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With secret identities not really an issue in the MCU and with neither Cap nor Tony being big fans of the establishment, just where will the conflict come from in Civil War? Read on for just one possibility...
What if Captain America: The Winter Soldier was filmed in the 70's/80's action movies.? Here's a look at what would an awesome 70's/80's Marvel trailer would look like!
Check it out after the jump to see a solo movie poster and a few other nice works of arts based on the amazonian warrior known as Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot.
Figured I'd post some of my art. Check it out!
Pure fan-fiction -- but Warner Bros. take notes. This is exactly the type of screenplay a Justice League film needs.
Multiple years into the future a crisis on our earth has sent the world's population into an abyss, is to blame and we are the only ones that can save it, by montage...I mean time travel.
New short featuring Morbius: The Living Vampire
The video of 2013 number one hit single with additional various footages of films featuring the iconic monster.
If you enjoy Dragon Ball Z And The Age Of Ultron Trailer Then Check This Out.
My version of the group of incarcerated super-villains who perform black ops missions with a low chance of survival in exchange for the possibility of a shortened sentence.
Check it out after the jump to see how a simple change of colors and a smooth artist can make Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice look even better!
Check out my fan made civil war poster...
We may not yet know who is on Marvel Studios' radar to star in its first female-led movie, Captain Marvel, but one fan has suggested actress Katheryn Winnick with quite an impressive visualization.
The video of the 1996-97 single with additional footages from the $2.7 billion dollar feature film franchise.
Check out this epic art after the jump to see what could be a preview for Batman's armor when facing Superman this coming 2016 in the most anticipated movie ever, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Happy Halloween to all of you!
My take on a proper reboot of the Halloween epic directed and co-written by John Carpenter.
The last couple of season endings for CW's Supernatural inspired me to adapt them to 2-page comics.
My "tributes" to this year inktober that includes a lot of Marvel/DC characters
Non-voice actor, mostly non-alien fancast of 2007's Bioware game...
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