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What i thought about the newest Netflix/Marvel Show - SpideySFCU
Glenn's fate is revealed plus various tensions grow within the walls of Alexandria! - failwhale34
Livewire arrives on the scene as Supergirl bonds with Cat Grant. Does the show's mediocrity continue? - Darkknight2149
Sexy Matt talks about the in the final movie in the Hunger Games franchise. Does it end the series well or fall flat. Let's hope the odds are in our favor. - SexyMatt
Sexy Matt watch the entire series in one sitting. He tells how he felt about the series as a whole and how it compares to other 2015 Marvel offerings. - SexyMatt
Having recently read STAR WARS: AFTERMATH and STAR WARS: LOST STARS, I present to you my reviews of the novels that have sought to pave the way to STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS... - Darkknight2149
What does Hulksta think of Jessica Jones, Marvel's second outing on Netflix? Well the Spoiler-laden verdict is in, so read on to find out. - Hulksta
The last installment of the Hunger Games has finally arrived, but how was it? - neihofft
Jessica Jones has been in development for quite some time, but it's finally here. How does Marvel's second Netflix outing fare? Having watched the entire season in one sitting (yes, really), CBM's DrDoom is ready to present his spoiler-free verdict! Check it out! - DrDoom
The finale in The Hunger Games film series has arrived, but is Mockingjay Part 2 a fitting conclusion to the saga? Hit the jump for a review of Jennifer Lawrence's latest, and find out whether or not you should check out Katniss Everdeen's last push against The Capitol. - MrSundayMovies
Arrow-Season 4-Episode 5-"Haunted" Review by hweird1 - hweird1
The Walking Dead-Season 6-Episode 4-"Here's Not Here" Review by hweird1 - hweird1
The Flash-Season 2-Episode 5-"The Darkness and the Light" Review - hweird1
Arrow-Season 4-Episode 6-"Lost Souls" Review by hweird1 - hweird1
As The Force Awakens looms ever closer upon us, I thought it would be a good time to share my thoughts on Tarkin - Written by James Luceno. A novel that details the life of the legendary character from the original film. - OptimalFBax
The Walking Dead-Season 6-Episode 5-“Now” Review by hweird1 - hweird1
The Flash-Season 2-Episode 6-"Enter Zoom" Review by hweird1 - hweird1
Reactron and Maxwell Lord make their debut as Supergirl struggles to differentiate herself from her more iconic cousin. Does this week's episode improve upon the flaws of what has come before? - Darkknight2149
Hulksta reviews the 24th film in the long standing James Bond franchise. How does it hold up? Is Hinx a good villain? Is Cristoph Waltz Blofeld? Read on to find out. - Hulksta
Andrew "Lashes" out, Fitz gets emotional and HYDRA is still everywhere... like damn ants! Check out my review. - boboMELOSHE
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