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Just a rumor for now, but several different eyewitnesses claim to have spotted the actor on the LA set, and we even have a possible scene description detailing how he may fit into the story..
Something I came upon while searching around IMDB. UPDATE: The second season premiere has been delayed until 2012. Hit the jump for details...
Can't be 100% sure if this is legit but it certainly sounds like it. Check out a detailed description of an interior scene from the LA set of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises featuring Catwoman getting physical with a prisoner..
With film wrapping up shooting, we are getting closer to finally see some official footage from Joss Whedon-directed comic book adaptation The Avengers. Now, here is a description of some scenes from the film. More after the jump...
London-based boom operator and sound recordist Frederick Z. Roche has tweeted a bit of info about the secretive ending.
Here is how to resolve a problem on PS3 when you watch X-Men First Class on Blu-Ray...
While we still don't know the names of mysterious aliens in Joss Whedon and Marvel's The Avengers, here is something that confirms the "other" villain, plus some new info on what happens in the film. SPOILER WARNING!
Looks like S.H.I.E.L.D. is heading west.
VFX Source: "Avengers will be fighting a giant sea monster called Leviathan." This news leads me to believe that we have our answer as to who will be making up Loki's army.
Taking a Closer look at The D23 Ultimate Spiderman trailer.
For a long time Christoph Waltz had been rumored to be up for a villain in the movie, but once news came that Rhys Ifans had landed the role of The Lizard talk seemed to have died down. Who is Christoph playing? Norman Osborn perhaps?
Some really stunning location photos have been revealed and it looks like that this is the place where we will see the new batcave in Christopher Nolan's upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises. Check it out!
A source from the set of TDKR has contacted me with some interesting information that may pertain to Bane's (Tom Hardy) role as the villain of Christopher Nolan's Batman threequel..
This location will be something to watch for with fire balls, air mortars, and fake ice on tap.
Bit of speculation here, but I believe given some recent set pictures featuring "Mo-Cap Man" that Superman's notorious villain may make an appearance in Zack Snyder's reboot..
Make the jump for vague details on how director Joss Whedon intends to open Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures’ The Avengers, among other cool things!
A reporter unknowingly reveals the title while interviewing Serbian musician, Jelena Mihailovic, who is scoring the opening song. The title is the same as the James Bond novel by Jeffrey Deaver. See what clues that may reveal.
Still skeptical over the news that Captain America and Loki have a confrontation on the Cleveland streets standing in for Stutgart, Germany? Well, we've been sent some spy photos featuring the costumed stunt doubles and more...
An extra from the set of The Avengers has gotten in touch with some revealing details, including the confrontation between Captain America and Loki, as well as the reveal of which well known actor it is Loki attacks and the arrival of the Quinjet in "Germany"...
CBM scooper EC Cameron is sent in this report from Plano, Illinois where "Superman: Man of Steel" is now filming. "I have been able to find some GREAT spoilers and tidbits from the set, including..."
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