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That's right, we're not giving away just one DC Comics hardcover, but two! Those are Batgirl: The Batgirl of Burnside which gave the character a new costume and outlook, along with Grayson: Agents of Spyral which provided a very different status quo for Nightwing...
The Comic Book Show gives you your weekly fix of comic book news, reviews, previews, and discussion. Hosts Jen, Matt, Wes, Michael, and Lucas pit Black Panter up against a Predator. What are the results? Click to find out.
Before Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was conceived, WB very nearly moved ahead with a very different take on the two iconic DC characters. The project was cancelled but now you can see what it would have looked like in full including their fight with the incredible animation skills of Sean Willets!
After watching 11 Marvel Cinematic films, 4 infinity stones have surfaced and there are now just two more stones left to be found. Now with Captain America Civil War set for theaters next year which movie star Chris Evans claims sets up the road to Avengers Infinity War part 1 and 2 even though Chris Hemsworth as Thor from Avengers Age of Ultron had already set up that road just by mentioning the infinity stones to 8 of the 9 Avengers from that movie, there is a slight chance that the time stone (one of the last 2 remaining infinity stones) may show up in this movie and this article should explain why it would feature that stone.
There are many popular heroes in film that are so beloved, the studios will continue to spotlight them for years to come. However, the actors that play them won't be able to portray them for much longer. Who should the torch pass on to? My suggestions below!
The Hulk vs Hulkbuster fight effectively decertifies Hulk as the baddest and strongest being on the planet and makes him no match for Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.
It's an exciting time to be a comic book fan, with plenty of our favorite characters appearing across multiple media platforms. But can these different adaptations have a negative effect on one another - and which ones are the most important? Hit the jump for my take on the subject!
Many have criticised the BATMAN V SUPERMAN trailer for its seriousness and if you are one of those people, prepare to see the trailer in a much...different manner.
Following her debut in Captain America: The First Avenger, Hayley Atwell's Agent Peggy Carter quickly became, not only a fan favorite, but arguably the best female character Marvel has ever put on screen! Come check out photos from her gorgeous shoot with VVV Magazine now!
The Joe Johnston-directed Jurassic Park III effectively killed the franchise for 14 long years before Colin Trevorrow & Chris Pratt were able to finally resurrect it. If you enjoyed CinemaSins' take on The Lost World yesterday, you'll probably enjoy watching their take on JP3 too. Come check it out!
The novel The Lost World: Jurassic Park was a worthy sequel to the original Jurassic Park novel... The movie? Eh, not so much. Even though CinemaSins has proven to be a little more miss than hit lately, their take on The Lost World may be worth a watch. Come check it out!
In our first episode, we talk about sidekicks from the different realms of comics. From Robin to Bucky and back to Robin again, we talk about how not all sidekicks are second rate and not just for kids anymore. There are SPOILERS for various comics and movies. Enjoy.
Looks like those folks over at 'How It Should Have Ended' are at it again! Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron hit theatres just over a month ago, and the HISHE crew have put together another great parody video - focusing on James Spader's villainous 'Ultron'. Hit the jump to check it out!
A couple of nights back we found out the names of the six actors (well, unless they decide to go a different direction that is) that are in line to nab the highly sought after role of Sony and Marvel's new Wall-Crawler. Which one do you think best suits those webshooters?
The Comic Book Show gives you your weekly fix of comic book news, reviews, previews, and discussion. The show's hosts and crew take a break from their traditional show to bring you this LIVE X-Men script reading.
Deadpool is a Marvel anti-hero well known for breaking the fourth wall and Ryan Reynolds' disastrous turn as Green Lantern is definitely fertile grounds for Deadpool's wacky brand of humor. But will the Tim Miller directed feature have the cojónes to poke fun at a DC/WB property?
The Comic Book Show gives you your weekly fix of comic book news, reviews, previews, and discussion. But this week the hosts and crew take a break to bring you this epic something...
"Heroes Don't Get Any Bigger" - Check out Rob Csiki's latest work which serves as a much better poster for the forthcoming Ant-Man movie than what was officially released by Marvel/Disney.
The "And We Run (The Flash “Live” Video Mix)" by Within Temptation feat. Xzibit TRAILER!!
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