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The "must watch" episodes from season 1
There is this guy called Joss Whedon who is famous for killing beloved fictional characters in his work, and he is directing the upcoming MCU movie Avengers: Age Of Ultron; and last time I checked, I am not Joss Whedon, but I were him, I would kill...
Gotham's second episode, "Selina Kyle", aired last night and now it's time I take you on another Breakdown of the current instalment of Fox's Batman prequel series and its characters. Hit the jump for more!
Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series is arguably the greatest CBM trilogy of all time. On the back of my recent article charting the high points of the MCU, I decided to put together a similar one, this time featuring the best moments from these groundbreaking movies. Check it out!
HeisenbergSaysRelax explains, in detail, how he'd have handled Fox's TV series "Gotham" had he'd been in charge. New storylines, new characters, new arcs. Come check it out!
The latest trailer for Gotham showed us not only that GOTHAM moved timeslots but apparently it's also moving to Tuesdays as well...
Take a look at the odds on the unusual suspects behind Gotham's greatest murder as well as other Gotham Series related topics
If you gave up on this show, or never gave it a chance, you're missing out. Here are 3 good reasons why. (Contains spoilers)
While Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and the Vision are set to join the Avengers in next year's Age of Ultron, is anyone set to leave? Hit the jump for why a changing lineup is vital to the team.
Finally, the Deadpool film is heading our way yet with the dispute if it will be PG-13 or R-rated we are going to have to ask ourselves if there really is a market for the film. Is there a way that 20th Century Fox can market the film to ensure its success? More just a click away!
After Watching the recently leaked Batman Arkham Knight Footage from Gamecon, we get to see more of the Arkham Knight and for what he sounds like.
POSSIBLE SPOILERS, but these are just my ideas on how Marvel will explain the twins' powers in Avengers: Age of Ultron
While no one knows for sure what Marvel's future will hold, it has been made pretty clear what all of this Infinity Stone talk is leading to. Hit the jump for why Thanos will be the primary antagonist of Avengers 3.
Do you know Runaways? It’s an amazing comic book series from Marvel that tells the story of six teenagers who discover that their parents are super villains. For me, Runaways has the potential to become a huge franchise for Marvel, and here are five reasons why I believe it. Check it out!
Having watched the series premiere of Gotham this past week, I have a few gripes with the show and wish to express them whilst also sharing ideas for how the show can improve on these areas!
Through the numbers, a look back at L O S T
A look into the now tried-and-true formula that created the most successful movie franchise in history, my thoughts on Justice League Dark and what can be done to save the DC movie universe.
Gotham has so many options and so little time to convey them to an already rowdy and opinionated audience. Hit the jump to read some of my suggestions and questions about what can give this series a larger edge in keeping its already strong audience.
Check out ScottMontgomery's choices for the younger incarnations of Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops! Click the link above to share your own!
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