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Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing the latest installment of the Transformers franchise directed by Michael Bay. So did the rules really change or did the franchise fail to transform itself?
Check out the new Star-Lord Comic book and see what is inside. Do Rocket Raccoon and Groot show up? And what is it about that crazy ray gun that Star-Lord uses?
The challenge of creating a successful trilogy that is both cinematically praised, respectful to the comics, and successful at the box office.
Original Sin #5 is reviewed, and WOW, are there some surprising revelations inside. We avoid Spoilers, but we do comment on why this is a MAJOR comic book issue...Must read for Marvel/Nick Fury fans!
What is the Original Sin that gets The Thing sooooo mad? We won't say, since we don't do spoilers, but we do take a look inside this Fantastic Four book to show you the art as we discuss the storyline.
What is Rocket Raccoon up to now? Will he save the Princess? Will he get lucky with his date? And how is Groot doing? Learn all this and more, as we review this comic book for you...
Wolverine has been told he has three months to die. Death wants to kiss Logan full on...What is he going to do? Check out our video review of Wolverine #9:Three Months to Die.
With his run on "Moon Knight" Warren Ellis is reminding us all of the power of a great standalone issue.
Is CW's 'The Flash' worth all the hype surrounding it? I'm not sure it is.
...To smoke or not to smoke...
Fantastic Four #6 was a decent Original Sin tie-in with a pretty good cliffhanger, although there quite a few dramatic moments the writers missed that could've added to the story. Hit the jump for the full review.
Transformers: Age of Extinction is a pretty decent, mindless action flick, but anyone looking for story and substance should probably see something else. Hit the jump for the full review.
New Avengers #20 features the inter-dimensional battle of the century as the Great Society takes on the Iluminati in Jonathan Hickman's latest issue in the series. Hit the jump for a detailed review with no spoilers.
Here is a review for Transformers: Age of Extinction!
Also, if anyone is interested, here is my link to my Facebook Fan Page for Movie Reviews!
So I saw TF4 recently and finally decided to take sometime to give you my thoughts on the film. Click the jump to check them out.
For the latest installment of "Belser Movie Reviews", "The Belser" takes on Michael Bay's latest giant robot/summer explosion fest with Mark Wahlberg taking over for Shia Lebeouf. Does it get the Belser Seal of Approval or is it just another piece of Hollywood garbage? Check it out and see....
We're two issues deep into the "Dawn of X" crossover. Find out what I think of it so far in my latest review.
Turns out Kristian and Mark are not big fans of Michael Bay's previous 3 Transformers movies, but did the addition of a few quality actors, the promise of a "new direction", and some Dinobots sway them on the newly released fourth installment? Find out after the jump..
Love 'em or Hate 'em, Michael Bay continues to bombard audiences with his over-the-top Transformers films. Check out a couple different ways of looking at his latest entry in the series, Age of Extinction.
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