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Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez have reunited to bring Miller’s “Sin City” graphic novels back to the screen after being away for almost a decade. New stories, new characters and new actors... Is A Dame To Kill For able to bring it all together? Read my review to find out!
An avid comic book reader of both Marvel and DC, who is unbiased toward all movie studios, ranks and reviews this year's batch of Marvel adaptations...
A late review of the long anticipated entry in Marvel's Cinematic Universe... Does it hold up... Is it too wacky... Is it wacky enough?... WTF is a Raccoon doing there?...
Obviously I'm late on this, but now that I've finally seen it, I can share my thoughts on Marvel's riskiest film to date. So, is it any good? Check out my review of Guardians of the Galaxy after the jump to find out!
Original Sin #7 sets the stage for an epic conclusion to one of Marvel's best events in the last few years, with Cap and the Avengers battling it out with Old Nick Fury, and a cliffhanger that alludes to one final bombshell to be revealed in the finale. Hit the jump for the full review!
Superman/Wonder Woman #11 continues the epic battle between the Justice League and Brainiac, but when the gang realizes they're outmatched, Superman and Wonder Woman decide it's time to get some extra fire power from unlikely sources. Hit the jump for the full review!
Although Otto Octavius is no longer the Superior Spider-Man, he has still managed to become quiet a key part of Spider-Verse. Here is how.
Captain America #23 sees Ian Rogers reunited with "Old Man" Rogers as the two, along with the rest of the Avengers try to prevent Zola from taking over the earth. Hit the jump for the full review!
How bad is the art of John Lucas in Deadpool #33? See for yourself as we provide you this Video Review of the latest Deadpool Comic.
The Expendables are back in an all new and this time PG-13 rated adventure! And all your favourites return, Stallone, Statham, Schwarzenegger...Lutz. Hit the jump for Mr Sunday's review and why you'd forgiven for giving this one a miss.
Join us as we look inside the New Suicide Squad. Why are these villains running around loose? Where are Batman, Robin, and the other heroes when bad guys like these are out and about?
Welcome to the first episode of Comic Review Round-Up, a short, weekly podcast where I review comics that I didn't have time to make individual video reviews for. This week I'm reviewing: Grayson #2, Batman Eternal #18, Rocket Raccoon #2, Legendary Star-Lord #2, and Hulk vs. Iron Man #4
Mark and Kristian are big fans of the heroes in a half-shell, but what did they make of this latest reboot which has received a pretty sound thrashing from most critics? There's also a handy vid detailing the origins of all of the characters, just in case you need a refresher.
You’d think that people would grow tired of the concept – bunch of guys shoot another bunch of guys and things blow up – but it appears society’s appetite for destruction is one that can never be satisfied.
So, is Hulk vs. Iron Man #3 worth the wait? How hard can they hit each other? Should Tony Stark be afraid? Find out in our video review of this Original Sin comic.
So, is Hulk vs. Iron Man #3 worth the wait? How hard can they hit each other? Should Tony Stark be afraid? Find out in our video review of this Original Sin comic.
Dragonball Z: BATTLE OF GODS is the eighteenth animated feature based on the Dragonball franchise. It does hold the status of being the only feature that directly connects to Dragonball Z‘s 291 original episodes, taking place during the end of Dragonball Z‘s animated series run.
Following the mild success of my last review, I've decided to make a weekly series of film reviews. This is the second this week, and on a Monday, however, it will be on Fridays from now on. Regardless, I've decided to revisit one of the best Marvel films of all time: IRON MAN.
If you've seen the trailers you have seen the movie. But that's not necessarily a bad thing! Hit the jump for more details...
My first post explains why we should all be scared for the inevitable TMNT sequel.
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