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"There's a lot of good actors in this movie, it's just...shit!" In their latest edition of "Half In The Bag", Mike, Jay and Rich Evans give their take on Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man sequel and Wally Pfister's directorial debut, Transcendence. They also take a few swipes at recent CBMs in general!
I finally had the chance to see the movie in theaters. As a lifelong Spider-Fan, what did I think of it? Does the movie live up to its title? Read on as I review the different aspects of the film. SPOILERS AHEAD.
Unable to keep up the long streak of incredible episodes, 'Ragtag' returns to some of the issues found in the seasons earliest entries. The penultimate episode does have its redeeming qualities however, come check out this weeks review of AoS episode 21!
Some of my first impressions of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Take a look at my first review for CBM. This week I'll be reviews the controversial The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Directed By Marc Webb, and starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Jamie Fox.
Spoilers ahead, if you care.
Find out what TASM2 does better than any comic book film yet, even when failing, as we discuss Mr. Freeze's puns, socially inept nerds, and Sony's BIG problem.
So I wasn't going to do a review for this movie, but then I just said the hell with it. So, uh... yeah, check out my review after the jump I suppose (A few minor Spoilers throughout)....
These are the moments that stood out from last night's revealing episode of the epic series Game of Thrones. Take a look at my quick review of First of His Name.
Director Marc Webb has managed to create a compelling, fun and over the top comic book movie while maintaining deep emotion and character development. Click to find out how and read my review of The Amazing Spiderman 2!
My in-depth opinion on the newest Spider-man installment.
Legendary, great, average, bad, or disastrous?
This film has sparked some debate and here are my thoughts with out spoilers. THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW. You are safe.
I had very low expectations, so I really wasn't looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man follow up. So is it better or worse than the first outing? Hit the jump and check out my review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 .
The Paul Verhoeven directed Robocop which starred Peter Weller in the title role is a sci-fi master-piece and will always be remembered as such. Despite bad sequels and poor television adaptations, the original's reverence and influence on the genre can never be denied. A recent attempt to revitalize the franchise didn't fare as well as hoped when the Robocop remake hit theaters to mixed reviews. More negative than positive. Most, good or bad, always compared the 2014 interpretation to the original 1987 classic. The following review will judge the film on it's own merit and will not be compared to the original.
If you hated the movie you will really like this video
Come check out my thoughts on Spidey's newest big screen adventure. And it's spoiler-free too so don't worry if you've not seen it yet!
Here is my take on Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, hit the jump to read the review!
My thoughts on Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
The movie just came out yesterday, and it feels like I am the last person on this site to see it...go figure.
Yesterday I went to the AMC premiere of TASM2. Was the film worth it? Did it deliver? (Spoilers Ahead!)
Much like Man of Steel this movie has critics and fans alike split down the middle between absolutely loved and hated profusely, and rightfully so. In my case, I really wanted to like Man of Steel but in the end I couldn’t, the exact opposite could be said about this movie. Why is that?
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