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Since Phase 3 is set, we won't be getting a stand-alone Black Panther movie, but we might actually see him in Captain America 3. He might play a super major role in starting the Civil War...
Five characters I want to see added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a look into how and when that could be possible.Also this is my first article for this site. So go easy.
These are the best of the best, that stem from the pages of the DC Universe.
With the comic book world still reeling from the rumor that Marvel is adapting the popular Civil War comic storyline into Captain America 3, SauronsBANE looks back at some of the most recent MCU movies to see if evidence for this drastic turn of events has been sitting right there, under all of our noses this entire time...
A few months ago, I created an editorial about how we might see the first Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer this month. Well, October's here and it's almost over. Where the heck is that trailer?!? We might be getting it next week. Hit the jump to see why!
Check it out as the Excellence of Editorials takes a look at the DARK movies in the DCCU or is it The Vertigo Cinematic Universe?
Batman was the first superhero that took my interest and made me fall in love with comic books at a young age and so now I'm doing my top Batman moments, let me know is any of these are yours too!
Could Sara Lance return as a "big bad" in a few seasons or become the Jason Todd of the Arrow family? Here are my thoughts on what can happen...
Hit the jump to see what I consider some of my favorite (not best) comic book movies from over the years.
As the official announcements by DC/WB have been made, I take a look into the future to see what awaits and to the past to see what we got wrong.
Spinning out of Warner Brother's announced DC slate, DC plays the proverbial Lucy to Sony's Charlie Brown in this cinematic football gag.
It’s an exciting time for CBMs at the moment, and while many fans are counting down to the likes of Avengers: Age Of Ultron & Batman Vs Superman, the industry’s recent success has given rise to a few lesser-known properties as well. Hit the jump to check ‘em out!
Check it out after the jump to see a few reason's why Netflix makes Comics Fans Life A lil' easier but also makes you mad as frick!
With Ezra Miller (The Perks of Being A Wallflower) being cast as Barry Allen/The Flash, controversy strikes yet again. I'm going to talk about why I support this choice, check it out after the jump...
After what has come to light recently about the probable direction of the MCU, I take a look back at that leaked Phase 3 image that seemed fake months ago and reevaluate the possibility of the remaining options.
Comparisons are made every day. Chevy vs. Ford, McDonalds vs. Burger King, PC vs. MAC or Playstation vs. XBox. All of these are apple to apples comparisons and make sense. For the last two years, Arrow has had no competition in the Superhero genre, nothing that could be considered an apple to apples comparison, Some have wrongly tried to compare Arrow to Agents of Shield, but that is more of an apples to oranges comparison, while ignoring The Walking Dead, although that wouls be just as wrong, more of an apples to bananas comparison.
Back in December of last year I published an editorial that apparently was read by a few WB execs. Check it out.
Why are geeks so critical of comic movies and films? This could shed some light on it.
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