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Is it really, the Batman and Robin of the Spidey franchise? Read to find out....
...Damian Wayne...Rise...
Click on the jump to check out my thoughts on the Spidey sequel
Are you not hearing good things on the web? Is it a tangle of villains? Does it get stuck in its own web? The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released here in the UK on April 16th. Click the jump to find out whether the critics were right in my review for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
This review contains heavily spoilers and will ruin the film for you if you have not already seen that - however in order to talk about the film honestly spoilers are necessary. Please be aware that this contains spoilers...
Hit the jump to read a quick review of this highly anticipated sequel.
Hit the jump to find out what I thought of Spider-Man's latest outing !!!
Marc Webb's original endeavor into Sony's rebooted Spdier-Man franchise was met with a mixed reaction here on CBM, but will his second outing in the Friendly Neighborhood Hero's backyard go down any better? Can a campy comic book movie work? Hit the jump to find out!
Just in time for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, DK Publishing released an updated version of the Spider-Man Character Encyclopedia. Read on for my review...
As the sequel to one of the biggest comic book movie franchises is now right round the corner for US release, expectations are high. Did they meet mine? Click to find out!
"It's my birthday....time to light the candles!" is an actual piece of dialogue from Electro at one point in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, so while it may not be as bad as Batman & Robin, the comparison is very deserving. Hit the jump for my in-depth and spoiler-free verdict on the disappointing sequel.
Did they mean to split this into two films???
Here is my in-depth review of DC’s upcoming animated film Son of Batman. Read on after the jump to see my verdict on the newest addition to the DCAU, and leave your thoughts in the usual place.
A rambling review of Marvel's latest success. Is this the first challenger to The Avengers throne?
I think the general consensus on Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man was that it was a good movie, but a sequel definitely needed to improve on a number of things. Now with a bigger budget, new villains, and teases of a controversial plot point from the comics..did we get what we wanted? Click for my take.
It took some time, but I've finally decided to break into reviews with the first blockbuster hit of the year: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Is it really as good as everyone suggests? Hit the jump to find out!
Talking with the London based movie critics Boyd Hilton and Nigel Floyd this morning, the English actor joined them to review the film. Click the jump to find out what The Governor think of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, beware the spoilers.
Behold, my first review of a graphic novel from Archie Comics! Read on to find out what I thought of this massive anthology...
Ndwwrestler2's first (and late) review to the newest Captain America movie!
Given that I really dislike the first movie in the rebooted universe. It pretty much took a lot of convincing to prove to me that this universe is worth watching another time. Since I saw it early, no choice but to watch but does it hold up to make me continue for the spin-offs plus sequels?
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