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Hard as nails zombie killer Elsa Bloodstone is whisked away by one of the undead and dropped in the middle of the Deadlands, where she and a small child must make the harrowing journey back to civilization while avoiding becoming zombie chow. Is the first issue any good? Hit the jump to find out! - MetaComix
The Park is OPEN! The fourth entry into the Jurassic Park franchise is here but the question remains, is the the big summer blockbuster people hope for? Or do those dumb scientists continue not to learn their lesson? - MisterHolmes
The admission to this park is your dignity. - Hulksta
The fourth Installment in the long running Jurassic Park series is here. Is it good? Is it bad? Hit the jump to find out! - sonofsamadams
Secret Wars Spider-Verse #2 has a great cast of characters with three of the biggest fan favorites like Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Gwen, and of course, the one, the ONLY, Spider-Ham! BUT is this enough to make the book interesting enough for die-hard fans and casuals alike? Hit the jump to find out! - MetaComix
Is Jurassic World worth spending money on? Find out here - Doom303
You remember that big CGI fest with the big roided out Turtles? There's a sequel coming, I know, I know, but let's talk about how it could have been better the first time around after the jump. - humbleme
Movie review - Hubbs
Late to the party but Sexy Matt reviews Mad Max and ponders why there is never a post apocalyptic Prius death machine. - SexyMatt
Movie review - Hubbs
Groot, the Marvel character who took the world by storm in last year's Guardians of the Galaxy now has his own comic series! The real question is how do you do a comic book where the main character only says three words? Is it even possible? Hit the jump to find out! - MetaComix
What if Siskel and Ebert got their start as youtube commenters. What would that look like? Let's find out! - ExtraDandy
The PROS AND CONS of The Flash (2014)!! - 2013venjix
Three guys and an American TV producer from Liverpool Return in a "Secret Cinema." Chase discusses the practicality of filming Spider-man's scenes in Captain America Civil War without a confirmed Actor and things get heated when the Video Podcaster's start debating The Atom and.. the Supergirl Pilot after the jump! - DocFry
Old Man Logan is a super bloody, post apocalyptic western adventure story busting at the seams with action that has fantastic art, great storytelling, and best of all, plenty of badass WOLVERINE! Hit the jump for the full review! - MetaComix
Secret Wars Infinity Gauntlet #1 wasn't anything like I was expecting it to be, but that isn't a bad thing. At least not in this case. Hit the jump to get the full breakdown of the issue. This review does contain spoilers, so if you haven't read the issue, you might want to skip this until after you do. - MetaComix
When a Murderous family of interdimensional creautures called The Inheritors began hunting and feasting on the lifeforces of Spider-people from across the multiverse, it fell to Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man, to lead his fellow Spider-Men and women to victory. One Inheritor leeched some of Spider-Man's lifeforce and, as a result, Peter now feels especially exhausted.
However Peter's spirits could not be higher. After literally leading an army against certain doom, he's sure he can lead his company, Parker industries, to a successful future. - GEEKBLAST
Hit the jump to see what went down on the first day of the Comic-Con St. Louis weekend and what's still to come. Also, check to see if we got your amazing outfits on camera! - NextHero08
So the pilot episode for 'Supergirl' was leaked online in the early hours of the morning. After spending a fair while trying to get my laptop to actually load, I sat down and watched it. Here are my thoughts-but beware of spoilers! - DatNerdyKid
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