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Geoff Johns and an all-star team of artists have brought us the first collection of stories involving this new super team. Did this new take on a classic concept prove successful? Read on to see what I thought.
Vertigo's adaptation of the Quentin Tarantino film starring Jamie Foxx arrives in comic shops today. Read on to find out if the graphic novel was on target.
You've heard from us in regards to the highly anticipated Marvel sequel which opens this weekend in the US, but what did Mark and Kristian of The Schmoes Know Podcast make of it? Click on to find out in their latest video review.
I was a chubby little kid, so I got my fair share of bullying until I stretched out in high school. I was also molested by a male babysitter and introduced to hardcore bisexual pornography when I was eight, leading to a lifelong struggle with sexual addiction ever since losing my virginity while still in the 3rd grade – to a man. What does any of this have to do with Ender’s Game? Everything.
After recently viewing the highly-anticipated Thor - The Dark World I couldn't resist but to throw in my two-cents. How does it compete with the first installment? Has anything changed since the Avengers for our godly heroes?
I finally got to see one of the advance screenings of the highly anticipated Thor: The Dark World. Did it reach expectation? Does it deliver on what Marvel set out to do? Hit the jump and gain some of my initial perspective on this amazing upcoming entry into the MCU.
I review the premiere of the third season of the critically acclaimed American Horror Story. (WARNING! SPOILERS!)
A Middle of the Road review for Thor`s second outing on the big screen.
Check out my review of the second Phase 2 film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Thor The Dark World
This week a new Dark Knight rises, Luthors do battle, and Neil Gaiman returns to Sandman. Read on for my take on these three new comics from DC and Vertigo.
With Thor: The Dark World landing 10 days early in the UK, I give my two cents on the film itself
Thor: The Dark World currently has an 80% score on Rotten Tomatoes, so it's clear that the majority of reviews have so far been extremely positive. Well, as you may have guessed from the title, this is another! Hit the jump for my spoiler-free verdict of Alan Taylor's take on the God of Thunder!
Did the first year of The New 52 make you say "Joker, I miss your face?" Then pick up this book because you will not be able to mask your appreciation for Snyder and Capullo's latest masterwork.
A fitting title for the finale to my HEROES FROM HELL MONTH series, SPAWN: ARMAGEDDON.
The Dreamcast's sole SPAWN game is an arcade port that is certainly of its time, and not really fitting of the dark gothic nature of the character.
That glorious man with the Christopher Walken attitude reviews the recent remake of the 70's Horror classic. Is it just another remake by Hollywood or does it hold something greater? Read on to find out.
CBM USer Pharaoh's Thor: The Dark World spoiler free review. The movie its self takes place in much the same way the first Thor film did by switching between worlds throughout the narrative but this time on a far grander scale than previously seen.
Finally, the highly anticipated prequel to the most successful comic book video game franchise in history has been released -- but does it live up to its predecessors? Hit the jump to find out what Batmaniac made of the game.
Now that all the different factions have been fully exposed as who are the “true” future X-men and who are future Brotherhood of Evil mutants, lines in the sand are drawn and teams are assembled in part nine of the Battle of the Atom.
Issue #16 of Harbinger threw the reader for a loop as it was revealed Peter and his Renegades are prisoners trapped in their own physic prisons. Now it’s finally revealed what really happened after the battle in Las Vegas.
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