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Recently, it seems that action-figure information for an upcoming CBM is one of the main reasons of how details about the movie can leak. Major spoilers after the jump, so be cautious and as always, take it with a grain of salt...
Major plot details have surfaced for Fede Alvarez's remake of the Evil Dead, but this is the first casting rumor that I've come across so far.
The website is claiming that they have an inside source for JJ Abrams Star Trek 2, and says that a villain from the original television series will be in the film.
Mike Walker is reporting that the latest script changes to Ghostbuster 3 still wasn't enough to entice Bill Murray to return as Peter Venkman.
The site The One has received possible details involving what could be the first description for the upcoming trailer of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
A friend of mine just sent me a very interesting pic...
A member of IMDB who claims to work at a movie theater, and have the actual trailer on his phone provides you with this description of the new Batman trailer.
The toughest of all the Joe's just might have a cameo in the new G.I. Joe movie! Details after the jump.
Yeah you read it right: Batman reboot. Following on from the amazing theatrical poster for The Dark Knight Rises released earlier today, brand new info about the upcoming movie and the rumoured reboot has surfaced. Hit the jump for the details...
This is probably the most detailed description yet! Beware HUGE SPOLIERS!!
Just a few hours ago, a website that goes by the name Operation Early Bird was released online, counting down to something happening tomorrow. A new viral Twitter account has possibly been created for the movie, so hit the jump for the details.
This Just-In description from a credible source says it will show Bane as a child. A Ruthless Killer Child that is!
A source has contacted Cosmic Book News with some new information on the new Batcave in Christopher Nolan's third installment in his Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises.
An unfamiliar French tipster was apparently amongst viewers who were privately asked to evaluate an new upcoming trailer for Marvel's The Avengers movie! Beware!
A key grips resume seems to point to underwater scenes in the Man of Steel
Latino Review has been contacted by sources that claim Benicio Del Toro will be playing Khan Noonien Singh, but director JJ Abrams shoots down the rumor quickly.
Here's a rumor that has been floating around the "internets." Seems cool, possibly genuine, probably fake. [DEBUNKED]
Bane having some fun.
An aspiring actor has gone to his tumblr page to announce that he filmed scenes for AMC's The Walking Dead. He spills the beans that his scene involved the fan favorite Michonne.
Talking exclusively to CBM, the creator of Booster Gold has commented briefly on the recent news that Syfy have ordered a pilot episode featuring the character from Fringe writer Andrew Kreisberg.
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