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With Captain America 'Civil War' To Start Filming in 2 Weeks We Will Finally See Chadwick Boseman As The Black Panther In Action.
Lately, I've been hearing a lot about how the trolling operation between Marvel and DC fanboys differ. Apparently one side is hypocritical and the other isn't. Let's figure out if there is any truth to that.
We might be seeing who will play Captain Marvel in the next few days. Instead of using logic to speculate who it will it be, let's just fancast in our dreams so they can be horribly destroyed. Life is grand.
With Avengers Age of Ultron close to making its world premier on April 26th and it's official premier on May 1st, some fans are still anxious to see how many of the Avengers will make it through the avengers sequel alive. For fans like me, the one Avengers that I am desperately hoping will survive is none other than Scarlet Witch.
What are the greatest Doctor Who episodes of the modern incarnation?
How to fix this once great franchise
Ten years ago today, Doctor Who returned with the episdoe titled Rose, (Who else but the legendary Time Lord can celebrate a ten year anniversary almost two years after his 50th) and in honor of this event I have decided to compile a list of my ten favorite stories from the modern adventures of the Doctor, and his companions.
In this article I list three crossovers in Television I would love to see. Hope you enjoy!
First Round. 64 Baddies Battle it Out!
This is the first part of what will likely end up being a three part series of theories. In this part, I'll be examining the Infinity stones and Thanos and their role in the MCU both past and future. Screw the present.
Seeing as S01E15 served as essentially a checklist for my theory, name, reason, after image, hologram, etc. I'm going to share it on CBM again. Apologies for the image structure still not to sure as to how I can embed a slideshow. You CAN skip some sections if you don't care HOW I came to my conclusions, sections will be clearly marked!
A prediction of the Avengers: Age of Ulton plot in respects to the Infinity Stones involved. (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
Recent rumors suggest that Disney may move Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens' release date to sometime this summer. Who should be nervous about this? My money is on Fox.
Hit the jump to see how Kinghulk would have changed Thor the Dark World.
You should all know by now, that Marvel has decided, since the recent deal with Sony, to make Peter Parker an already established teenage hero, in the MCU. Given that he'll be a teenager, how old should the actor playing him be?
Preliminary tester round for March Madness
A letter to a troll we all know, and some solutions to his problems.
In this post I will be citing observations that I find significant, and thought I have that I do not think should qualify as "theories" just yet. As more evidence is attained for any of the "sub-theories" below, they will be placed accordingly in the write-ups that they fit into, but again only when I see them as non-contestable theories, this is more of an open thought/discussion forum.
As comic book fans, we tend to deeply invest in the stories we read within the pages of comic books. Often, as is the case with any medium, a story can resonate with you and alter your view on things. Hit the jump to check out the list of comics that made me think differently.
With Inhumans appearing in the MCU what role can they play in diversifying the universe.
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