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Who do I think Bryan Cranston could play in a Comic Book Movie role? What about RJ Mitte could pull off? What about the rest of the regular cast of the hit AMC series, BREAKING BAD? Hit the jump to find out...
Thoughts, theories, and ideas about the future of the MCU.
List of different characters with picture and info and ideas below.
Man of Steel defender and number one fan opens up the book of life to us and shows us how comics & heroes have made him the man the is today, check it out after the jump to read part 3 of this great ongoing series.
Does an Easter Egg in the One-Shot "All Hail the King" (hollow)point to the Punisher in the MCU? I hope it does, but I'll let you be the judge. Read on for more details.
For a while, I've had a theory about Age of Ultron, and in many ways the most recent synopsis seemingly confirms that early plans are set for my theory to seemingly take place. What's this theory you ask? Well read on to find out!
Just a few quick thoughts on yet another possible direction the MCU could be headed.
With Dwayne Johnson officially cast as Black Adam, it is all but a matter of time until his arch nemesis Shazam is cast too. But with such an iconic character coming to the big screen, and with the character going up against the gigantic Rock, it's not going to be easy finding the perfect Shazam. I however, have found the perfect six candidates; read on for more...
In this article I take a look at the upcoming TV slates from Marvel and DC
We are all excited at the possibility of an Obi-Wan Kenobi film. Find out what ScottMontgomery wants to happen in it by clicking the link below!
Who are the villains of Star Wars episode 7. See here for the popular theories around the web.
Arrow Season 2 was to be released on Netflix today but for whatever reason it wasn't. Here is a quick little rant on why communication is key between companies, journalists, and the general fandom in these situations.
Channing Tatum as Gambit? That's okay. But I think this other superhero would be even better of a role for Channing Tatum. Hit the jump to find out who that is...
We are all fans of the best secret agent there is James Bond and you can't have a great film without a great villain. In honor of the late great Richard Kiel, I have decided to rank who my favorite Bond villains are. Click the link above for more!
Ten possible AMAZING villains for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2!!!
In answer to his question "why people didn't like The Amazing Spider-Man 2."
On this week's episode we discuss some of the top news that came out this past week including talk of a Legion of Superheroes film, the boy with an Iron Man hand, RDJ shooting down plans for Iron Man 4, and more. We also talk Death of Wolverine, coming to terms with your own mortality, and do some comic reviews! Enjoy the show!
While one can discuss the success or quality of Agents of SHIELD, we still have a second season heading our way on September 23rd. With a new season, come new expectations and hopes for what the franchise will change. Here is my personal opinion on the matter!
I have made an 18 hour long MCU movie. Find out more after the jump!
Comic book movie fans love imagining their favorite actors in the role of some of their favorite superheroes. Well in this editorial, I choose four of my favorite actors and tell you which hero I would like to see them as. Could your favorite actor and hero combo be on this list? You've got to take the jump to find out!
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