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Following my look back on 2003’s Daredevil, which I hold in a higher place than most, it is now time to take a look at Netflix’s much-lauded recent reboot.
This is an editorial on why DC characters in the movies and television series should exist in one universe. Its my first opinion based editorial so be kind in the comments with your feedback.
Round 3 of the ComicBookMovie march-madness. Click the jump to see the winners and losers of the second round, and cast your votes for the winners of the second round.
Was it really THAT bad?
Today, I go over the reasons why I'm very excited for Suicide Squad, while also looking at the reasons why we should be cautious. I talk about what is confirmed, the rumors, cast, and make speculations. Let's see if you'll be excited or cautious after this...
Not too long ago, WB revealed the slate for their DC Cinematic Universe. I've thought A LOT about this and have gathered ideas and opinions in my head since then. As a result of that, I want to get these ideas out somewhere and decided to do it here on CBM.com. Hit the jump to see what's been going on in my mind for the past few weeks.
With the ongoing DC vs MARVEL debate amongst fans of both companies on who is better at in a specific field, I have compiled scores to determine the winner.
While Netflix's Daredevil got many aspects of the comics right, the show sinks from the weight of the Foggy Nelson character. Hit the jump.
Hit the jump to read my theory of how the upcoming Marvel sequel is going to play out.
In the first installment of "What Did I Just See?" I give my reaction to the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, as well as speculate about a few apparent and not so apparent images and lines in the trailer. If you love DC and Batman as much as I do, I'm sure you have some thoughts too. Let's see how similar we are...
Why i've given up on the show
My username on this website is "Arrowverse", so yes...I do pride myself on ALL comic knowledge including spoilers, leaks, set photos, etc... but moreso on those regarding the Arrowverse, so if I missed something and this speculation has been disproven already please kindly tell me in the comments below.
Loki vs Zod is finally settled. And The Winter Solider makes the Final Four!
A speculative theory on how one fan would handle the beginning of 'Captain America: CIVIL WAR'
My thoughts on what we expect to come in the MCU
Two thoughts I had after watching the trailer. Want to hear others thoughts in the comment section.
What's up, it's your boy MarkyMark and I'm here to move you. While I didn't plan on visiting this site between the 16th and 19th, because Star Wars, I made an exception for an impressive fan edit that merges the images of the classic trilogy with the trailer of the sequel installment.
Things i want to see in the new films
With Avengers: Age of Ultron only weeks from release, hype levels are at maximum. The nerds mouths are frothing. The tickets (ought to be) bought. Before we all scream at the screen and yell at each other for spoiling the movie – lets take some time to look at what we’re NOT going to get.
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