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Comic book movies - we love them! And now there are new movies slated way past 2020 along with TV shows, animation and internet shorts. Fans can't get enough, but is the market over saturated to the general public? - AgentSmith
The Sweet 16 for the Gotham & Xandar regions are here! See which comic book movies survived round 2 and now are 1 win away from the Elite 8. Click the link to vote for your favorite. - wcwpoet
The Sweet 16 for the New York & Metropolis regions are here! See which comic book movies survived round 2 and now are 1 win away from the Elite 8. Click the link to vote for your favorite. - wcwpoet
In the wake of this year's SDCC, fanboys everywhere are still recovering from seeing the incredible footage of several anticipated, upcoming comic book movies. Check out SauronsBANE's reaction to the one that possibly overshadowed them all - the BvS Comic-Con trailer... - SauronsBANE
Did you find Alan Moore's depiction of true events in his seminal graphic novel The Killing Joke entertaining in any way? If so, you're clearly fine with the rape and torture of innocent women! Click to find out how you can stop being such a bastard.. - RorMachine
Phase three in the MCU seems like it will be the most significant as its introducing three drastically new Avengers. While Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel are indeed substantial additions, T'Challa of Wakanda is the most important in my opinion. Black Panther is a type of superhero fans have not yet encountered on the big screen. His mythology, ideals and background make him a notable change from the cliche archetype hero. He will not only bring great change to the MCU, but to the entire comic book film domain. - ComicsBornAndBred
Here is my idea for a Teen Titans movie trilogy that could work. Check it out! - dannramm113
What's the secret of Ant-Man's surprising success? Follow the jump and sift through the perception and the reality of the film! - betaraysyr
A big rumour that is currently circulating the web is that Jared Leto's Joker is actually a crazed Jason Todd. Seeing that this rumour has gained a lot of attention, I think it's time to put this rumour under a magnifying glass. - Darkknight2149
We've heard a lot of conflicting reports regarding the Emerald Knights' return to the big screen, so here's my attempt at making sense of it all in chronological order. Due to the 100% speculative nature of this editorial, I'm inclined to warn you potential spoilers may (potentially) lie ahead. Come check it out! - TucksDeluxe
While a DC Cinematic Batman film is yet to be officially confirmed for filming, it is sure to be a dark film as Ben Affleck's Batman is mentioned to have suffered through various harsh struggles. So here is what I would like Warner Brothers to use - PredatorRIsing
Now while more of the casting for the upcoming Spider-Man 2017 film yet to come, this is the last article of cast and characters that I suggest Marvel Studios should use for the upcoming film to make it worth watching and why this article of characters is fit for the first MCU Spidey film before they get started on or any further on the script to the film. - PredatorRIsing
With Spider-Man about to make his MCU debut in Civil War, there's been a lot of discussion how his solo movies are going to go. Here's one path. - MasterTaffer
These five films had everything going for them, yet something went wrong and they went down in history as some of the most disappointing comic book movies of all time. Hit the jump to find out which ones! - TheSuperguy
Spider-Man is getting rebooted (again) and its hard to get excited about yet another Spider-Man that runs the risk of being another letdown. Still, as a huge Spider-Man fan, here are some general things I'd like to see across Civil War, Infinity War, and the new trilogy. - Nick56
Check out my Top 10 Characters in the MCU! - FrozenMarvelite
Ant-Man is out and Phase 2 is Over, and what a phase it was.... check out where everybody currently stands after the events of Phase 2, and what's in store for Phase 3!! - DrKinsolving
With More and more Women in Super hero Films, where is the merchandise to reflect their presence? - betaraysyr
With the rumors of his inclusion in both/either Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, I figured it was time for me to put together another article listing my favorite picks for another hero from DC Comics. Next up: Dick Grayson/Nightwing! - Philip
With Sony selling the rights of Spider-Man to Marvel, can Marvel correctly portray the Web-Head? - HarlequinOfHate
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