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Despite the similarities between Peter Parker and Barry Allen, many fans found the Amazing Spider-man series to be underwhelming. Whereas The Flash tv show is a hit. From a company to another, here are three things that Sony could learn from Cw.
Why haven't we already seen the king of Wakanda by now?
The Conclusion of a 3 part article. Captain Americas Civil War Who sides with who. Where does shield stand and will any of the Hero’s on TV make the jump?
I've spent the past few days writing this on and off. I hope that when you read it, it gets you thinking, that's all I want you to do, whether you agree or disagree. Hit the jump and check out the Marvel Cinematic Universe Theory.
The Age of Ultron has passed and Captain America: Civil War is around the bend. What's in store for Cap and the Avengers team? And who the heck is Martin Freeman going to portray? Let’s see if we can answer these questions.
After watching the leaked pilot, I've got a couple thoughts on CBS' Supergirl. Spoiler-free, so you're safe.
Avengers Forever is a great series released by Marvel from 1998 to 1999. Great artwork, great story, great characters and it introduces the new Captain Marvel. Here’s how it could eventually inspire the events of the MCU.
Now that the first season of The Flash has come to a close, speculation and rumors are already swirling about what might happen in Season 2. Click the jump to read my thoughts on how the events in the finale may tie into other DC television shows! Beware of Spoilers.
New Allies/Wildcards
The second part in a 3 part article about the make up of the teams in Captain America Civil War.
regarding the picture posting evolution of this site. Here's an irrational cry for help to those in charge. Round 2. Hope they answer this one
Click the jump to read some thoughts that have popped in my mind that relate to Zack Snyder's 2017 film Justice League. This is about characters, setting, and everything in between. Hopefully you enjoy it.
With the flood of Star Wars films coming our way there is no time better than to speculate about the future of Star Wars, click here to see three directors who I think would be great additions to the Star Wars universe!
Hello all, with these Set Pics dropping daily I’ve been thinking a lot about where each member of the MCU would side in Civil War. I’ve had a few discussions about this topic in the comment sections but nothing this comprehensive.
Lately, especially after Avengers: Age of Ultron, more and more people have been slinging the same line out there and stating that Thanos just isn't doing anything in the MCU. Well, hit the jump to find out why I believe these comments to show the ignorance of some people.
Why The Joker, tattoos and all could be the best on screen Joker ever
The brutal final scene from the latest episode of Game of Thrones caused quite a stir online, with many fans and critics going so far as to claim that they're now "done" with the show altogether. But haven't we seen far worse already? Join the discussion, and let us know where you stand on this...
SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! The Black Panther Is On The Hunt For A Certain Someone!
And My Thoughts On The Whole Idea.
What can comic book TV shows learn from this period piece TV show about Ad men? A lot apparently.
Come one, come all! CBM's very own Shakespeare, Khan, has decided to finally share his take on Marvel's X-Men. Hit the jump to check out a daring and original new take on the Children Of The Atom.
Phase Two of the MCU is about to come to a close and with so many strong female characters being introduced over the course of eleven movies, DrDoom thought he would take the time to make a list of his favorite women in the franchise. Click to take a look!
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