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CBM was given the chance to interview Battlestar Galactica actor Richard Hatch, regarding his new short film project by Wayside Creations for debut on Machinima Prime; adapting the popular online F2P game--Loadout. Hit the jump for more!
Tonight Mike, James & Mike Borg9 talk Comics, Games & Horror. Stink Fist returns on Twitch playing Destiny over our broadcast. Win a FREE t-shirt from JKA (Jedi Knight Academy) by getting our movie quote correct at 8:30pm est. Sifu Cliff is calling in tonight to talk about Expo9 a martial arts/comic con. So call in at 201-580-3712
Based on the Hellblazer comic from Vertigo, NBC's Constantine is one of those shows that improves from episode to episode. In this excerpt from an exclusive interview, series star Matt Ryan talks about the show and his character.
CBM had a random, yet completely welcome, opportunity to interview one of the world's best visual effects supervisors in the industry—Dan Lemmon, of WETA Digital. He's responsible for bringing to life some of the most groundbreaking films of the last 20 years. Hit the jump for more!
We recently had the chance to talk to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves, and he shares his thoughts about why motion capture performances should be viewed the same way as live-action ones come awards season, his interest in superhero movies, the sequel, and much more...
The Point of Geeks interview the director of the award-winning film, "Legend of the Knight.' Which explores the impact of Batman and how he has inspired lives.
We recently had the chance to catch up with Jonathan Hennessey about his new Legendary Comics series with Superman: Earth One artist Shane Davis, Epochalypse, a story set in a world where the future is a thing of the past, and the battle for the present has begun...
Mark Waid talks to us about the launch of the third volume of Insufferable on his digital comics platform Thrillbent and weighs in on whether he wants to return to Fantastic Four, the Daredevil Netflix series, his thoughts on two actors playing The Flash, S.H.I.E.L.D. and more...
After receiving millions of views on YouTube and widespread critical acclaim, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist is being released on DVD and Blu-ray. Here, we talk to Joey Ansah about that, as well as whether he's interested in Black Panther and his desire to reboot the X-Men faithfully...
Alex de Campi pioneered the digital comics movement in 2009 when she released Valentine across numerous platforms and in multiple languages/territories. The Eisner Award nominee has re-released Valentine on Thrillbent and Comixology. Learn more after the jump!
I had an opportunity to sit and chat with legendary artist and comic book industry icon, Neal Adams at Wizard World recently. Hit the jump for the interview.
I had the opportunity this weekend to chat with Optimus Prime himself, the legend Peter Cullen. We discuss Transformer G1 fans, the live action films, heroes, villains and more. Check it out!
EF Here at Wizard World Richmond, Virginia, and I've had a wonderful chance to sit with one of my favorite Comic Illustrators and filmmakers, Rob Prior. I got to spend time with him throughout the event, so hit the jump for our wild conversations.
In an interview with The Sunday Times, Ben Affleck reveals that Batman has a primary character flaw of "rage", saying that he shares the same character flaw. Click for more...
EF Here at Wizard World Richmond, Virginia, and I've had a wonderful chance to sit with an amazing filmmaker working his way through the insane world of Hollywood to get his movies made. Hit the jump for our wild conversation.
EF Here at Wizard World Richmond, Virginia, and last night I had a wonderful chance to sit with one of my favorite people, Lou Ferrigno, the Hulk himself. Hit the jump for some tidbits of our first conversation.
Nate Best sits down with the Director & Producers of the new TMNT film to chat about Megan Fox, Turtle comics, the danger of attending screenings, sequels & more! They even threw us an Easter Egg to find!
CBM President Nate Best talks with Dennis Haysbert, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For's "Manute", about the film, comics and more. Discover which comic heroes and villains Dennis wants a crack at and why he's one of the coolest guys in Hollywood!
In the second part of this exclusive interview, the author talks about his graphic novel adapted as a feature film, Peyton Reed as a director, and licensing Beatles songs
Graphic novel author talks the Beatles, going from Broadway to writing comics
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