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Christopher Nolan's visionary Sci-Fi epic has finally hit screens across the United States, and it may very we'll be this centuries "2001: A Space Odyssey" . Spoiler section has markers in place.
I review this incredible movie from director Christopher Nolan. No spoilers! I promise!
What did Diggedy Dave think of this latest Disney outing? Could it be their best work since the Pixar days?
Disney and Marvel’s Big Hero 6 opens in theaters today. Read my spoiler free review and find out why I think it’s going to be Marvel and Disney’s next big hit and why you and your family need to see it!
Interstellar may not be setting the world on fire critically the way The Dark Knight did, but that doesn't mean Christopher Nolan's latest effort isn't worth your time. Hit the jump for Mr Sunday's spoiler free review of this very ambitious, throwback sci-fi story.
Yes, yet another editorialized look at this much-maligned film. As it turns out, I think that it is a lot better than it is given credit for being. I know—I never expected to hear myself say that, either. But my quest to be objective has led me to this...
In the latest episode of The Walking Dead "Slabtown," things aren't looking good for Beth...or society overall. Come check it out!
Halloween is over, and with it, the AHS: Freak Show's 2-part Halloween special. The second part of the special aired recently. How was it? What happened? Hit the jump to find out. (SPOILER ALERT)
I haven't reviewed a movie in a while, but I figured I'd review HORNS, which received some generally positive buzz prior to it's release. What do I think? Click the link to find out
Yep, I said it. Someone had to. I know I'm going to get a lot of backlash for this, but James Gunn did to the Guardians what Steven Spielberg did to Indiana Jones, and I'm not sure a sequel is a good idea.
JamesMan recently visited a luxurious leather recliner filled theater and watched David Ayer's recent foray into film, Fury. Come check out what he thought about it!
Sorry my brother and sister knocked you out
After it's massive theatrical success in Japan 2 years ago, the latest chapter in the DBZ saga hits American shores with an English dub and an Extended Cut! Does FUNimation's dub hold up as well as their previous work on the property or is this one battle worth skipping? MOVIELORD101 investigates!
Continuing my review of the series, I tackle part 1 of the 2 part Halloween special (An AHS tradition). Hit the jump to find out what I thought of the episode. (WARNING! Spoilers)
Keanu Reeves is back in rare form in the throwback revenge flick, John Wick. This movie will hit you like a bullet to the head, literally. Check out the review to see what separates this from other hit-man movies.
The Guys over at AMC Movie talk review the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer.
Check it out!
David Ayer's latest, Fury, is one of the best war movies to be released in years. Come find out how a Ayer's storytelling, combined with exceptional acting produce a tank movie that will blow you away.
The Point of Geeks review episode #5, "Viper" of Gotham.
If you want to hug something, go hug a tree!
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