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Recent reports have surfaced about an upcoming MoS sequel which may or may not feature Brainiac, Bizarro. and/or Supergirl. I think a movie about The Elite would be dope. - theultimatefan
I wanted to do a little bit of Episode 7 fan art, so here it is! - IronWarrior777
This is a Fan Fic about what Episode 1 could have been. It is kind of a original story with a spirit and tone closer to the original's. I think it is quite good. - BruceWillis
The video of the 2003 single with additional footages from the $1.6 billion feature film franchise. - 2013venjix
Spider-Man and Aunt May are already cast here are some characters and actors I think would be insane in his solo movie. - theultimatefan
This is part one of my Mortal Kombat fancast. Here are actors who could play the heroes defending Earthrealm. - ninjamaster88
A picture I did for my own version of a Marvel variant cover. Spider-man and Captain America,cornered on a rooftop. - IronWarrior777
My realistic/not gonna happen choices for the cast of the Power Rangers film. From the description of the films plot it sounds like its going to be quite good. - Mrzombie
This is a new Justice League fancast. It is based on Grant Morrison's acclaimed JLA comic book run that began in the mid 1990s. This is the first part casting the founding members using actors that were popular during the 90s. I will post the second part casting reserve members. - ninjamaster88
Here is the second part of my JLA fancast. This time around I cast the reserve League members using popular actors from the 90s. - ninjamaster88
After being burnt out a bit from drawing I'm back with some more stuff to show - TJJones96
That's right, a redux! One of my older comics now presented in glorious colour.
Just who is the Joker? Was he ever a comedian? Perhaps a hoodlum? Maybe he was a chemistry teacher in a former life. One things for sure, don't trust a word he says... - Doopie
After the failure that was Fant4stic, if Fox were to make the right decision and return the Fantastic Four and their related characters home, these are the people I'd cast as Marvel's First Family, in addition to what could be one of the MCU's greatest villains: Doctor Doom. - UltimateLegend
Casting the characters that I hope will appear in Spider-Man's 2017 solo film. - UltimateLegend
I've done 3 sets of Marvel/Hip Hop mash-up manips, so I decided to have a go at some DC/Rock ones. Check em out. - JredTheRed
Our Final Entry in the Fan Series! Let me know what you think! - AlexHunter
Idea for a post credits scene that can tie together Captain America: Civil War with another MCU Phase 3 movie, while outlining situations that will effect the universe - octolight12
My newest picture featuring the Dark Knight and *some* of his foes in Gotham. Also included a few variant versions! - IronWarrior777
New mutants: A cast that will not totally screw the movie up. - theultimatefan
Want to see what The Thing's infamous deleted scene looked like? Check out this clip! - Whiplashdynamo
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