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With Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently reaffirming that additional DC Comics Speedsters will show up in season 2 of The Flash, lets examine all of the possible candidates. Jay Garrick and Wally West are obvious, but what about Max Mercury?
Comic books make female superheroes look like pornstars, so surely the movies should do the same? After all, otherwise they're too "skinny" or "flat chested" according to some fans! Here, we fantasy cast ten fan-favourite characters, with adult film stars taking on the iconic roles...
To celebrate the long-awaited release of George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road, we're giving away a copy of the original trilogy (Mad Max, The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome) on Blu-ray. You know the drill by now, so click on to be in with a chance to win...
Season one of The Flash is in the books! The Flash Museum, Killer Frost, Jay Garrick and Rip Hunter were all referenced in some form or fashion in tonight's stellar finale. Did Flash have the best season finale of all comic book TV shows?
This week The Weekly Planet team are all about Mad Max: Fury Road! Plus we get into the new Supergirl trailer, Batman V Superman, Planet Of The Apes, DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, Underworld 5 and more! Hit the jump to support the show.
The Comic Book Show gives you your weekly fix of comic book news, reviews, previews, and discussion. Hosts Jen, Matt, Wes, and Lucas welcome Roger Craig Smith, the voice of Batman and Captain America, and make him put his characters in a battle to the death.
As The CW's Arrow prepares for unprecedented changes heading into Season 4, lets look back at an overlooked aspect of the superhero drama that definitely deserves praise - all the geektastic guest stars.
With The Rogue Cut due out this summer hit the jump to view the stunning Erin Tipple as fan favorite Rogue.
Just follow three simple steps to be entered to win these amazing prizes signed by voice actor Roger Craig Smith.
Daredevil might just be the greatest superhero TV show of all-time, but Marvel didn't exactly release much in the way of merchandise for the Netflix series. Thank goodness for SuperheroStuff.com then, as this amazing t-shirt featuring the Man Without Fear is a must for any comic book fan...
The season 3 finale of The CW's Arrow just wrapped, what did you think? Did the finale tie up all the lose ends and salvage what some have called a dip in quality or did the finale continue a downward trend for the show? Major Spoilers!
This week The Weekly Planet team are all about the original Mad Max movies and how some aren't... great. Plus, we get into casting details of Captain America: Civil War, the new Suicide Squad, new and returning Marvel and DC TV shows and more! Hit the jump to support the show.
The Comic Book Show gives you your weekly fix of comic book news, reviews, previews, and discussion. Hosts Jen, Matt, Wes, Michael, and Lucas welcome Daredevil actor Peter Shinkoda and pit his Netflix character, Nobu, against the TMNT's Splinter.
The first wave of reviews for Mad Max: Fury Road starring Tom Hardy have been overwhelmingly positive, and so let's celebrate that fact with a giveaway! Hit the jump for your chance to win this very cool take on some of the movie's greatest scenes by the world's best comic book artists...
The third installment to last year's wildly popular Game Of Thrones, NBA Edition (Game Of Zones) parody has arrived! Come check it out as more of your favorite NBA stars, including Steph Curry, Blake Griffin, Paul Millsap, James Harden, and LeBron James, travel to Westeros!
After enjoying the epic 13-hour first season of Daredevil, there's no better way to countdown the days until season 2 than with this awesome Daredevil costume T-shirt from SuperHeroStuff.com! Who knows, it may even help you land your own Night Nurse, Karen Page, or Elektra! Check it out!
Sequels sometimes surpass their predecessors and other times fail to come close to the original. How does Avengers: Age of Ultron match up to The Avengers? That's what we want to know, so hit the jump to cast your vote on whether the sequel is better, worse, or just the same...
Watch Mr. Sunday Movies' less popular friend, Bandit Incorporated and his less popular friend's even less popular friend do a spoilercast that honestly should have been done a week ago....Yay, Avengers
I'n not seeking penance for what I've done, I'm asking for forgiveness....for what I'm about to do.
Did the Avengers' version beat X-Men's?
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