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Here is a cool fan-made trailer for Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok from Mr8866. Enjoy...
Come and check out my choices for some of the character's we'll be seeing soon on both the big and small screen, as well as a character whom I'm sure we'd all love to see in future
I was tasked in school with re-creating a scene from a movie of my choosing. This is the result of that.
The "Rock and Roll All Nite (Guardians of the Galaxy Video Mix)" by Kiss TRAILER!
Both are incredibly powerful god-like beings, both see themselves above all others and both wear skirts, but who will come out on top in the ultimate battle for supremacy?
What would you do if God gave you powers? Well, Andrew "Andy" Prentiss use his powers to help others and bring faith to the world. The comics may have lasted only three editions, but the knight of the light is now immortalized in this Marvel's Illuminator fan poster I made.
What I probably would have done in terms of the Flash's part in the DC Cinematic Universe.
I know video game adaptations are notoriously bad, but with the right team I think Devil May Cry could make a solid transition from consoles to silver-screen. Here is my idea for a movie based on Capcom's long-standing game series. UPDATED AND EDITED
My Fan-made teaser poster for The Flash upcoming fall finale, "The Man in the Yellow Suit".
There is a new Fan Film on the harassing with 20th Century Fox title "Aliens VS Predators" a new Fan Film directed by Erik Flammond a new indented film maker of his generation
An alternate time. An alternate world. Steve Rogers is a man who is willing to do anything to fight for a just cause. However, his frail form inhibits his ability to be the hero he is on the inside. Modified by a secret program, Steve is transformed into Captain America, a symbol of hope who must lead the forces of freedom in a desperate struggle against the villainous Hydra.
His name is Hit-Monkey. He's a hitman. Who's a monkey. Yeah, Hit-Monkey is one of those characters that will probably never appear in screen... But I can dream, right? So here is my fan poster for the fictional movie Marvel's Hit-Mokey. Hope you like it!
Ever wonder what Heath Ledger would look like as the classic version of The Joker? Hit the jump to see artwork of Heath looking quite different than the last time you seen him as the character.
Come check out a preview of what is to come for SotoJuiceMan's own take on the DC Saga to where it will premiere in the new year. Each movie will be comprised of my own vision of what the DC Saga will be. Click for more!
What if Hydra had won WWII and took over the world? What if the Nazis ruled the world, changing human history forever? What if mutants and superheroes were hunted down by Iron Man? What if the only one that could save us was Captain America? Here is a new epic project by Mr8866/Alex Luthor, enjoy…
Flash v. Arrow Teaser Mockups

Yes..."Flarrow" is a joke...just imagine those with "Flash v. Arrow"...except for the last one :P
Immortals, obese ladies and squirrel girls. Not the usual super-heroes, right? Marvel would never adapt something like this. But what is life without dreams? So here is a fan-poster of Marvel's Great Lakes Champions that I made (based on the IMAX poster for Guardians of the Galaxy).
Solyentbrak1 has made an another Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice TV Spot he looks like he has improved much then in the past

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