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My chart of ideas how to make a Black Panther movie. Plot, ideas, changes, and some images for reference.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been under some real scrutiny from this website in particular ! Time to counter-act the negativity on what the films positives are !
Why they wont Super power D'bo and add him to the MCU
Captain America's gal pal Peggy Carter is getting her own show, and it should be great.
What does Marvel Studios have up their sleeve?
My take on the Spider-Man movies as a whole.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in Short Supply of Dynamic Recurring Villains. Let's Change That.
I know this may be a controversial opinion, but i got to tell the truth. So to celebrate Batmans 75th Anniversary im going to explain why i feel the way i do about this Batman. Do you want to know why i feel this? Come take a read.
Here, HIGHFLYER will share his thoughts and opinions on one of the most anticipated movies of the year. (There are no movie breaking spoilers in here)
Just to note I am a huge fan of Spider-Man. I grew up with the original trilogy; the new franchise is 'Amazing' as the title suggests however it suffers real problems at the same time. Using this article I hope to address these issues in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' franchise...
With only "alright" reviews as of right now (and the RT score likely to drop upon US release), how strong with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hold out against the onslaught of new summer blockbusters coming out after it? Will it make the amount that Sony is hoping for in $1 billion? Hit the jump to hear my thoughts.
You probably alredy know about two of them but i know a third one and it was in front of our faces this whole time.
The new movie of superman was released last year, so how man of steel could have became a better movie despite its mixed reviews ? Read the article to find out.
As we all know, Batman Arkham Knight takes place 1 year after the events in Batman Arkham City as well as the Joker's death. The events in Batman Arkham Knight take place on the Dark Knight's ninth year on Halloween Night and here, Batman must finish what he started since the beginning of his journey and put an end to the endless supervillain threats once and for all!
Did any of the fans like Man of Steel?
Hey! Spider-Miles here, with a Review on The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It contains both a Non(well minor)Spoiler part and a Spoiler part, so read it if you dare!
We know how a few of the countless mutants met their end however how did some of the most recognizable mutants meet their maker?
While this article doesn't really belong on this site, with four out of every five users on here blindly defending either Singer or Eagan, while tossing the facts out the window, I feel this article is necessary.
Will the lawsuit involving Bryan Singer allegedly raping a minor bring down a comic book movie legend in the process.
In this editorial, I give you my 5 favourite CBMs of all time. This article may contain mild spoilers for each of my picks, so you've been warned. Hit the jump to find out my faves...
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