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After being approached by DC Comics, Dr. Tyson of the Hayden Planetarium located a red star to be the host star of DC's planet Krypton in the comics...
Hit the jump to see the fantastic Californian cosplayer, Holly Brooke, dressed as DC Comics' Black Canary. The character currently appears in CW's Arrow, played by Caity Lotz.
Following the mid-year 2 month break, CROSSOVER BATTLES 2014 is back with ROUND 2.

get ready to see the lovely butt kicking babe from the first half of the first season of sword art online in cosplay form after the jump.
Round 18 is here to fight off the Monday blues. Update included
Though some movie going audiences are getting sick of reboots there are some franchises that it seems are in dire need of a remake. Hit the jump for a video breakdown of three popular properties that we'd love to see again preferably sooner rather than later.
Hit the jump to see two assassin's from the hit game series brought to life in spectacular form from Othien Cosplay .
A Compilation of art,fan fic, memes and all around pics from Stephen Amell's(/ Olliver Queen, The Star of Arrow) facebook page and fan comments. Enjoy!
The sensational Arizonian cosplayer, Elizabeth Wither, dressed as an alternate version of Supergirl, based on the Superman: Red Son comic book created by Mark Millar ("Kick-Ass"). Also, come see her dressed as Marvel's Valkyrie and Ms. Marvel.
No Blu-ray this time, but hey, DVDs are classic like vinyl now...right? Anyway it's free, so shaddap! Marvel's excellent sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger will be available for home release on Sep 9. Click on to find out how you can win a copy.
With the new series of sailor moon crystal currently airing on crunchyroll hit the jump to see some cosplay of the sailor scouts.
We've seen quite a few of these already, and I'm sure we'll see quite a few more before an official trailer comes our way, but this fan-made effort from YouTuber Zelenks is pretty damn impressive indeed. Take a look after the jump..
Teth Adam will bring the Smackdown to Shazams candy ass on the big screen but for now don't be a jabroni enjoy this the people's art of The Great one as Khem Adam so you can smell what the rock is cooking.
The website, Comic Book Resources, have a feature, "The Line it is Drawn," which pairs artists with people providing suggestions. This week CBR wanted to know "What if Male Superheroes Had “Sexy” Variant Covers?" instead of female superheroes. Check it out.
Check out this great looking fan poster of the World's finest team in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie poster!
Marc Webb's TASM 2 did not go down too well with most fans or critics, and now the threequel has been pushed back to 2018. Still, word is Sony want Webb to complete his trilogy and no reboot is planned. Can this franchise be salvaged? Let us know what you want to see from it after the jump.
Round 17 is here just in time for the weekend
The man with the most convincing secret Identity ever, The Dark Knight & The Amazonian Warrior all unite...for a SDCC Inspired selfie, check it out after the jump to see the fan art.
The Point of Geeks' candid, monthly Media Roundup for the month of September. Featuring 6 films worth checking out this month.
I, CBM user T'Challa, have been anticipating the release of anything Avengers: Age of Ultron related when coming on this site. In particularly who is Andy Serkis playing in the Avengers sequel? He was shown in the SDCC teaser with a long beard and in a disguise. Hit the jump to see what I think it would be like if he revealed his character!
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