Gallery1988 Posters For DJANGO UNCHAINED And The Other "Best Picture" Oscar Nominees

Gallery1988 Posters For DJANGO UNCHAINED And The Other "Best Picture" Oscar Nominees

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have unveiled nine stunning posters for each of this year's "Best Picture" nominees, including Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained and the likes of Argo, Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty.

The following posters will all be on display between February 14th - 17th at 'Gallery1988 Melrose' in Los Angeles. "Working hand-in-hand with the Academy has been a dream come true for Gallery1988 and its artists," Jensen Karp, co-owner and co-curator of 'Gallery1988' said in a statement released earlier this week. "It was a perfect fit for our style of artwork and treatment, and we can't wait to show everyone the results of some of our most creative contemporary minds." The artists featured include Matt Owen (Amour), Anthony Petrie (Argo), Rich Kelly (Beasts of the Southern Wild) and Mark Englert (Django Unchained), Phantom City Creative (Les Misérables), Tom Whalen (Life of Pi), Jeff Boyes (Lincoln), Joshua Budich (Silver Linings Playbook) and Godmachine (Zero Dark Thirty). Which of these is your favourite?

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jerryblake - 2/10/2013, 6:32 AM
Les Miserables one is fantastic.
Django and Argo are nice one too.

Shame that Jamie Fox didn't get nominated for best leading actor award.
jerryblake - 2/10/2013, 6:37 AM
Anyway ... looking forward for Electro in Amazing Spiderman 2.
Electro story for this movie sounds pretty intresting.
TheBumblingIdiot - 2/10/2013, 6:38 AM
loved silver linings playbook that was one of the best movies this year
BatsFan - 2/10/2013, 6:43 AM
Django or Argo[frick]-yourself
jerryblake - 2/10/2013, 6:48 AM
What was the best movie of the year ?
NerdyGeek - 2/10/2013, 7:08 AM

NerdyGeek - 2/10/2013, 7:11 AM
NerdyGeek - 2/10/2013, 7:15 AM
dcnmarvelrcool - 2/10/2013, 7:31 AM
Django, Les Miserables and Life of Pi are amazing
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 2/10/2013, 8:29 AM
Still didn't see any of these movies lol. I should probably get on that.
Jolt17 - 2/10/2013, 8:55 AM
Saw these yesterday, and I absolutely love Silver Lining Playbook's the most - that's simply the style of poster that I love the most. The rest are equally amazing, though. Les Misérables' is smart, Argo and Life of Pi's are brilliant, while Beasts of the Southern Wild's nearly became my favorite as well, but I'm not a big fan of the color scheme. Lincoln's is well-drawn, but there's nothing special in the composition.
gaikinger - 2/10/2013, 9:45 AM
Life of Pi was amazing....Django was garbage.
Jollem - 2/10/2013, 3:20 PM
django was awesome. killin' dumbass, evil people? yes, please

"they're running away"

"cowards usually do"


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