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more of my drawings with an animated style, I hope you like it!
Here's a little poster I made with the first picture of Jason Momoa as Aquaman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
The first installment of a Spider-Man graphic novel series. Spider-Man debates whether or not he should reveal his true identity to the world, meanwhile a crime lord known as The Kingpin sends his deadliest assassin Shocker to destroy Spider-Man. If he fails, Kingpin has some Spider-Slayers as back-up!
The "4 Minutes (Fantastic Four Video Mix)" by Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland TRAILER!!!!
The "Sound of Madness (Daredevil Video Mix)" by Shinedown TRAILER!!!!!
I know that there are a lot of Spidey editorials and fancasts lately well I have seen them all and this one is the best. Come check it out!
Come check out Jaleel White as John Stewart
An alternate time. An alternate world. After the dramatic departure of Cyclops and Iceman, the X-Men have become fractured to their core. With Storm as their new leader, the team must quickly relearn to fight as one when a vicious new enemy enters their lives . . . . and their home.
Amongst all the Spider-Man news and editorials, it's been awhile since we've gotten an actual fan-cast for his line of characters! For something fresh and relevant, hit the jump.
Here is a great poster (and variant) for the up coming Marvel movie CAPTAIN AMERICA:CIVIL WAR with a great look at the Iron Spider and the potential villains for this block buster hit! You have to see to believe!
An brief art of Kodi Smit-McPhee as "Nightcrawler"
More fan art of some of my favorite characters
With Spider-Man now swinging into the MCU the question asks can the same be done with the X-Men? And if so who would play them?
My Eight choices for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man.
Check out the new watercolor artwork featuring the man without fear and his enemies!
Instead of making a full fancast, I just thought I'd name off my picks for who I want as the next Spidey and why.
Just some average Joes ideas for a Marvel Fan Cast
When Brock Rumlow escapes from SHIELD, Hawkeye and Iron Man set out to capture him, but instead run into much more than they bargained for.
Just some average Joes ideas for a Marvel Fan Cast
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