FreakyBatman's very late review of Green Lantern: First Flight

FreakyBatman's very late review of <em>Green Lantern: First Flight</em>

First off let me just say that i really enjoy Warner Brother's animated DC movies and the idea to put out solid movies produced by Bruce Timm.
But this movie was so out of whack in my opinion. First off let me say what i did like in this movie:
The banter between Hal and Carol.
The settings.
The actor who voiced Hal.

This movie was very much so out of continuty the entire movie that for me it was just hard to watch. Let me say what I did not like then build on why I did not like these things:
The animation.
Kilowogs voice.
How the yellow light came into existence.
The Guardians having names, that came way after, and still only 2 have names.

Among other things.

The animation looked to anime for my opinion, the movement and the way they talked.
Kilowog sounded annoying in this moive and it seemed as if they through the word POOZER in just for random enjoyment.
The Yellow Light, where do i start ? That is not even close to how the light came into existence, ( I am not going to delve on this) but I was displeased.

In the comics Ganthet is the original one with a name, they do not all have names.

I would have enjoyed this if it either stuck to the comics like glue, or made a new story entirely after Hal had been in the corps for a while.
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bleedthefreak - 10/25/2009, 1:44 PM
yeah i can see why you were displeased. i liked it though but your right on a lot of things.
LEEE777 - 10/25/2009, 2:31 PM
Lets put it this way...

Its a lot better than all of the MARVEL animated's lol!

bleedthefreak - 10/25/2009, 3:11 PM
not really i enjoy marvel animated movies more then DC to the exception of that incredibly crappy little kid avengers crap
freakybatman - 10/25/2009, 10:51 PM
i dislike the Marvel movies
Stumblin - 10/27/2009, 3:27 PM
I wondered about this movie, glad I didn't pick it up. After the Superman Doomsday I figured DC wasn't going to actually improve. Public Enemies was definitely over-rated, the animation, and character designs were pretty much crap.

For Marvel, Dr. Strange was enjoyable as well as Hulk vs. Ultimates was meh, really only parts worth watching is when they fight the Hulk, the rest is pure crap. As for Ultimates II, it was horrible. Iron Man was also a huge let down.

Out of DC creations, I really enjoyed The Justice League: The New Frontier.
Betty - 10/27/2009, 5:50 PM
freakybatman--You really should "go into it" otherwise why write a review? Tell us why and why not.

I agree with you, I was waiting for this one and when I finally saw it, it was just kinda ok. Disappointing. Kiliwaog was Michael Madsen. Bud in Kill Bill or Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs.

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