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The most dreadful comic adaptations ever in one pleasant post! Enjoy.
Hit the jump to check out all the information you need to know about this year’s 2014 ComicBookMovie Awards! All the dates, Notes, and other thing you may want to know about will be in this article! Check it out after the jump!
We're throwing a quincenañera for this entry #15 of the HUY DINH art tribute as we keep on highlighting the artist's best work yet!
With ten DC Comics movies set to be released between 2016 & 2020 (12 if you count the new Batman & Superman movies in development), it's an exciting time to be a CBM fan! Hit he jump to cast your vote on which of these highly anticipated releases you're most looking forward to...
Also, No more F4 or X-Men comics?! And as always, a bit of wit and charm is sprinkled in. With a horrible Batman impression by Babs
Come on in and see why you're dead wrong.
From Batman V Superman, all the way to their last untitled film, hit the jump to check out a break down of all twelve of DC Entertainment's newly announced films in one info-graphic!
Universal's Dracula Untold finished in second-place last weekend with a solid debut. Hit the jump to check out some concept art that various artists created for the flick.
Annnnnd we're back. In this edition of CBM Tunes we pair a techno group/individual that no one has probably heard of up with the Merc with a mouth. Click the jump to take a look (listen).
A huge piece of news landed last night when it was revealed that Robert Downey Jr. has joined the cast of Captain America 3 to kick off a big screen adaptation of Civil War. With 2016 now set to feature Captain America v Iron Man AND Batman v Superman, we have to ask...which excites more?
No big geek-gathering is ever complete without cosplayers, and this past weekend's New York Comic Con was no exception. After the jump you can see the best, brightest, weirdest and wonderfulest outfits from the convention floor. The Johnny Depp character mashup is particularly awesome.
here a few music videos for cbm thought u guys might like: deadpool, winter solider, white ranger , flashpoint, spiderman and more ( UPDATED VIDEO WORKS NOW )
Chris Nolan's upcoming sci-fi film Interstellar has been screening for individuals outside of the studio for months. With only a few weeks left to go, here's the early word.
To celebrate the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in UK cinemas from October 17th, we're giving three lucky readers the chance to win an amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles goody bag which includes a back pack, pizza cutter, headphones and foam hand...
Guess they really were screwing with the wrong people. AMC's ever-popular zombie drama series returned last night with possibly one of its most bloody, tense and brilliant episodes to date. Click on for a recap and to share your thoughts of the season 5 première, "No Sanctuary".
Marvelites rejoice as entry Volume number 11 highlight's the MCU characters so check it out after the jump to see your favorites in art!
Entry number XX is here with even more art from the talented Huy Dinh, who has given us the best of our DC, Marvel & more heroes and villains. check it out after the jump!
Costume designer Bob Ringwood worked on Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992) and the third Batman film that Tim Burton was originally planning to direct, before Warner Bros. had him replaced with Joel Schumacher. Here's his 'Robin' concept art.
With the Nova Corps now established in the MCU it's only a matter of time until we see the Human Rocket hit the big screen. But what might he look like? Hit the jump to take a look...
Number 9 of the volumes is here as we take another great look at HUY DINH's art of our favorite heroes after the jump!
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