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Does The Civil War Begin The Deaths Of Major Marvel Movie Characters? Here Is Why I Know So. - Gab
Much like everyone else earlier this week I saw the Australian trailer for the Flash and immediately began to think hm, could this new version of Zoom be an amalgam between the new Future Barry Allen of the New 52, and Pre-New 52 Zoom? - Arrowverse
With Phase 2 having now drawn to a close and Phase 3 looming on the horizon, my mind has turned once again to the overall plot of the MCU. Well, my latest musings have led me to some rather surprising, and insane, conclusions. Hit the jump to check 'em out! - NovaCorpsFan
After seeing all the tactics that some individuals have used to bash movies in lamest ways possible over the last two years, I began to wonder what would happen if they finally started thinking more logically. - DrHankPym
The newest member of the DC/CW universe made her debut this week. Available on CW Seed the first episode of the Vixen animated miniseries set in the same universe as live action shows Arrow and The Flash while interesting was all to brief. - speedyg33
Although no official statement has been released, numerous people who attended SDCC 2015 claimed that executive producers of The Flash stated the villains of the season would hail from Earth-2. With villains, heroes must follow as well. The Flash seems to be sticking to a similar formula as it did during season one, allowing the villains to have a commonality: whereas last season it was birthed from the failed particle accelerator incident, this season the commonality is that they hail from Earth-2. - Arrowverse
Will Marvel and DC coexist, or will one have to crush the other? Can Marvel and DC just get along? - owlknight182
As the promo arts revealing the team of superheroes has been revealed they seem to have a few problems. - PredatorRIsing
Speculation on whether Trish Walker will have powers and if we'll see her suit up as Hellcat. - homodrome
Pete has always been great at figuring out, just what the Marvel is doing. Hear his take, along with Justin's, about the past, present, and future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. - SmashHoles
TonyTony lets you know what comics you should pick up to get you through the summer wind down. - tonytony
Purely based on speculation and hope, below I will give a list of “Flash universe” characters and other minor characters I would like to see appear on The Flash in the future – as well as casting choices for said characters. I will not be listing any big-name heroes, as their appearances are less likely. This list also does not include the characters I believe should appear from Earth-2. - Arrowverse
Is Man of Steel 2 being put on the back burner? If so how do you feel about it and what do you think DC and WB need to do with their film unverise? - Supes2323
With Season 3 set to conclude around the release of ‘Captain America: Civil War’, and with both properties sharing similar themes and ideas, this is how I hope Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 3 links up with the MCU films. - mook
A look into why the New 52 failed why DC You isn't the answer. Join me as I go indepth to why the New 52 failed and what DC needs to do moving forward. - HenshinRider
I understand that 99% of people do not agree with me, and I think I understand why. But I do feel obligated to write this article in response to some of the arguments that were presented. - BruceWillis
Now that the FOX debacle has been thoroughly documented and revealed to the world, here are my ideas for casting and story telling going forward into the MCU. - EdmondDantes
Is the big Bang Theory any good? In this article I look into one of the most popular shows on television, which manages to polarize nerds weekly. - CapedCruVader
With DCEU finally on its way to the big screen it’s apparent that the cinematic universe consists of extremely talented and award winning actors, directors, and writers, that are more than capable of doing the characters and material justice. One has to wonder, why would anyone complain? - DrKinsolving
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