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My take on a Live Action Adaptation of the First 3 Story Arcs of Marvel's Ultimate Fantastic Four Comic!
Following last week's screenplay, Dave "Gold" Khanlark returns with the cast and (sorta) crew for his take on the Transformers mythology, Robots In Disguise! Check it out, after the jump.
With the rumors that SONY & MARVEL might still work out a deal to put Spider-Man in the MCU, I think that it is well past time to try to speculate on how it would actually work. Here is how I would logically do that.
In this continuation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story, the turtles face off against the daughter of their nemesis to prevent The Foot from acquiring the key element that made them what they are.
This is my follow up to my first DCU Fan Cast. Like the first one be kind and offer suggestions.
This is a fan cast of actors who I like to portray DC Heroes on the big screen. Some are familiar and some are new. I know recent casting choices DC/WB have made been met with positive or negative. Leave suggestions this is my first fan cast be kind please. I will post a second part of my hero fan cast along with DC Villians and Young Justice fan casts.
They killed him, they took his family, they took his life...He will take their souls.
Well I took sometime off to get ideas about where to go with this story and now I'm back. Connor is dead, the Fallen Angels have been running rampant and they feel invincible. But Death is coming for them.
An alternate time. An alternate world. The Human Torch and the Thing star in this miniature tale as a regular Friday night out with their girlfriends turns into a deadly battle . . . . with a foe they never expected!
A 4Kids TV-themed parody of an iconic moment from Freakazoid, in the style of Nova's Funhouse.
Looking to revitalize the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, this film follows Raphael and his three brothers as they grow from their humble origins in the sewers to avenge their mentor's caretakers against the leader of the New York City Foot Clan, Oroku Saki.
With the recent "Sony Hack," everyone's wondering what to do with Spider-Man. My idea? Why not turn the adventures of your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man into a high-quality television series? Here's my idea for the hypothetical first season of such a show.
A fan made title sequence for 2016's Captain America: Civil War. Hit the jump and have a look.
Hey guys here's my Arkham movie pitch, give it a read and give me some feedback.
Connor has received Salvation and Forgivenss. Now all he wants to do is leave with his family, but after the club voted against it...he will have to run, but will he get out alive.
Despite a brilliant first installment, Michael Bay's Transformers franchise have released three disappointing sequels. So now, I have decided it was time for me to develop my own take on the Robots In Disguise, so without further ado, hit the jump to take a look!
Here's a few more drawings that I've done.
Connor has found redemption and Salvation...but will the Fallen Angels allow him to leave and make a new life for him and his family?
There are many fanfics of 20th Century Fox's ALIENS franchise, but nothing like this. The fanfic is called XenoGirl. And there are about 10 installments in the series so far, with more on the way from the creator.
What's it about?
Well here's the premise:
"Natasha Xander was just your average redheaded highschool girl living in Manhattan. That was, until an alien capsule crashlanded in Central Park before her. Curiosity getting the better of her, Natasha picked up the capsule, only for it to liquefy in her hands and swoop across her body, encasing her tightly within a strange alien suit suit. The suit grants her the appearance and abilities of something more than human. Quickly becoming addicted to use of the extraterrestrial garment, Natasha uses it to fight crime under the alias, "XenoGirl". However, a company based in Manhattan called "Weyland Industries" manages to get its hands on some leftover chinks of the capsule. And soon, Natasha finds herself going up against various monsters cooked up by Weyland, including The Queen, The Predator, and many other. And the more she uses the suit to keep the threats at bay, the more she questions herself. "Am I Natasha? Or am I XenoGirl?"

You can read the first installment here:
WARNING! You must have PDF support in order to read it.
Connor "Preacher" Jameson wants to leave his life of crime behind him and make a better life for his wife and daughter. But when the biker gang he was a part of, "The Fallen Angels", hears he is trying to run they stop him and murder him for fear he will rat them out to the Feds. Now 10 years later with the help of The Crow he is ressurected and finds his wife and daughter are now captives of the gang...he begins his path of vengeance, vowing to save his family and, "set the wrong things right."
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