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Dickmastaflex reviews 1872 #1 from Marvel a Secret Wars tie in. Marvel characters depicted as a old western! Its totally not SPOILER free! More reviews to come, if every enjoys em! - dickmastaflex
Delve into the soul of Wakanda's take on the fifth installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise - WakandasSoul
Its time to reveal how good I thought this movie was. After 2 years of complaining, whiney and bashing of the new movie and the studio Fox; it was time to finally put it to an end. Is it the movie that most Marvel fans wanted? Nope. - MrSotoMan
I got to see Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer battle onscreen early. Check out my review of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - DemonHunter
Leave it to good ol' boys Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett to write a Justice League animated feature that's an instant classic. Much like their past work ranging from Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, to the Justice League series - this is DC animation the way it should be done. - thecbguys
It's been 19 years since the first Mission Impossible film graced our screens with Tom Cruise and the gang now returning for a fifth entry. Hit the jump for a spoiler free review of Rogue Nation and why you should check out one of the better blockbusters of 2015. - MrSundayMovies
All of your childhood video games, wrapped into one movie. What could possibly go wrong? - Darkknight2149
With Ant-Man currently on top of the box office, the Comic Couch team are here to offer their verdict on Marvel Studios' latest blockbuster. Join JamesMan, DEVLIN712, JillyMcBeam and TheBuoyWonder as they venture into a tale to astonish! - staypuffed
What did Hulksta think of DC's latest animated offering? Read on to find out! - Hulksta
2 guys and an American TV Producer from Liverpool Return for the San Diego Comic Con 2015 Special To review their favourite and least favourite trailers and panels from X-Men Age of Apocalypse to Deadpool to Superman V Batman to Suicide Squad to Nick's TMNT from International waters.. - DocFry
Sexy Matt reviews Ant-Man in a big way. Follow Sexy Matt on twitter @wizard_matt - SexyMatt
Ant Man is maybe the weirdest film in the MCU... Unfortunately, it needs to be weirder, and is held back from greatness by tepid and glacially paced 2nd act. It can't help but feel like a missed opportunity even if it's still fun & entertaining... Read more for details. - ThaIllest89
Here I review Jon Schnepp's documentary, The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? Check it out and get sweaty with this nerd! - caseyhaney
In fact, it's not just the best Marvel movie to be released this year, but possibly even their best to date! Despite doubts from some fans over whether Ant-Man could or should be made without Edgar Wright, it's better than you were ever expecting and an absolute must-see... - JoshWilding
As the twelfth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers' smallest hero offers a fresh take on the comic book genre with a mixture of action, drama and humour. Does it succeed on its own terms? - MrFantastic
After years in development, Marvel brings Phase 2 to a close with Ant-Man. How does this long-awaited superhero fair in his debut feature? Hit the jump for my spoiler-free review. - CaptainObvious
With what may be the best opening scene yet for a Marvel Studios film, Ant-Man smacks us right in the face and makes us crack a smile in the process. - thecbguys
After a decade of development, Marvel's Ant-Man has finally arrived to signal the end of Phase Two of the MCU. Does Earth's Tiniest Hero deliver the adventure we've been waiting for? Hit the jump to hear DrDoom's spoiler-free take on the matter! - DrDoom
Marvel's Ant-Man released Thursday evening for the first time in the United States and CBM's very own Manny Camacho gives his full In-Depth view of this latest entry into the MCU. Hit the jump to find out what he thought, and let us know if you agree or not... - efcamachopmp
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