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Don't Blink, You'll Miss It! My music trailer of The Flash! - 2013venjix
My chosen cast and crew for what would have become 2000's 'X-MEN' - BobGarlen
Lets face it, the odds of there being a sequel are very low, so I decided to fan casting for another possible reboot. Enjoy - Mrzombie
Spider-Man's long awaited entrance into the MCU is coming but after 5 movies already where can he go from here? - Lockjaw
The video (live footage performance from the 2013 Springtime Festival) of the 2013 promotional single with an additional footage from the 2013 feature film. - 2013venjix
Part 4 of my DC Comic/Rock album mash-up manips. Check em out and let me know what you think. Thanks! - JredTheRed
I make my own intro for The Flash... what do you guys think? - alex4everdn
With Old Man Logan being the consensus pick, I'm making my case for another option... - ferg815
Check out this movie quality photo manipulation of Darkseid! - Kryptonick24
Another set of mash-up manips featuring DC characters and Rock albums. Tell me what you think. - JredTheRed
My updated video based on the original by Anaïs Marcel. - 2013venjix
Here is the second part of my MK fancast. These are the invaders from Outworld who oppose the defenders of Earthrealm. - ninjamaster88
The second part of my DC/Rock mash-up album manips. Note: Despite the Metallica thumbnail icon, there are no Metallica mash ups this time around. - JredTheRed
Recent reports have surfaced about an upcoming MoS sequel which may or may not feature Brainiac, Bizarro. and/or Supergirl. I think a movie about The Elite would be dope. - theultimatefan
I wanted to do a little bit of Episode 7 fan art, so here it is! - IronWarrior777
This is a Fan Fic about what Episode 1 could have been. It is kind of a original story with a spirit and tone closer to the original's. I think it is quite good. - BruceWillis
The video of the 2003 single with additional footages from the $1.6 billion feature film franchise. - 2013venjix
Spider-Man and Aunt May are already cast here are some characters and actors I think would be insane in his solo movie. - theultimatefan
This is part one of my Mortal Kombat fancast. Here are actors who could play the heroes defending Earthrealm. - ninjamaster88
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