BODY PAINT: Michishige Masumi As Poison Ivy & Laurie Foster As Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

BODY PAINT: Michishige Masumi As Poison Ivy & Laurie Foster As Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

Come see Michishige Masumi as Batman's female foe Poison Ivy (Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley) and Laurie Foster as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from The Venture Bros. television series.

DC Comics - Poison Ivy
Model: Michishige Masumi
Photographers: Ken Smits, Papa Notzzi & Insane-Pencil Body Paint: Mythica von Griffyn
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch - Venture Brothers
Model: Laurie Foster * Photographer: Erek Foster
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Born 1982) (birth name Sheila) is a fictional character on the Adult Swim animated series The Venture Bros. Professional sexy partner and wife of super-villain The Monarch., Dr. Girlfriend is voiced by co-writer Doc Hammer, though she was voiced by Jackson Publick in her first appearance, “The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay.” After the finale of season 2 and beginning with season 3, this character is referred to as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.

Dr. Girlfriend is a veteran super-villain, serving as second-in-command for many different super-villains over the years under several names. She has a doctorate in an unnamed field, and appears proficient in mechanics and general sciences, as evidenced by her having built the Monarch's first pair of functional wings, his ill-conceived "sunshine gun", and several tracking devices used for her own purposes. - venturebrothers.wikia
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campblood - 5/30/2014, 10:19 PM
been a venture bros fan ever since the pilot aired and ever since then I said to myself. I could get use to the voice.

sucks being a die hard VB fan a little bit since you have to wait 2-3 years for 10 new episodes
campblood - 5/30/2014, 10:23 PM
Berserker187 - 5/30/2014, 10:24 PM
Wow Dr. Is hot
McGee - 5/30/2014, 10:56 PM
Usually this is the part where I get mad at nail for posting these awesome ladies.

But I came prepared. It's Friday night, and I'm testing out my new girlfriend!

MericawithanM - 5/30/2014, 11:27 PM
^haha jesus. CBM: come for the news, stay for the comments
ChiliConCarney - 5/30/2014, 11:49 PM
mgeoff88 - 5/31/2014, 1:04 AM
Beautiful girls. The body art is really well done.

The naughty side of me wishes these lovely ladies would use edible body paint though:


Sorry lol, I had a very long day. I've also been hanging around Batz too much. ;P
Doopie - 5/31/2014, 1:59 AM
I love the venture bros and Dr Mrs The Monarch is my fave.
Reverend - 5/31/2014, 3:23 AM
@Diamondez -- I didn't realize that Willem Defoe made a gif to rate this. Good thing, because I had no idea how arousing this was before you posted that.
SuperCat - 5/31/2014, 5:25 AM
KINGPEN266 - 5/31/2014, 6:01 AM
KINGPEN266 - 5/31/2014, 6:05 AM
bropous - 5/31/2014, 6:31 AM
batmanvsuperman - 5/31/2014, 6:38 AM
@kjngpen266 my wife and kids girl sexy as shit now
McGee - 5/31/2014, 6:47 AM
They grow up so fast...
KINGPEN266 - 5/31/2014, 6:50 AM
anthonok - 5/31/2014, 7:11 AM
Does body paint. Wears bra and panties. Purpose defeated.
LEEE777 - 5/31/2014, 9:14 AM
Awesome ; D Deff like the top one :thumbs.
TheAbomination - 5/31/2014, 9:33 AM
Dat Poison Ivy though...
Null - 5/31/2014, 9:52 AM
Isn't that the flower lady at The Animal Kingdom?!
blkchi - 5/31/2014, 12:58 PM
wow wish ivy didnt have body paint but the other lady has a nice ass so okay not the best comic con coming damn gotta get paid
campblood - 5/31/2014, 2:54 PM
BatNipple - 5/31/2014, 3:05 PM
eleven59 - 5/31/2014, 6:08 PM
The Dr Mrs....That's actually my gf... No.. No, I can't back that up...
JorL5150 - 5/31/2014, 6:16 PM
Man - my junk looks HUGE in the hands of flo fromprogressive

And she has normal size lady hands - not oompah loompah hands like McGee
vtopa - 6/1/2014, 8:20 PM
ITs not really body paint art if you're wearing a bra and panties underneath.
Fun1gUy - 6/2/2014, 5:39 AM

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