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I was given a variety of books to review by Creature Entertainment Founder, artist, writer and editor Juan Navarro. Among those books was The Zombie Years. Hit the Jump for more on this In-Depth Review.
Following off the hot wheels of its successful reboot/predecessor, Webb and co. has cooked up a new sequel for our resident favorite webslinger. This time though, there are 3 villains for this film (technically) and new sub plots for Spidey to fight. So will this sequel match up with it's predecessor or will it be one of the worst comic book movies ever? Click the jump and find out my thoughts.
Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man sequel finally hits US theaters tomorrow. You know what we at CBM thought of the movie, but what about the lads over at the Schmoes Know Movies podcast? Check out their spoiler free video review after the jump.
AoS continues its impressive run into the season finale. 'Nothing Personal' offers the young series it's most intimate and personal episode thus far. With returning guest stars and some intriguing revelations this is one episode not to be missed. Check out my review below!
My quick thoughts and opinions on Zack Snyder being named the director of the Justice League Movie.
The first collection of the Robert Venditti era is in stores now! Find out what I thought of it in my latest review. Minor spoilers ahead...
I wasn't looking forward to this. I was hoping that this would bomb and the rights would revert back to Marvel. After watching this movie I take everything bad I said about this movie back.
The first United States reviews have started to weigh in, and among them there are the reviews of the Schmoes Brothers. Hit the jump to check out their take on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and learn what they think about people comparing it with the infamous Batman & Robin film!
I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 yesterday, and before I talk about it, I am going to give quickly my thoughts on each of the previous Spider-Man films. This review will contain no spoilers.
This weeks episode introduces us to the one and only cellist! Throw in a genuine super villain along with some inter team turmoil and you've got yourself one heck of an episode. Check out my review of episode 19, The Only Light in the Darkness below!
Coming off of a string of solid episodes, AoS continues its hot streak headed into the season finale. Check out my review of episode 18 (Providence) below!
The Amazing Spider-Man 2. My thoughts on the good, and of course the bad. And then there is "The Spoilers".
This week on Arrow, everything went down. Read on for my take on the episode!
UPDATED: After spending a little more time thinking about it, I have chosedn to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the movie. Here, HIGHFLYER will share his thoughts and opinions on one of the most anticipated movies of the year. (There are no movie breaking spoilers in here)
After having read many NEGATIVE reviews on this site, I was worried about how "Cheesy" and how "Stupid" some characters would be portrayed. I was still positive due to the fact most people on this site dislike The Amazing Spider-Man Reboot. Now that I have seen the film, here are my personal thoughts and what rubbed me the wrong way... This is my review!
There are alot of things being said about this movie. mostly good but some are bad. now ill give my 2 cents on the film...
Penny Palabras is a relentlessly creepy indie comic about a very troubled girl trapped in a supernatural cage of torment. This is my review of the just released penultimate issue of this six issue series.
The most infamous detractor of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise on, DrDoom, has seen the sequel. The moment of truth is at hand: what does this lifetime Spider-Man fan think of the sequel to one of his most hated films of all time? Read on for the final verdict!
This is my review of the not so amazing Spider-Man 2 there are several spoilers so read on at your own risk.
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