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Spawned in the blackest reaches of the antimatter universe, the malevolent, merciless gaze of Annihilus holds only hatred for life itself -- beware the annihilating conqueror! Dr. Doom has the one weapon that can stop him, but first Reed has to put some finishing touches on the armor before it's battle-ready.
What if Hydra had won WWII and took over the world? What if the Nazis ruled the world, changing human history forever? What if mutants and superheroes were hunted down by Iron Man? What if the only one that could save us was Captain America? Here is a new epic project by Mr8866/Alex Luthor, enjoy…
The Avengers takes on their biggest rival yet romance, just kidding its the big baddie Ultron.
Check it out after the jump to see this amazing sketch of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in her Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice look that will show you she is the amazonian warrior that can whoop your butt.
My personal casting choices for a solo Batman film...
Check out it out after the jump to see this awesome fan made poster as it shows us the destruction Ultron leaves behind including Captain America's iconic shield in a wreck.
A SNEAK PEEK of "Roar (Godzilla Video Mix)"
Rumors have been flying that Marvel plans on adapting their Civil War event into a live action film and so in honor of that I've went ahead and created this fan trailer...
Have a minute? Come check out a fan made title and logo sequence for a Wonder Woman movie.
The combination of Pinocchio & Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer...
With Marvel releasing teasers for the likes of many of their big events from the past like Civil War, Old Man Logan, Armor Wars, AoU vs Marvel Zombies, etc... I thought it'd be fun to revisit some lesser liked events...
Check it out after the jump to see this great fan made drawing of the Joker as he smiles and greets you into the city of darkness that is Gotham.
My concept for what Aquman could look like on the big screen.
In honor of the return of CW’s Arrow these past few weeks, here is a fancast for a big screen adaptation of Green Arrow.
Here is a new Trailer from Mr8866, this time an epic trailer for Justice League Part 1. Enjoy...
Check it out after the jump to see 2 cool movie posters for fan ideas for the Man of steel solo film sequel and the man of steel prequel story starring his Parent's!
Check it out after the jump to see which baddies and characters from the DC Universe I want to appear in the up coming DC movie about the SUICIDE SQUAD
Check it out after the jump to see this cool fan made poster that gives us a look at the rumored Robin for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.
In anticipation of Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron I have decided to make a fan trailer for the film. Hit the jump to check it out.
Check it out after the jump as you will get chills with this great looking Batman art that shows the Caped Crusader Mad and about to kick some ass!
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