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Read what Steve Rogers has to say about...breakfast and his morning routine, after the jump.
We had a chance to participate in a round table interview with the Falcon star. So we dug right in and asked about the Black Panther rumors.
The acclaimed team behind DC's New 52 Flash title will be moving to Detective Comics and co-writer Brian Buccellato spoke about what their time on the series will entail. Check out a new 5-minute interview after the jump.
Another Daily Bugle viral from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been released. This one features an exclusive interview with Oscorp spokesman Donald Menken, played by Colm Feore in the film. He discusses the opening of their Electromagnetic Power Plant & more. Come check it out!
The voice actor, best known for his work on Naruto, Ben 10: Omniverse and Young Justice, talks about his hit web series Shelf Life and his approach to certain roles, check it out after the jump.
Adventure Time writer and collaborator Kate Leth spoke to my local newspaper about her online comic, 'Kate or Die!' as well as her work on the upcoming Adventure Time: Land of Ooo Graphic Novel, 'Seeing Red'. Hit the jump to check out the article!
Portland State University TV interviews from Wizard World Portland Comic-Con! Interviews include Genese Davis, Steve Oaks, Ivy Doomkitty and much more!
Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton talks to CBM about doubling for Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World, Channing Tatum in Jupiter Ascending and breaks down the training regiment he follows to stay at the top of the stunt profession.
I'm back with another interview. In this discussion writer John Layman looks back at his time on Detective Comics and clues us in on what's to come in the remaining issues of his "Gothtopia" arc. He also gives us some details about the forthcoming Batman: Eternal.
Come check out this exclusive interview with writer Charles Soule. In this conversation he discusses his work in DC titles Superman / Wonder Woman, Red Lanterns, and Swamp Thing, as well as indie title Letter 44.
Includes a Q & A session on the effects of the Young Justice Video Game, Cartoon Network's policies and CW's Rumoured Young Justice TV series.
7pm EST and more info after the jump. UPDATE Full Video
Former Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki talked about her experience as Wonder Woman, saying how she loved wearing the costume when filming the pilot and was devastated when she couldn't film more because the show was never picked up.
Author of the new Show Biography Marc Cushman and original show producer, writer, script coordinator John D.F. Black give us a behind the scenes look into their new book
Comic book writer Mark Waid talks with CBM about his work with Legendary Entertainment's Thomas Tull, Max Brooks (World War Z) and artist Shane Davis on Shadow Walk.
Hosted by quick-witted Chris Hardwick, The Walking Dead after show Talking Dead is a "must-see" each week. We got a chance to chat with him on Thor's red carpet at the Hollywood premiere.
Tom Hiddleston (Loki) discusses Thor: The Dark World, returning to Asgard and the Marvel Universe, the fans love of Loki, the differences between the two films and more!
Hemsworth sat down to speak about his return to Asgard, and the real-life parallels between himself and the mighty superhero. Hit the jump to see his thoughts on the movie.
Sarah Michelle is an up and coming actress and model. Jump on the bandwagon and get to know her with this exclusive interview before she starts populating your DVD shelf.
I wrote a review on I Spit On Your Grave 2 last month that resonated with the films writer. Resulting in an interview. A few conversations were had about the project and its future, this is one of the questions that came up during. Hit the jump for more.
The timeless Lynda Carter is synonymous with the iconic Wonder Woman of the hit '70s TV show. The character has failed to be rebooted for the big screen time and time again in a very high-profile way, and Lynda tells ET, "They miss the point of Wonder Woman."
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