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For the first time since it's inception, cameras are finally allowed into the world of the O.P.A.L. Force, an elite group of superheroes protecting the world from danger.
I am currently working ideas for a trilogy of films to reboot the most amazing comic book hero, Batman. This is the cast I would use.
Another Post-Credit scene I believe would be great to see at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy that would lead into Avengers: Age of Ultron.
A quick sketch I did yesterday during the Super Bowl
How I would construct the DC cinematic universe using 'Man Of Steel' as the starting point. A rough plan for how the universe would unfold, along with a casting of the future films in the series.
We all know they don't get on...but why? And does Supes really think of him as a threat?
If a certain charcter is introduced in Captain America 3...well it could be rather interesting..
Hi, everyone! Here is my take on the Justice League revolving around the Man of Steel universe with the following members and villain. NOW UPDATED WITH DETAILED CASTINGS
Possibly the best fan made poster yet.
While some of the cast has already been made... I'm gonna round it out an show you what I think should be the the first Battleck solo film
An alternate time. An alternate world. Professor Charles Xavier is starting to lose hope for his cause. Humanity largely seems in favour of registering and segregating mutants. In a world paralyzed by fear, Xavier unites a small band of young mutants to become the symbol of hope they have always been destined to be: the X-Men.
Superbowl spot featuring Eisenberg, Irons, Gadot, and Cavill & Affleck. May the best team win!
A short trailer I created featuring the Oscar Nominated actor who will be taking on the popular role of Superman's arch nemesiss, Lex Luthor.
Some of my recent doodles
As a massive fan of the Arkham Video Game Series, I've constructed a Fan Cast covering the Events of the Two First Entry's Arkham Asylum and Arkham Origins!
How Eisenberg could be a smartass Lex Luther. (Quick edit)
"Who's 'Superman'? The one who destroyed Metropolis? Or the one who built it back?" - Lex Luthor
Zorro of Spanish-ruled California clashes with Western gun-slinger The Lone Ranger to decide who is the better masked hero. Who wins? You decide!
Part 1 in my imagining of a Batman vs Superman movie. Has fancast and outline. Full story-line will follow.
With a shaved head does Eisenberg look like Lex? Take a gander at some fan made manips and decide for yourself!
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