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An alternate time. An alternate world. Under the leadership of Scott Summers, the X-Men have managed to become a force of justice in the cause for mutants. However, sinister forces in the shadows seek to destroy everything they hold dear. When a mutant assassin targets the team in ways they struggle to counter, the X-Men must uncover the truth, or perish trying.
The Marvel and Netflix series is yet to start but just how will the team of Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones come together? Here is a continuation of my theory....enjoy!
In another universe, the world is protected by an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark. People are told it's sole purpose is to protect, but when it becomes self-aware, chaos ensues.
Thursday is here and so is another installment in the Guardians of the Galaxy: Fan-Art Mix series. Today,s post is deviating a bit from the amazing Digital-Art that has been featured.
Check it out.
WB has set release dates for 9 untitled DC films and 2 “event films”. We don't know yet what all this means, but I hope that the Event Films are the Justice League movies. So, maybe it means that we will get few origin movies. I hope that this will happen, so here is my list and some cast...
Check it Out!
Keeping on with the week long homage, here is Vol. 3 of the Guardians of the Galaxy Fan-Art Mix series. Take a look!
On top of writing scripts, I also dabble in a bit of poetry from time to time. Up until recently, I'd never written one based around comics but then I wrote this tribute to the Silver Surfer. Hit the jump to check it out.
It's time for another round of Banner Time fun and comic strip goodness. Featuring a job-seeking turtle! Check it out.
This is a cast of new characters I would like to see in the third Avengers film along with some interesting casting choices, please do click for more.
My ideas to bring America's favorite Archaeologist back into theaters under the guiding hand of the House of Mouse.
Fan-made Poster for Avengers - Age of Ultron, inspired by all those awesome news...
Let's celebrate Guardians of the Galaxy's success and the birthday of the film's awesome director, James Gunn with some great fan-art. In continuation of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Fan-Art Mix series, here is Vol. 2, Check it out!
Another artist deliver a great hand made drawing of another angle of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman using her lasso based on the look of the Amazonian princess anticipated showing in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE
The Caped Crusader joins the Man of steel as both men stand with the amazonian warrior in amazing fan art that unites the DC trinity, check it out after the jump
My Robert Downey jr. Iron Man Sketch Details.
Can the Second Shift team stay ahead of the evil Turmoil team? Maybe, if they could only choose a leader...
Many have jabbed against the subordinate probabilities of a swarm of characters - and like the brisk of a bothersome annoyance - I present to you all a snippet of the Kenobi screenplay authored by yours truly.
Spider-Man doesn´t need a reboot... The Amazing Spider-Man Cinematic Universe will be continue with this excellent ideas for future installments. ;)
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