Appreciation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and their success.

Appreciation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and their success.

The MCU has emerged as possibly the most in-depth movie universe in film. Take a look at how we got where we are today and what is still to come.

The Marvel Studios cinematic universe clearly has become top dog when it comes to bringing the super hero genre to life on the big screen. Spawning some of the most successful movies of all time and a standard that in my opinion isn't close to being matched by other studios. Let's take a look at their formula to success to be able to appreciate what sets them apart.


It all starts with Iron Man. Taking a relatively unknown property to the general public and making it one of the most respected comic book movies of all time seems like a pretty daunting task but they managed to pull it off. The biggest contributor to its success was the casting of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.

Marvel is very inspired when it comes to casting and I believe this is the reason the movie flourishes. The outline for the movie is pretty basic besides the jumps in the timeline throughout. It's the casting of RDJ that keeps you glued to the movie. It's his delivery of his lines and charisma that keeps you wanting to know what he's going to do and say next at all times.

Almost every character in the MCU is cast to near perfection. When Chris Evans was cast as Captain America I was a little worried because of his previous roles I had seen him in. After seeing Captain America: The First Avenger my worries were erased completely. The little Steve Rogers with the heart of gold is never lost in his performance of Cap.

Even when things got a little convoluted with the outing of Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. Marvel didn't just go with a replacement. They decided to go at the cinematic hulk in a completely different direction with Mark Ruffalo. This was one of the best decisions they have made. He brings the character of Bruce to life with the actual belief that this man can transform into the super powered beast while carrying himself in a very human way that makes the audience connect and care about him which I never quite felt with Norton.

Connecting the Films

After Iron Man was established, the connection began in the form of the intelligence group known as Shield. Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury and Agent Coulson would often pop in here and there throughout the films and try to assemble the team of Avengers. This worked well as we seen in The Avengers because the team had already been aware of Shield and what they are.

Different Genres

One of the most appealing things about the MCU is the way each movie feels like it's from a different genre but is still connected to the other characters that live and breathe in the same universe.

The fact that it is actually conceivable that Captain America and Thor exist in the same universe is an amazing achievement. At the same time though the various styles of the movies feel like completely separate entities on their own until the two characters stand next to each other in The Avengers series of films.

Expanding the Universe

We thought The Avengers were the only connection these characters had until they released the news that they would be making a film about The Guardians of the Galaxy. This not only expands the cinematic universe to limits unknown but also connects The Avengers to The Guardians due to the fact that both teams will be involved at one point or another with Thanos, who was revealed to supplying the alien army in The Avengers.

As they expand the reach of these films. They have also included specific items/artifacts from the Marvel Universe that connect these movies even more. It's really unique to see this kind of depth within this cinematic universe. This peeks a lot of interest for the audience so they can see glimpses of the bigger agenda unfold while enjoying a specific movie of it's own.

It's pretty amazing that we as comic fans and fans of these characters in general get to witness the planning and execution of something as special as this and something that has never really been done before.

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