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The DCTV Universes are cascading into one. Can our heroes save the day before all of reality is lost? Find out here in the penultimate part of the crossover we all want!
The video of the 2011 single with additional footages from the 2008 feature film adaptation, its 2010 film sequel & various footages from “The Avengers”.
An Erotic Age of Ultron Fanfic
Here is the second part of my 90s GI Joe fancast. This time around I have Cobra played by actors who were popular in the 90s.
By popular demand, and because it would never get made anyway, DrDoom presents the dream project he wanted to make that will never see the light of day: a script for a Ms. Marvel film that he first wrote in January of 2013. Revised and updated as of August 2014.
This is a comic script for an alternate universe take on the origin story of Doctor Strange. Stephanie Strange is a world renowned surgeon enjoying the perks of success, choosing rich and questionable patients and keeping her morals on the back burner. But that is all about to change.
An alternate time. An alternate world. Humanity is part of a larger universe; they just don't know it yet. The life of Thor, the prince of Asgard, is changed when he learns of a grave and ancient threat that will bring darkness upon the cosmos. On a quest for answers, Thor must travel to new worlds and meet new beings, all while trying to solve one of the mysteries of the universe.
Part four of the Crossover storyline finds the group at some unique crossroads.
A fan art of quicksilver in this new style of mine, also a study, not related to any comicbook/video game/fan fic of any kind, just a study for the sake of it.
Issue one of Moon Knight reboot comic. Part One of the five part opening arc "Midnight Special." Let me know what you think in the comments!
Alternate gods, among an alternate earth. Follow the stories of father and son, Jor-El and Kal-El, as they come face to face with life changing events, people, and places. Follow Kal-El as he struggles to find who he is, as the world around him does as well, and is being attacked by monsters from all sides. And follow Jor-El as a tragic event leaves him between a rock and a hard place, having to make the biggest decisions of his life and fight someone he never thought he would.
This is part one of my 90s GI Joe franchise. At one point during the late 80s/early 90s there was discussion of doing a live action GI Joe. It would possibly had been released around 92-93 by Warner Bros. With limited budget and special effects the idea was dropped. These are the actors and actresses I would have casted.
This might seem like a silly idea to some -- but what might a Justice League movie have looked like in the 1960's? Would it have even worked? Click the link to hear my take on it.
An MCott fan cast of the Darth Bane trilogy.
"It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all. Then… he shoots fire from the skies, and it is difficult not to think of him as a god. And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him" - Batman
The video of the 2007-08 single with an additional footage from the 2011 feature film adaptation.
You are Superman. My idea for the perfect Superman Videogame...
Hello. So I am just doing this for fun. I claim no ownership or copyright toward any of the materia. I state the companies who actually own the stuff below.
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