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When a Murderous family of interdimensional creautures called The Inheritors began hunting and feasting on the lifeforces of Spider-people from across the multiverse, it fell to Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man, to lead his fellow Spider-Men and women to victory. One Inheritor leeched some of Spider-Man's lifeforce and, as a result, Peter now feels especially exhausted.
However Peter's spirits could not be higher. After literally leading an army against certain doom, he's sure he can lead his company, Parker industries, to a successful future.
Hit the jump to see what went down on the first day of the Comic-Con St. Louis weekend and what's still to come. Also, check to see if we got your amazing outfits on camera!
So the pilot episode for 'Supergirl' was leaked online in the early hours of the morning. After spending a fair while trying to get my laptop to actually load, I sat down and watched it. Here are my thoughts-but beware of spoilers!
For those of you too morally upstanding to stream the 'Supergirl' pilot, here is my review. It includes only very minor spoilers and will hopefully reassure fans going into the show feeling nervous.
After watching 'Age of Ultron' 4 times in its first two weeks I thought it fitting to give my thoughts, as they are plenty.
Check out my review of Avengers: Age of Ultron

Is it Worthy?
After a thirty year absence the Mad Max franchise returns to the big screen with the original director and Tom Hardy in the lead role. Hit the jump for Mr Sunday's spoiler free review of Mad Max: Fury Road and why you should check out potentially the best blockbuster of 2015.
The PROS AND CONS of Arrow!!!
It's Inhumans vs Humans in the finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season two.The special two hour finale was filled with action, twists, and wrapped up this hectic season. Here the spoiler review
Check out why Secret Wars Issue #1 isn't as good as it's predecessor and how if your just getting into comics this isn't the issue to start out on. You may be better off picking up DC's Convergence! Hit the jump to find out why!
One of the best comics of the year may not be the comics you come to expect and Ant-Man is no exception find out why issue #5 is so amazing! Forget Secret Wars and jump into the tiny world of Ant-Man!
Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts is the new animated feature from DC but is it worth sitting down with and watching? How does it stand up against other features? Just hit the jump for a spoiler free review!
LEVITIKUZ proclaims "if the Avengers movies were pizza, The Avengers would be New York Style while Avengers: Age of Ultron wouldn't be a pizza as good as New York but wouldn't be a pizza as bad as Chicago Style pizza". Click to read his in-depth analysis of Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Was Avengers: Age of Ultron better than its smash hit predecessor, Avengers, or did it disappoint? Read on for my spoiler-free review of Avengers: Age of Ultron.
This week's episode made us pee our pants by completely unveiling one of the most physically terrifying villains in the DC universe...Gorilla Grodd! BUT was the episode bearing this legend's name any good? Hit the jump to find out!
My first article! And short reviews for Marvel movies I believe aren't up to par.
Let's talk about the Avengers' new movie: Age of Ultron. We're talking about the good and the bad. (Spoiler Free)
The sequel to 2012's box office phenomenon is here. What did I think? Hit the jump for my spoiler free review of Avengers: Age of Ultron to find out!
The Onion strikes again with this amusing satirical review of Marvel hit, Avengers: Age of Ultron. It does make one wonder why they didn't use more super heroes.
One of our contributors was lucky enough to have attended the red carpet premiere of this documentary. Was the movie any good? What did we learn about Tim Burton's failed Superman film? Find out after the jump!
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