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It's been seven months since Thor 2 first hit theaters way back in November of last year, and this site's very own McGee decides to review this film now. If you have brain cells to spare, then come read this abomination of an article. God help us all!
The first collection of Archie's battle with the undead is available now. Find out what I thought of it in my latest review.
This is my welcome to CBM. I have been a long time Spider-Man fan and for my first article, I shall review Marc Webb's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". Check out my first review!
I review some of the major movies of March, April, and May in short straight to the point blurbs.
Still on the fence about Edge of Tomorrow after it's opening weekend box office numbers? Don't Be! Come find out if Edge of Tomorrow is dank... or jank!
The latest Red Letter Media installment of "Half in the Bag" brings us Mike and Jay's take on Bryan Singer's new X-flick, and like most of us, they loved it. They also saw Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways To Die In The West, and ...didn't love it. Click on for more.
Im back for my first Comedy movie review, taking a look at Mcfarlane's newest movie since Ted, sorry about how long it took.
Live. Die. Repeat. Or Play. Game Over. Reload?
Just saw the movie today and in general agreement with the lauditory comments submitted by KingofNERD and others but thought I'd offer a few ideas of my own (After the jump..)
Adding on to the already dense posts about the movie, here we discuss the good things and the not so good (if there are any) in this quick audio review. Warning, language is NSFW!'s resident a-hole here to do what I do best, tell it exactly how it is. Click here to check out my review of Tom Cruise's latest running adventure, Edge of Tomorrow.
Original Sin #3 continues the Marvel Universe murder mystery "whodunnit" saga with a stellar issue penned by Jason Aaron with a shocking ending that's sure to have your chin hit the floor.
Should you go out and see Edge of Tomorrow today? Yes.. yes you should and here's a bunch of spoiler free reasons.
An alternate view of the extremely popular Days of Future Past movie from a life time X-Men fan.
"I finally got to watch" is the place where I write about what I think, after watching stuff that were out for a while; like in this case, it is: Highlander (1986)
The critics say this movie is almost good as The Winter Soldier and Days of Future Past. Are they right? Find out in my spoiler free review:
Amazing X-Men #8 pits Wolverine against huge, scary sharp fanged monsters in the dark, frigid Canadian wilderness. Oh and there's a pretty nasty scene with a meat grinder too.
"I finally got to watch" is the place where I write about what I think, after watching stuff that were out for a while; like in this case, it is: Firefly S01E02 The Train Job
Deep from within the twisted mind of Al Ewing comes a bloody tale of enormous were-roosters, giant alien baby heads, and a story that's heavy on character development, but light on action.
Batman and friends take on the Riddler in a battle of wits and deception, and the Dark Knight pisses off PETA by almost setting a lion on fire.
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