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I'm here to bring you some nostalgia.
with my unique touch, hope you like it.
Hey guys and gals here's my pitch for a Spider-Man reboot set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, give me your feed back
Someone has put together a trailer for Avengers Age Of Ultron to make it look like the comic con trailer that was shown in July.
Following the events of Peter Parker ridding himself of the black symbiote, hit the jump to see what new challenges arise for the webhead, in part 3.5 of 5 of The Superior Spider-Man: A Hero's Legend. Check it out after the jump!
With it being up in the air whether Spiderman will remain with SONY or return to MARVEL and his makers, I have comprised a fancast of what might just put our wall crawler back in business
A fan made title sequence for a Spider-Man reboot from Marvel Studios. Hit the jump and check it out!
With Marvel Studios having announced a bunch of Phase 3 films, I thought I'd take a shot at creating a poster and interpretation of what Captain America: Civil War could end up as. Check it out!
It's a new year, so it's time for some new fan-casting for the DCCU. It seems like every time I do one of these, few days later WB comes out with some big announcement, so let’s see if there is some magic to it…
Hello Friends, this is my Street Fighter II World Warrior Fan Cast. Hope you guys enjoy.
My Take on What could be done between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios over Spider-Man!
Hit the jump to check out part 3 of my latest fan-script The Superior Spider-Man, starring everyone's favorite wall-crawler! In this part, the call to greatness is ignored, as power and greed takes it's place! Check it out!
My "Parody" teaser trailer of Ant-Man!
It's hard to argue against Emma Stone being one of the best parts of the Amazing Spider-Man films, and though it's extremely unlikely we'll see her in another Spidey movie, one fan has created a great image of Emma as the fan-favourite 'Spider-Gwen'. Check it out.
An Avengers Audio Series is being worked on and is in need of YOUR help to voice Marvel's most iconic heroes.
Casting some more of the Marvel Universe
These are my digital oil paintings for Avengers: Age of Ultron & Captain America: Civil War. They are based on the battles THE HULK v IRONMAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA v IRONMAN, check them out.
FANART: Renders of Atom and Firestorm based on designs from the shows that we have seen

*Disclaimer...I am teaching myself photoshop in my free don't insult just for the sake of insulting in the comments..I will delete just kind of comes off as aimlessly rude*
An honest attempt at recreating the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer shown at Marvel's Phase III event.
Marvel's Avengers Wallpaper featuring current Roster from 2008-2015.Didn't know if to include the Guardians of the Galaxy since this is just for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Also couldn't add Ms. Marvel and Dr Strange since no promo art has been released for them (yet).
Iron Man- Robert Downey Jr
Captain America- Chris Evans
Hulk- Mark Ruffalo
Thor- Chris Hemsworth
Ant-Man- Paul Rudd
Black Widow- Scarlett Johannson
Nick Fury- Samuel L. Jackson
Hawkeye- Jeremy Renner
Black Panther- Chadwick Boseman
Scarlet Witch- Elizabeth Olsen
Quick Silver- Aaron Taylor Johnson
Falcon- Anthony Mackie
War Machine- Don Cheadle
With the rumors circulating the 2015 film, I decided to come up with an overall plot of what the film could be. A coming-of-age, humanized, version celebrating the comics.... As it was said.
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