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EXCLUSIVE: X-MEN: DOFP ROGUE CUT Image & Tickets To SDCC 2015 Fan Screening!
We've got an exclusive image from Fox for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past Rogue Cut to share with you, PLUS tickets for 10 lucky CBM users and their friends to attend the exclusive fan screening of the film at next month's San Diego Comic-Con!
FEATURE: A Guide To DC's Cinematic Universe
San Diego Comic-Con's highly anticipated DC panel is almost upon us, so before any more big reveals render my thoughts & speculation on the matter obsolete, I thought I'd share an extensive list of things I expect out of the DCCU. Come check it out!
LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win A Limited Edition BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT PlayStation 4 Console
To celebrate the release of Batman: Arkham Knight on PlayStation 4 on June 23rd, we have a Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Knight PlayStation 4 Bundle featuring a unique PlayStation 4 system in Steel Grey and a copy of the game to give to one lucky reader. Hit the jump for your chance to win!
OFFICIAL: Marvel Studios Reveal The Star And Director Of SPIDER-MAN
Well, it's about time too! Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have today announced the star and director of their upcoming Spider-Man reboot, and you can find all of the details right HERE! Hit the jump for those, comments form Kevin Feige, and much more...
GIVEAWAY: Two Copies Of Sean Penn's THE GUNMAN Up For Grabs!
Universal is rocking it in the theaters with Jurassic World and we've partnered with them to give two lucky winners copies of two-time Academy Award winner Sean Penn's The Gunman on Blu-ray! Hit the link to find out how to win!
Jared Leto Sent Gifts To Fellow SUICIDE SQUAD Cast Members
Jared Leto is known to be a method actor and after the jump get to read a bizarre story of just how far Leto went to let the cast and crew know he's not only in character, but ready to tackle The Joker.
Why The Reactions To The SPIDER-MAN Casting Don't Matter
Today, we received news that the search for an actor for Marvel's Spider-Man reboot is over: Tom Holland has landed the job. Naturally, people responded, and there was a lot of negativity thrown around. Come check out what DrDoom has to say about it.
RUMOR: Chris Terrio To Write And Ben Affleck To Direct THE BATMAN For 2018 Release
A new report has surfaced which reveals more about Warner Bros.' plans for the Caped Crusader to star in his own movie, and they're very exciting indeed. Meanwhile, we also have details on the big idea Fox has for the Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises in 2018 as well...
DrDoom's Top Ten Characters He Wants To See In The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Since his Spider-Man editorial seemed to be liked by pretty much everyone (no, seriously), DrDoom is trying his hand again at prescribing the future by listing off the Marvel characters that he would most like to see make their theatrical debut in Phase Three and beyond. Check it out!
I’ve Got Issues: The Xmen Movies
First article, and it is about a topic that is no stranger to this site, the Xmen film series. At this point everyone has an opinion on this franchise. Today I give my thoughts on this franchise, and tell you why it should die already.
Ben Affleck is Batman and in eight months and twenty-five days, the world will get to see his interpretation of the iconic Dark Knight. A new Instagram video has surfaced featuring the Academy Award-winner giving us a sneak peek at his version of the Batman voice. Come check it out!
Sith Lord Wish List : Stars We'd Love To See Join The Dark Side
Wish list compiled of 5 Stars who could easily portray Sith Lords in a Star Wars movie.
Olivia Munn Demonstrates Her Impressive 'Psylocke' Sword Skills For X-MEN: APOCALYPSE
It seems Olivia Munn has "learned some new tricks" for her upcoming role as the telepathic, highly skilled mutant Betsy Braddock/Psylocke in Bryan Singer's latest X-Men movie. The actress has posted a video to her Instagram page, showing off her pretty damn awesome skills with a katana...
RUMOR: GREEN LANTERN Reboot To Focus On 'Hal Jordan', 'John Stewart', And More
There's been a lot of speculation about which human member of the Green Lantern Corps the 2020 reboot should focus on, but how does ALL OF THEM sound? Hit the jump for the latest details on that and some spoilery info on how Hal Jordan will factor into 2017's Justice League movie...
Warner Bros debuts Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad footage at CineEurope trade show
It looks like the odds fans will be shown trailers for Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad at Comic-Con have increased.
Watch The Evolution Of IRON MAN's Marvel Cinematic Universe Armor In One Amazing Gif
Iron Man's armours tend not to last more than a single movie, and Tony Stark has sported a number of different looks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. Now, a 30 second gif goes through each and every single one of them, and seeing how the suit has evolved might just blow your mind...
Time Warner CEO Claims BATMAN v SUPERMAN Is 2016's Most Highly Anticipated Movie
At an annual shareholders meeting today, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes made some bold claims about Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, while also talking bout the upcoming DC Comics slate; will we be getting more than those already announced? Read on for details...
Kevin Feige Reveals SPIDER-MAN, GOTG2, DOCTOR STRANGE & THOR 3 Production Dates
There have been plenty of details from Marvel president Kevin Feige recently, and today he has discussed the commencement of shooting on a number of Phase Three projects; plus, get an update on the production of Captain America: Civil War.
More From Kevin Feige On Marvel's PHASE 3, 'Hulk' In CIVIL WAR, And 'Big Reveals' In GOTG 2
Teasing "big reveals" in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel and a "simple story" in Captain America: Civil War, Kevin Feige also reveals when we should find out who will be directing Thor: Ragnarok.
Kevin Feige Offers New Details On 'BLACK PANTHER' Role In CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR
Revealing whether or not T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) will actually be the Black Panther when we meet him in Captain America: Civil War, among other things, check out the latest from Kevin Feige