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Come take a look at a pencil only ,Seventeen page preview, of what I hope to be an upcoming comic book.
Nova here with an original script for a series I'm working on to somewhat work in tandem with my OAU Silver Surfer. Hope you guys enjoy it, hit the jump to check it out...
I drew American Dream in the movie version of Captain America's uniform.
With the Batman vs Superman movie underway, it's only natural that Warner Bros will be planning for a Batman reboot film series straight after the Justice League. With only Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons cast, here are my predictions on who I want to see work on and star in the next Batman Blockbuster.
Here is a Sequel to my Ideas for the Peggy Carter TV Series...
Magneto's costume from X-Men:Days of Future Past photohopped to resemble the classic Magneto costume from the comics.
What if everyone's favorite online battlefield was a real life battlefield? Who would live and who would die? Some will become idols, some will be hunted. Hit the jump to check out the first entry in the (fictional) history of, you might even see yourself!
A true adaptation of the show.
Imagine if CBM was a film? Who would play who? Click the jump to find out (Side-Note: Not a full cast).
This is a comedy movie if the comment section actually existed and happened...
My take on a MARRIED... With Children reboot, for when it's inevitably gets put in the works.
An alternate time. An alternate world. Bruce Banner is the foremost expert on gamma radiation on the planet. While conducting top secret experiments for the military, an unexpected miscalculation causes a mutation in Bruce that changes his life forever. On the run from the authorities and himself, Bruce must find a cure before the rage of the Hulk consumes him...
This will be the final chapter to my fan fiction of a Batman trilogy. And I would like it to go out with a bang!
Here's a few of my drawings (remember I'm no pro). The Witness's Sketchbook
Not too long ago, I posted an article about a Spidey short film I had in mind. Well, I decided to look into it a bit more. Check out my animation test!
You ever sit down and imagine how a trailer for something could play out? I do that all the time. Click the jump to see how I picture the trailer for something I'm excited for.
This year Batman celebrates his 75th Birthday! So in honour of his age, here are a couple of cartoons of the The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, the legend that is Batman! Enjoy!
What would happen if Peter Parker and Eddie Brock were facing certain death with only each other for company. I wrote this little piece when that very question came into my head recently. Hope you guys like it.
An old fan cast gets a revamped treatment for 2014. NOTE: Not many people have heard of this anime, but the cast and crew - I'm certain - will make you flip your shiznit!
Checkout one of my latest additions to my sketchbook!
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