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How does the new live action Attack on Titan live up to the source material?

Find out here! - Dandy
CW's Vixen series has finally launched via CW Seed! I go into a (mildly spoilerific) review of the show's first episode, so click the jump for a verdict on how the show's pilot measures up! - Gutspinner
AMC's newest TV prequel is one that fans were NOT asking for. FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, the prequel to the number one show on basic cable, THE WALKING DEAD. After much speculation on how well the show will live up to its big brother, yesterday saw the premier episode. How well did the show do exactly? - MisterHolmes
The latest entry in the Fantastic Four franchise may have came out two weeks ago. Nonetheless, this movie was such a train wreck that I felt the need to add my two cents. - AvatarTarSauce
By now everyone knows that this movie has bombed at the box office, and that all critics and general audience members alike are destroying this movie worse than the movie itself has destroyed Doctor Doom. I decided to give it a shot after being hesitant. It can't be that bad, right? - MisterHolmes
The three major comic book films of 2015 have been released, so it's time to take a look and see what this year had to offer us. Could the films be as good as 2014's? - Darkknight2149
Dragon Ball does it again! Resurrection 'F' not only brings back super-baddie Frieza but makes the DBZ franchise current again connecting last year's Battle of Gods with an all-new series yet to air in the U.S. entitled Dragon Ball Super. (Recent reports have Super lacking in the animation department, but we will see how that progresses.) - thecbguys
Is Fantastic Four (2015) really Fantastic or just a Fantastic Fart? - SexyMatt
Just as I make peace with the fact that this won't be the Jack Kirby spectacle I long desire, Bruce Wayne stands up, clinks his glass, and sarcastically thanks me for coming here tonight and drinking all his booze. - thecbguys
Fantastic Four took a beating this weekend with low opening numbers and underwhelming critical reviews. Was it really that bad? Did fandom and mainstream both universally dislike this film? And was it ultimately not worth going to see at the theater? - efcamachopmp
With all the "hype" is it good? Is it bad? Are there any redeeming qualities? After the jump! - DocFry
This is the one you've all been waiting for. MrFantastic gives his two cents' worth on Josh Trank's ''Fantastic Four'' reboot. In what areas does the film struggle, and, if possible, where does it succeed? Where does the film go wrong? Find out here! - MrFantastic
The 4th Fantastic Four film was just released, but was it the 4th failure? Nope, because after watching this the 1994 film isn't looking that bad. Check out my spoiler-free (or spoiler-filled, nothing really happens in this movie anyway) review after the jump! - Abary
Wow. We had a winning streak for years that didn't feature a CBM that completely raped everyone's expectations. Thank you, Fox! - sonofsamadams
It's the one you've been waiting for! DrDoom finally gives his full, spoiler-filled verdict on Josh Trank's Fantastic Four film. I certainly hope you have some time on your hands, cause this one's a doozy . . . . - DrDoom
Is Fantastic Four 2015 worth spending money on? Find out here! - Doom303
It's been eight years since Marvel's First Family last showed up on the big screen. So how does this reboot of a long-troubled franchise fare? Hit the jump for my spoiler-free review. - CaptainObvious
Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot hits theaters this weekend, and critics have not been kind - In fact, the movie currently holds a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Does it deserve such a sound pasting? Actually... not really. Click on for my take, which does include some SPOILERS... - RorMachine
With the release of the latest iteration in the Fantastic Four franchise imminent, I've decided to take a look-back on the previous installments. To wrap up this brief retrospective, here is my review of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. - CaptainObvious
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