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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will hit retailers tomorrow on Blu-ray and DVD. To celebrate we have a HUGE toy giveaway that one lucky Turtles fan will win! CLICK HERE to find out what's up for grabs!
It's nearly Christmas, and do we have one heck of a gift for two lucky readers! If you fancy getting your hands on a Guardians of the Galaxy goodie bag which contains everything from the Blu-ray to your own dancing Groot, hit the jump to enter and make this an out of this world holiday season...
RUMOR: Marvel And Sony To Talk SPIDER-MAN Next Year; Kevin Feige Wants Avi Arad GONE
A new report claims that a meeting will take place between Marvel Studios and Sony early next year, with Spider-Man making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut shortly after if things work out. However, Kevin Feige is determined to make some behind-the-scenes changes...
Marvel Studios/Sony SPIDER-MAN Deal Could Still Happen; New Details Revealed
According to a new report, that Marvel Studios/Sony deal might still be in the works, so don't count Spider-Man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe just yet! Hit the jump for details on how it might come together, Sony's stance on the crossover, that rumoured female led spin-off, and more...
SPIDER-MAN: New Details Leaked of What Marvel has Planned for a Solo Spider-Man Film
Seems Marvel is tired of the over-the-top romance and drama of the Sony installments and plans to wipe the slate clean if they were to make new Spider-Man films.
EDITORIAL: Ranking The ‘Big 5’ Comic-Book TV Shows’ Fall 2014 Performances
With the holidays swiftly approaching, most network TV shows have hit their winter break. So how have Arrow, Agents Of SHIELD, Constantine, The Flash & Gotham been doing so far? And what is the best comic-book show on TV at the moment? Hit the jump to find out…
EDITORIAL: How Should SPIDER-MAN Be Handled In The MCU?
In the last few weeks, it’s been revealed that Marvel and Sony may come to a deal regarding Spider-Man appearing in Civil War and given his own new trilogy. How should this be handled? Should the ASM continuity stick? Click the jump to read BatmanHeisenberg’s possible solutions!
After nearly 7 months of shooting, it's been officially confirmed that the highly anticipated "Man of Steel" followup has wrapped filming. Hit the jump to check it out!
Warner Bros. Finally Cast 'Amanda Waller' For David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD
A number of names first emerged when the cast was officially announced, and now according to a new report, it looks like David Ayer's 2016 adaptation of DC Comics property Suicide Squad has found its Amanda Waller! Who will it be? You can find out right here...
First Official (?) Image Of Ben Affleck's BATMAN v SUPERMAN Suit...In Color!
We've seen a lot of fan-made renditions of this, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder's "Cruel and Unusual" production label have seemingly released an official image of the Caped Crusader which shows off the clearly Jim Lee inspired colours it's using...
EDITORIAL: Why The Interview Cancellation Matters; Why it Sets Precedence over Cinema’s Future
The release of The Interview(or lack thereof) has been quite the controversial topic in these last few weeks, and due to some serious threats, Sony has cancelled The Interview. I think this has some very serious repercussions we need to consider. Click the jump to read BatmanHeisenberg’s article!
SauronsBANE's Top 5 Sci-fi Movies of 2014
As 2014 just about draws to an end, join SauronsBANE as he takes a look back at the year that was and ranks the highlights of the sci-fi genre. Did your favorite movie make the cut? Hit the jump to find out!
Mark Hamill Will Play 'The Trickster' On THE FLASH
If that sounds familiar, it's because the Star Wars: The Force Awakens legend previously played the role in the short-lived The Flash CBS series back in the '90s! Hitfix report that Hamill will once again play James Jesse, aka the Trickster, in the CW's take on the Scarlet Speedster.
Joss Whedon: AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Is About Being 'Strong But Damaged By Power'
Hit the jump and check out the latest from Joss Whedon on his Avengers sequel via set reports, in which the director talks the Hulk, Ultron, and "Frankensteins" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Pasto Gives a Rousing Speech to The CBM Community
Lately I've noticed the morale of the CBM community hit an all time low. So I wanted to give a speech to the troops. Show them that we never give up, no matter how hard it gets.
EDITORIAL: Today We Mourn Our Fallen CBM Brothers In The Hall Of Shame...
Last night, this site experienced a catastrophic event. Fellow regular commenters, trolls and McGees were struck down one by one as new reforms to the Hall Of Shame were brought in. But it was never Nate's work. There was something far more sinister going on all along...
Major BATMAN v SUPERMAN Details On Batman's Role, Doomsday Battle, And Much More
SPOILER ALERT! After the jump, you'll find out details on how Batman plays into the opening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Clark Kent and Lois Lane's relationship, Superman's attitude ("I won't snap your neck..."), and how the fight with Doomsday plays out!
EDITORIAL: Why SPIDER-MAN Can't Survive Without The Marvel Cinematic Universe
There's been a lot of talk about the Spider-Man franchise, but regardless of how you look at it, it seems fair to say that only Marvel Studios can save this iconic Marvel superhero from receiving the same fate as characters like Ghost Rider and The Punisher. Here's my in-depth take on why that is...
Character Names From STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Revealed
It's so nice to finally put a name with a face! Entertainment Weekly has just released retro images of the characters from the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. These images include the names of the characters. Come check them out.
Insanely Good New Full-Length Trailer For MAD MAX: FURY ROAD
A brand new, full-Length trailer for George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road has been unleashed. See Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception) give a lot of very bad people a very bad day as the Road Warrior, Max Rockatansky, after the jump.