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A lot of rumors have been circulating that some casting choices are on the way for the worlds greatest mercenary DEATHSTROKE to be in the new Suicide Squad movie. What if Slade Wilson was given his own movie? How would that pan out for the rest of the DC Universe and could potentially lead into the future of the franchise? Here is a look inside an elseworld where The Terminator is given the spotlight. You have to see to believe!
An alternate time. An alternate world. A secret tale from the past of Black Widow is finally revealed in this crossover special. In 1987, soon after joining SHIELD, the young special agent was sent on an assignment to investigate a potential paranormal disturbance. The events that followed shed light on a deadly conspiracy, and a night that would change Natalia's world forever.
I was absolutely astonished when I heard Sony was making an Aunt May film! But now I see how this could work storywise and there is plenty of room for expansion within the Spider-Man universe introduced in TASM, hit the jump for more and witness an idea that could potentially be a major game changer!
What if Superman was adopted by the Waynes instead of Batman?
Got Some more fan art and X-men redesigns
A Glimpse of Jon Bernthal as Rick Flagg.
Just a desktop image featuring the central characters introduced so far in the MCU.
Fan cast for a new reboot of the Spider-Man universe.
Apparently it's fairly popular to pitch movies on CBM. Well, I'm here to pitch you on my idea for Guardians of the Galaxy 2! What villains do I utilize? What stories are borrowed? Well, read on to find out!
For my 1st article I've decided to cast the DC cinematic universe, with new/different choices of course
An [FAN-MADE] Extended version made by myself. for the next episode of Arrow (3x11- Midnight City), Gathering all the scenes so far.
There was a leaked photo of BvS on a shirt for the crew members, so I decided to recreate it as much as I could. Tell me what you guys think and I hope you all like it!
Still teaching myself ripping on me in the comments to no good to anyone...constructive suggestions however are helpful....

Clearly I got a little lazy towards the end haha
What if the Avengers went to war with the X-Men? Here is yet another Epic Trailer from Alex Luthor!
Ever dreamed about what if Star Wars clashed with DC & Marvel? Well here are 2 epic trailers!
From the guy that brought you the Epic Marvel vs DC trailers, comes an Epic Batman v Superman teaser. Enjoy...
My Fancast for a remake of Highlander
The live performance of the 2013 single with additional various footages that features the iconic emerald archer in TV, animation & video games.
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