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Meet fifteen potential characters who could make appearance in the TV series.
My first article: There are some things I want to see happen in the MCU before the "Culmination" happens with Avengers: Infinity War. Read on for my thoughts.
The story of Batman and Joker is a great story of "good versus evil". Both characters represent different things, but share some shocking similarities. Click the jump to see as I acknowledge the way both characters tick and tock.
ComicBookMovie.com's very own McGee shares his thoughts on the controversial casting of Ezra Miller as the Flash. It is highly recommended that you don't click on this article. If you decide to ignore this suggestion, just know that we warned you in the teaser...so you can't sue us.
I just finished watching episodes 1-6 of "The Flash". Here are my thoughts on the current series. (SPOILER WARNING)
The days of the squeaky clean good guy are a thing of the past. But does that mean it’s acceptable for our heroes to kill? Hit the jump to hear one fan’s thoughts.
With Marvels phase 3 films tight slate and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. teasing the Inhumans. When exactly will we see the Terrigen Mist spread in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Last week during an interview with AMC Movie Talk, Stephen Amell talked about the announcement of the DC movies and the casting of Ezra Miller as The Flash.
Fish and Falcone: more that meets the eye
This is an objective (mostly) essay that I wrote for my English Class. Click on to read why Batman is objectively a better fictional Character than Superman!
Here's a list of amalgam characters for a project i'm working on hit the jump to see it!
This is a short list of comic books that came close but were excluded from my Top Ten list.
What are my Top 10 movies of this year? Well read on to find out.
There's lots of secrecy surrounding this new Batman v. Superman film. Who will cameo? Will Lex Luthor be the only villain? Maybe this theory could help to shed some light on a possible climax to the epic superhero adaptation. POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD!
I will tell you why the battle between Cap and Iron man will be better than Batman vs. Superman
After the nominations process and the opening round, we are down to eight trolls who have made it through to the second round of the great CBM trolling competition.
Three Casting predictions, and one educated guess(of sorts)
With Marvel confirming that Daniel Bruhl has joined the MCU, I look into possible characters he could be playing in the films.
If you could sit down with any of the current comicbook crews, for a few drinks and a good time, who do you think would provide the best time?
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