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Everyone makes Spider-Man the main view in their Civil War Posters. But Since this is Captain America 3. I want Steve as the main focus and Iron Man on 1 side then Spidey on the other representing Cap's team. Each side has a team of Marvel heroes representing each side.
I took some photos from around the web and made a montage to help get everyone get even more excited for the upcoming DCCU films. Watch the video and enjoy!
For my 2nd article I've decided to cast the Marvel cinematic universe, with new/different choices of course
No... That's not the name of the movie. Just uh.. Never mind.
I am all for a teenage cast for the new reboot scheduled for July 28, 2017. This is pretty much who i would cast...
Here is a list of would cast for my MCU....
Going over my ideas for the MCU Spider-Man movie.
What if 24 comic book characters were placed in an arena, who would come out victorious and who would be the first one out.
In a world where Fox failed and let go of X-Men back to Marvel, here’s who I would cast as these titular characters!
My first fan-made poster for the next great upcoming cinematic event afer Age of Ultron and Ant-Man... Captain America: Civil War.
Okay, now let me start with this….. I LOVE CAPT. Marvel!!!! I was disappointed with the way he was handled in the Post-Flashpoint Universe (New 52). So my fancast will cast them more towards their Pre-Flashpoint counterparts.
This is my Fancast for Marvel's Spider-Man! If you want more fancast's let me know in the comments!!
Okay, I know everyone and their mother (and their second's cousins ex-roommate's brother) have been posting Spider-Man (MCU) fan casts. However, I still want to post my opinion on the matter. Check it Out.
more of my drawings with an animated style, I hope you like it!
Here's a little poster I made with the first picture of Jason Momoa as Aquaman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
The first installment of a Spider-Man graphic novel series. Spider-Man debates whether or not he should reveal his true identity to the world, meanwhile a crime lord known as The Kingpin sends his deadliest assassin Shocker to destroy Spider-Man. If he fails, Kingpin has some Spider-Slayers as back-up!
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