (Superman) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) all assembled backstage with Zack Snyder for photos...
The website, Slash Film, have provided a detailed description of the brand new trailer for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies. Plus, come see low-resolution images from the film that were shown at the Comic-Con panel.
The Instagram account of LEGO Batman has posted a picture that shows that fans are able to play a level of the anticipated 3rd installment of the franchise.
Gareth Edwards' next project is one of the secretive Star Wars spin-off movies, but he confirmed at Legendary's panel at Comic-Con today that he will return for a Godzilla sequel. However, the iconic monster won't be alone as joining him are...
Ahead of Marvel's big panel, new photos from San Diego Comic-Con feature the Ant-Man cast with the titular hero's helmet, as well as Avengers: Age of Ultron cast members. Check it out after the jump!
The Warner Bros.' San Diego Comic-Con panel was mostly dominated by Peter Jackson's The Hobbit franchise, but George Miller found some time to drop by and share the first trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. Here's a detailed description of it.
The rumors were true, the guardians will soon be invading the small screen as well
Hit the jump to watch the first clip from Marvel's "Avengers Assemble," Season 2
The Official Instagram Account of Lego Batman 3 Beyong Gotham releases 2 new characters 1 very noted member of the Yellow corps and one classic character from most of our childhoods, check after the jump to see details on who they are!
The Warner Bros. panel at San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, and Zack Snyder just introduced the Trinity on stage as well as footage, and the first image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Check it out
Warner Bros. kicked off their panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the first footage from the movie features a confrontation between the armoured Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel in Gotham City. Read on for details...
Here we can see Superman at San Diego Comic Con 2014....well sort of...he is Superman!
We've seen Mondo's take on Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, but now the poster designers have unveiled a poster for Drax the Destroyer. In James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy, the character is played by WWE Superstar Dave Bautista. Check it out...
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