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Some news broke that the brains behind WW would like to take a Wolverine/Captain America approach They want to do a time jump 1940s, 1916, and eventually 2017. I have an idea as to how this could work. - theultimatefan
Here I was literally nothing to do, so I decided to make a fan cast of Damage Control. - Gordim
With news of a potential Flash director I took the liberty of fan casting a movie based on a Flash film. Not an origin story. - theultimatefan
Well, I did five sets of Marvel/Rock, so I decided to put out another set DC/Rock album cover mash-up manips to even it up a bit. Check em out. - JredTheRed
Are you the ultimate Marvel Fan? Can you name all the 88 Marvel Characters included on this Wallpaper. - TheWitness
Well, I was gonna start another series....but then I made another set of Marvel/Rock mash up em out. - JredTheRed
An alternate time. An alternate world. Despite having formed a new family, Reed Richards' dream of traversing the stars lives on. Having completed a new version of his spacecraft, Reed resolves to take the Fantastic Four to explore the galaxy. However, their interstellar adventure soon has grave consequences, leading the team into the heart of a massive galactic conflict. - DrDoom
Another set of my Marvel Comics and Rock Album mash-up manips. Check em out! - JredTheRed
THINK FAST! The "WORLD PREMIERE" of "And We Run (The Flash “Live” Video Mix)" by Within Temptation feat. Xzibit! - 2013venjix
Its another The Last of Us Fan Casting, come and see. - Mrzombie
Ben Affleck's Batman with Batman: Arkham City Theme. - AdeelofSteel
Being a huge Superman fan, I recently started wondering, would John Williams iconic Superman theme work with our current Zack Snyder Superman? So I came up with a trailer using footage from Man of Steel and the Batman v Superman trailers and mixed it together with that iconic theme. Here is the end result. - AdeelofSteel
Ben Affleck's Batman trailer with Batman The Animated Series Theme. - AdeelofSteel
Still going strong with the mashup cover manips. I'm extremely happy with these round. Check em out! - JredTheRed
My take on Batman, the Joker, Rogue, and some other dudes. - chubeton
Fan made trailer for a big screen adaptation of the 2005 Marvel Comics crossover House of M. Hit the jump to check it out! - TwistedKingdom
Continuing my comics and music mash up album cover manips. Here is Part Two of the Marvel/Rock ones. Check em out... - JredTheRed
Hi fanfolks! I am a musicomedian from Kansas City and my name is Rad Science. I make comedic music videos and in honor of Batman Day, I'm posting my Batman video ("I'm Talkin' Batman") here. If you dig it, please subscribe, thanks! - RadScience
I've made mash-up manip album covers for DC/Rock and Marvel/Hip now I've tackled some Marvel/Rock ones. Also, I've added the original album cover for comparison. Check em out! - JredTheRed
Don't Blink, You'll Miss It! My music trailer of The Flash! - 2013venjix
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