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Spoiler warning, don't read if you haven't seen the movie. Here's something sure to add fuel to the fire regarding a certain mystery about a key cast members of Marvel's The Avengers.
The website Badass Digest is reporting that they have heard rumblings that Sony executives are less than thrilled with Marc Webb's upcoming superhero film, The Amazing Spider-Man.
Caution! Potential SPOILERS for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises after the jump. Includes, possible information about Juno Temple's character, Catwoman, and Talia al Ghul. Updated with three more potentially huge spoilers.
Marvel's Executive Editorial Director for Marvel Digital Media Group better known as @Agent_M has apparently worked on two Marvel films that haven't been announced yet.
List of spoilers and answered questions collected from fans who have seen pre-screenings. Read on at your own peril.
Is The Dark Knight Rises' John Blake actually Azrael? This "Heroclix" bio may yield some interesting revelations for a character many assumed to be Dick Grayson.
Could this be the extra scene that was filmed recently?
Razar goes to the home world of the Red Lanterns, Shard, in an attempt to murder Atrocitus. More about that and a video clip after the jump.
According to a source that says they have seen the movie the film is very good. Warning spoilers ahead.
Have you ever wanted a picture of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury or Chris Evans as Captain America as your gamerpic on Xbox Live? Now's your chance...
On 'The Hulk's™ Helicarrier Breakout' Lego set on the Lego website, a likeness of the 'living automaton' appears.
Dust off that copy of Batman:Arkham City. The latest Harley Quinn-centric DLC will actually have a story to tell unlike the combat objective DLC's Rocksteady has released in the past.
CBM loyalist and theater worker sends in pics of a pretty damn awesome 4-piece theater standee, featuring several of the Marvel heroes from the upcoming movie.
Since Andrew and Emma are one of the people hosting this popular event, on this date could we see a T.V Spot arriving?
Here is our spoiler for last night's episode and as you can see we were dead on. Now read [at your own risk] spoilers for the epic season two finale.
The writer of X-Men: First Class has tweeted an intriguing musing that could possibly denote the time period of the next X-Men movie.
It's been years since a Marvel role playing game was printed...
Spoiler Warning: If you don't want to know what happens in this week's episode of The Walking Dead, then do not read on after the jump.
This is the description for the Next Batman Trailer ?
I was snooping through some toy stores, and found some Avengers toys in a UK store called the Entertainer!
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