COSPLAY Hotties Featuring Catwoman & Artemis

COSPLAY Hotties Featuring Catwoman & Artemis

Click the jump to check out yet another wonderful collection of beautiful women slipping into extremely tight and skimpy outfits for your viewing pleasure.

Amber Lu as Catwoman Photographed by Robin Gatti
Classic Catwoman Cosplay
Classic Catwoman Cosplay
Classic Catwoman Cosplay
Classic Catwoman Cosplay

Yaya as Catwoman Photographed by LJinto
NYCC Catwoman-6

NYCC Catwoman-2
JojoPandaFace as Mad Moxxi Photographed by Darkain Multimedia
2012 - Fanime Con

2012 - Fanime Con

Artemis Photograph by HESMOKE007


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soforizo - 6/25/2012, 2:10 PM
Lara Croft
Durf - 6/25/2012, 2:10 PM
I really like the Lara Croft one(I mean REALLY like), but the rest are just meh at best to me.
saymekian - 6/25/2012, 2:12 PM
They are all hot except for the Artemis fail. I especially like the Lara Croft.
DraculaX - 6/25/2012, 2:12 PM
Damn Lara...
nowtheresaBATman - 6/25/2012, 2:14 PM
wOw I'd love to raid Lara's tomb ;)
CPBuff22 - 6/25/2012, 2:14 PM
Lara Croft YES PLEASE! The Catwoman's are meh but still better than the one in TDKR.
gandalf550 - 6/25/2012, 2:14 PM
Lara Croft is definitely the hottie here. :)
HavocPrime - 6/25/2012, 2:15 PM
Hawt, Bewbs.
Mrcool210 - 6/25/2012, 2:16 PM
Lauras boobs arnt big enough :P
95 - 6/25/2012, 2:18 PM
Better than Angelina.
CharacterAssassin - 6/25/2012, 2:23 PM
Last girl never held a bow in her life.
morgeyboy - 6/25/2012, 2:28 PM
way too much photoshop on some of the lara croft ones
HelaGood - 6/25/2012, 2:31 PM
Lara Croft is good... too much makeup though.
the others are meh, but the Artemis one is just horrible.
Darkhaven - 6/25/2012, 2:34 PM
Why the hell couldn't Yaya be Catwoman? Would have been a sweet overhaul, on so many levels :)
marvel72 - 6/25/2012, 3:11 PM
lara croft is the best & the only one i would bang.
Fastestmanalive - 6/25/2012, 3:16 PM
Lara is the best out of all of them, Catwoman is second
Gerrit - 6/25/2012, 3:16 PM
Oh God, Lara Croft.
OnLeatherWings - 6/25/2012, 3:26 PM
That's the best Laura I've ever seen!!!!!!
LuBeTHiGhWalK3R - 6/25/2012, 3:27 PM
@ Cap-- Save the speech, if I wanted to hear a sermon I'd go to church... Oh & Lara is the hottest!
ibravosp5 - 6/25/2012, 3:47 PM
Lara croft wins in my book.
billnye69 - 6/25/2012, 4:48 PM
Catwoman drinking the milk was hot.
Shadowelfz - 6/25/2012, 5:02 PM
Lara Croft and Yaya Catwoman FTW.
CaptainAmerica1 - 6/25/2012, 5:20 PM
WOW that Laura chick has huge jubblies!
colossus68x - 6/25/2012, 5:36 PM
The second picture of the asian catwoman with the mask and goggles is how cat woman should look in tdkr
XtommygunzX - 6/25/2012, 5:48 PM
Lara is the hottest but the second pic of her is way too photo shopped. It doesn't even look like that pic was originally of that chick.

Aizen8215 - 6/25/2012, 6:32 PM
Lara Croft is so fricking HOT.... DAMN!!!!
SWelch - 6/25/2012, 7:24 PM

So does this theory apply to men who go to cons and dress up like the woman do?

I think your over thinking this. Sure I have met some woman at cons that seemed a little stuck(and not all in costumes) up but I would say in all the years I have gone to cons 98% of the woman who were there dressed up were there for fun and are perfectly nice.

"Realistically, any woman who goes out in public traveling the Comic-Con circuit and dresses in a tight spandex superhero outfit (without getting paid big bucks) is insecure and begging for attention and a little off her rocker."

I have to disagree here. That is like saying the people who start baseball leagues, softball leagues or bowling leagues and don't get paid for playing are insecure and begging for attention.

There is nothing wrong with men or woman going around to cons a dressing up as their favorite character. It's all done in fun.

Again I think your over reacting.
Minghagz - 6/25/2012, 7:51 PM
I pretty much busted a nut right when I opened the page. That first pic is hot!
DioFoRio - 6/25/2012, 8:23 PM
call me back to this thread when it's got balls....wrinkley , cheese laden, balls.
Mr2099 - 6/25/2012, 9:11 PM
Can someone PLEASE hook me up with Lara?
themayer88 - 6/25/2012, 9:14 PM
MMM. I likea da YAYA
fistofthenorthstar - 6/25/2012, 9:26 PM
nice cat woman, and the croft aint bad...
mgeoff88 - 6/25/2012, 9:51 PM
Lara Croft is fantastic. Dayna put a lot of effort into her photoshoot and costume.

Mad Moxie is great as well.

@CaptainJackSpareribs Sorry, that's not what I know to be true. A couple of my friends are cosplayers and they're not anything like you described.

Also, so you're saying even though these girls are "crazy", it's perfectly OK if you just want to sleep
with them? I see you're a man that carries himself in gentleman like, classy manner...

It's obvious you don't respect women. Why would I take your "observation" of female cosplayers seriously? You would think with you being a filmmaker, you would have a better understanding of women and the crap they have to go through in the entertainment industry.

@SWelch Very well said.
facehugger81 - 6/25/2012, 10:24 PM
Lara Croft hands down... and it's too bad that the one thing I saw before the girl, in the Artemis pic, is the old fashioned Marvel comics neon advertisement?
thewolfx - 6/25/2012, 10:32 PM
i saw lara

i came
Natetrix79 - 6/26/2012, 12:44 AM
Hey Artemis is infront on my Comicbook shop Atomic Comics!
AmazingFantasy - 6/26/2012, 5:16 AM

stidham32 - 6/26/2012, 5:23 AM
@Cap - I've read through all your comments and I will say you have a point but, Riddle me this....

If your hot"modest" wife wanted to dress like that and go to one of these conventions and all the comic book fans at the convention came over to you and without knowing said she was the most gorgeous cosplay hottie they have ever seen would you be okay with it or give her the 42nd degree once you left and be little her for wearing such skimpy little outfits outside of the house? Or take the other route and tell them "yea that's my wife and she is gorgeous thanks!"
mgeoff88 - 6/26/2012, 6:14 AM
@CaptainJackSpareribs Not once did I resort to name calling, but you seem to have no problem doing it.

Calling me an idiot and an ass, nice. For such an intelligent person, you would think that kind behavior would be beneath you. Yes, everyone has a right to their own opinion. I'm not saying you don't. I'm just telling you I have a problem with what you're saying.

The other people in this thread did make sexual remarks toward these girls. I'm not getting on them because they're aren't out right insulting cosplayers like you are.

"And as a male filmmaker, I go out of my way to show women in respectable settings attire BECAUSE of the fact there are Michael Bays and rap video directors who CONSTANTLY objectify women."

Then why don't show that same respect for cosplayers? They are women too! That picture with Catwoman pouring milk on herself, you got me with that one. But some of the others aren't as over sexualized, and they obviously put a lot of hard work into their outfits and posing.

"I have a right to express my opinion. I'm sure not everyone feels the same about these ladies. Heck as much plastic/botox as these ladies use, you could look exactly the same. Hotness is natural, not bought. "

I agree with your last sentence. Everything is else stereotypical ergo void of any original thought. I'm sorry, you can't just assume things like that. That's shows ignorance on your part. And going by some of your comments, I think women's rights groups would have bigger problems with those.

So you are going to say these things about Heidi Klum? Kate Upton? Alessandra Ambrosio? Adriana Lima? I would think in your line of work you have interacted with models before. I have as well, and there was nothing fake about those girls. They were very genuine, sweet, and down to earth. According to you though, that's extremely unlikely when it comes to women that model.

And If I had a girlfriend or wife that was a cosplayer or model, it would be hard to get used to at first, but if dressing up(not for the attention of other men) and taking photos of herself makes her happy, then I would be OK with it. I would support the things she's passionate about.

If you don't respect these women, then OK. The fact you were so disrespectful in expressing your opinion is what made me think you were coming off more as jerk, then just stating an opinion.
EyeGore - 6/26/2012, 7:55 AM
@ CaptainJackSpareribs - You're wasting your time. You're the only adult in a room full of perpetrual 12 year olds.
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