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Spoiler Warning: If you don't want to know what happens in this week's episode of The Walking Dead, then do not read on after the jump.
This is the description for the Next Batman Trailer ?
I was snooping through some toy stores, and found some Avengers toys in a UK store called the Entertainer!
I have recently been sent a particularly interesting image, revealing a possible look into the future of Christopher Nolan's famous franchise, and how Warner Bros will choose to treat it. Take the jump to find out!
First mentioned by a source who had pre-screening information, and confirmed by a reputable poster at CBM. Now more people who have seen the early screening are also talking about Captain Marvel. Coincidence?
Hit the jump to check out a possible description of the rough cut trailer for the Zack Snyder-directed Superman reboot Man of Steel, which apparently Warner Bros. is currently editing...
CBM reported the rumor a good while back, now the young actor has been confirmed to play the 9 year old Clark Kent in Zack Snyder's Reboot..
Check out this low res look at the 3D glasses that will be offered up for when Marvel's The Avengers hits the big screen featuring Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor!
As reported earlier today, Jenny Agutter spoke briefly on her involvement in The Avengers. In that interview did she reveal a huge cameo? Hit the jump for the details!
The Scottish actress may have told the tabloid "The Daily Star" newspaper a lot of revealing information about her character and key plot story details.
In an interview with Newsaram, writer, Paul Levitz confirms the connection between his new "Second Wave" New 52 book, Worlds' Finest's and its characters, Huntress and Power Girl, to DC's new Earth Two.
CBM reader Jeff Jinx sent in a pic we haven't seen before, and it looks like Bats is in a whole lotta hurt...
Earlier today I received an email from a supposed, 'WB insider' who says that he has information on what Christopher Nolan's next movie project (or should I say projects) will be after The Dark Knight Rises. Hit the jump for the details...
(WARNING SPOILERS!) It's not uncommon for Directors and Screenwriters to have multiple endings in mind for a certain film, but according to a tip; there could be as many as 4-5 multiple endings written (and in some cases, actually shot) for The Dark Knight Rises.
This was a pretty wild rumor that I'm surprised is still making the rounds but it appears that it's simply not true, Cooper will not be Lex Luthor.
The website Cosmic Book News has been contacted by someone alleging that Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) will be making a cameo as Superman's arch-nemesis in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel.
Just yesterday Ralph Fiennes in an interview announced that he was playing an agent, but would not clarify. Now, an inside source for EON Productions has the scoop that he will be taking over as the head of the MI6.
According to somebody at the SHH! forums, he has been sent an email with information regarding Loki's mysterious army and much more. Curious? I bet you are, so hit the jump to take a look...
The description for upcoming Heroclix toys, based off the upcoming Avengers movie, may have finally revealed who the mysterious second villain is. Read on for the details!
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