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How the new announcements compare, and stack up against each other.
With the recent Phase 3 announcement, my earlier theories have been thrown into the trash. Now, given the massive change-up, a complete revision of my MCU theory was in order. And the pieces more or less fell into place...
We were all excited to learn about Marvel's Phase 3 slate earlier this week (Infinity War! Yes!), and along with the expected, we got a couple pleasant surprised as well, such as Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and... the Inhumans? Wait, what? Who are they, you ask? Hit the jump to find out!
Tuesday's Marvel Event sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry. With over 30 CBMs scheduled for release over the next six years, we've possibly hit a golden age of superhero movies! Hit the jump to check out all of the titles, dates, directors and speculation!
Where will the amount of heroes realistically required for Civil War will come from? Why did Downey Jr get chills reading the final page of AoU? Where exactly does AntMan fit and why did EDGAR WRIGHT leave the project? Enter, as we attempt to tie all this up into a neat little bow.
Yesterday, Marvel let word out of their Phase III lineup, and while many people were excited, there's the minority out there (including myself to a degree) who were worried about Marvel's upcoming plans. That said, I'll account for you how I learned to stop worrying and embrace the future!
Believe it or not, there must be a reason to their madness. Here is how I think about the casting decisions between Marvel and DC.
This month has seen major movie announcements from both Warner Bros. and Disney about their upcoming DC Comics and Marvel adaptations. However, the different approach to these reveals and how both interact with fans goes to show who has - and possibly always will - have the advantage...
With Marvel's Thor 3 officially titled and scheduled for July 2017, I thought I'd present a list of 5 ways it can improve on its predecessor, Thor: The Dark World. Click on for my thoughts and be sure to leave your own in the usual place.
Click on the title and find out why I think Antman will not be the flop everybody thinks (or hopes) it is.
Marvel's Phase 3 slate is a tremendously complex and diverse set of films. But one microscopic hero seems too small to be seen with the naked eye...
There has been some plot-holes in movies, so to fill them in here are some spinoffs for Tv.
Following in the footsteps of Gotham and The Flash, Constantine is the latest comic book based TV show to debut this fall. Whilst the series premiered with strong numbers, will this show stand the test of time? Or will audience interest wafer? In this editorial, I will examine the factors which may limit this show to a one season run
Kevin Feige said in the press release that Thor: Ragnarok will be the Captain America Winter Soldier of Phase 3 and it will have a huge affect on it. Well this is how I theorize the movie will end.
Today's Phase 3 announcement seems to have cleared up some questions we have had with Avengers 2. After the jump find out what they are...
The Crown Prince of Wakanda has finally been confirmed. But how does Marvel plan to bring him into the fray? Take the jump for my theory.
With Marvel just announcing their phase 3 movie slate, the upcoming line-up of superhero movies just became crazy. Starting 2015 all the way to 2020, we will be getting about 30 movies! Insanity!
As a big MCU fan (and in the future a big DCCU fan i hope) the news released today about the line up was awesome BUT i'm also pissed off about some stuff that was released as well. And its shocking cause i have never been pissed off at what Marvel Studios has done thus far. Hit the jump to find out my thoughts on this.
Sexy Matt gives his predictions for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Marvel Phase 3
DC, or the CW network, discards actors and Marvel seems to pick them up and put them to better use - should they be worried?
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