My top 5 CBM's so far

My top 5 CBM's so far

My top three probably will never change.

Here they are my top 5 CBM’s

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1

teenage mutant ninja turtles Pictures, Images and Photos

Of all the CBM’s this one will never change it’s spot. I remember my mom buying me the Pajama’s, and everyone coming to my ninja turtle birthday party at McDonalds. Those were the days. When I first watched the movie there was no doubt in my mind after that the Ninja Turtles were real. Everyone would be like it’s a movie it’s not real. I’d cry go to my room with my action figures, and be like how to they know. They never been in the sewers. Dude I was serious. Cowaaabungaaaaaahhh.

2. Tim Burton’s Batman

batman- micheal keaton Pictures, Images and Photos

After the Ninja Turtles phase I was onto more serious stuff. I needed a costume of my own. Seeing Batman in his cave kinda creeped me out as a kid, but I was still like if I ever want to be a superhero that’s how I’m gonna do it. Again I had my mom get me more action figures. My favorite part of the movie was always in the beginning when you see bats swooping down from the fog. The whole film was just awesome. Every scene grabbed you.

3. Donners Superman

Superman Christopher Reeve Pictures, Images and Photos

If there ever was a movie to give me goosebumps, and inspire me. Superman was it. To this day it still does. As soon as the music starts my heart starts to pump faster, and I get all excited. Dun..dah dun, dah dun,,dun dun dunnn..

4. The Dark Knight

b Pictures, Images and Photos

I saw this movie three times in the theatres. What more can I say? Every CBM now has to compete with storyline and imagery. I salute Nolan for finally raising the bar.

5. Sin City

sin city Pictures, Images and Photos

Frank Miller is a genius. With the colors of the film, and outstanding cast of characters. He took CBM to a place I thought never existed. Now sometimes all I can think about is which heroes would be great in a Frank Miller “Sin City” format.

Well there you have it folks.

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Ryden - 10/9/2009, 10:47 AM
Not bad mine would be

1. Batman (1989)

2. Spider-Man

3. Iron Man

4. Blade

5. The Dark Knight

LEEE777 - 10/9/2009, 10:59 AM
I can see why YOU like TMNT so much, actually it wasnt a bad movie!

1 = WATCHMEN (of course)

2 = And then the rest! ; D

TheDurkinKnight - 10/9/2009, 10:59 AM
I think Batman '89 was only good for it's time. I think it was a terrible movie in retrospect. Not all movies age poorly. If you look at The Wizard of Oz, it's more amazing now than it was then when you consider it was done in the 1930's.

I think my favorites would be:

1) Spider-Man 2
2) TDK
3) Batman Begins
4) X-Men 2
5) Star Trek '09
TheDurkinKnight - 10/9/2009, 11:00 AM
BTW, Ninja Turtles 1 WAS awesome. As a kid I liked no. 2 better, as an adult it's no. 1
Ryden - 10/9/2009, 11:16 AM
@ DurkinKnight- You've got to be joking right? Batman 89 was amazing. much, much , MUCH better than TDK. It was actually a Batman movie not a movie that interprets a different version of Batman.
Batmanknight - 10/9/2009, 11:18 AM
2.Iron Man
3.Sin City
4.Batman Begins
ecksmanfan - 10/9/2009, 11:19 AM
1- X-Men 2
2- TDK
3- 300
4- Batman Begins
5- Watchmen
Swiftsword777 - 10/9/2009, 11:25 AM
1.BLADE 2.THE DARK KNIGHT 3.SIN CITY 4.300 5. TIE Spider-Man 2 & X2
TheDurkinKnight - 10/9/2009, 12:02 PM
@ Ryden...sorry man I wasn't trying to offend anyone and I should have worded it better. But as far as my feelings on it-

I think it was severely lacking in almost every area. For instance, while Batman is supposed to be a world class martial artist, he has the stature of a small man with virtually no visible muscle. To compensate for this, the actor is placed in a suit that is so constrictive, he literally cannot move 65% of his body. And as far as the fight scenes, they are unimpressive at best, except for towards the end where he fights that large thug. That fight was decent but that was the only one.

Next there was the brutality of Batman. Let me first say, I'm not saying movies cant have brutality in them, but by 1989, it was FIRMLY established that Batman was not a lethal vigilante, let alone someone who WENT OUT OF HIS WAY to kill people.

Then there is the plot which is simplistic if not poor.

There is the Joker, who is really not that menacing but more of a Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor, amped up with facepaint.

There is the TOTAL LACK OF EXPLAINATION as to how Bruce embarked on his journey to become Batman and lack of explaination for how he acquired his weapons.

There is the complete absesnse of realism (which you can say was not a priority then).

And there's the writing which is...meh.
NERO - 10/9/2009, 12:02 PM
Ryden, if you’re talking about interpretations, Batman 89 was not very true to the character itself... biggest problem: Batman killed a lot of people, and used guns to do it in the case of the Batmobile and the Batwing.

That movie was Tim Burton's interpretation more than a true Batman movie or equally as much as TDK is Nolan's interpretation of Bats. I happen to like Nolan's take much more than Burton's which I see as having more style than substance.

Joker was another reason I like TDK better, in Batman 89 he was just a half handed mismatch of Jack Nicolson imitating Cesar Romero and just plan Jack being Jack Nicolson.
TheDurkinKnight - 10/9/2009, 12:25 PM
Nerosday, thank you! I totally agree. I was affraid of Leder's Joker, but at the same time, he owned every scene he was in. The movie itself WAS an interpretation of Batman. I see it more of a crime caper than a comic book movie. My best friend who dislikes sci-fi loved the movie. Spider-Man II is my favorite comic-book movie, but it lacks the level of realism that TDK has.

I do think Christian Bale phoned-in a bit of his performance in that one though. In Batman Begins, he owned the screen as much as Ledger did in TDK. But that intensity was somewhat absent, replaced with an annoying voice.
NERO - 10/9/2009, 12:39 PM
My Top 5 CBMs
5. X2
4. Watchmen
3. Spiderman 2
2. Iron Man
1. TDK
Macksimus - 10/9/2009, 12:51 PM
1. TDK
2. Batman Begins
3. Blade
4. 300
5. Spider-man

Honorable mention: TMNT1, TB's Batman, and Iron Man.
SuperMonkey - 10/9/2009, 1:01 PM
Not bad. I was def a fan of TMNT when I was a kid, had a lot of the toys. @ TheDurkinKnight: amen...I always thought burton's batman was ok... mostly bc the reasons you listed. My fav CBM of all time is batman begins, TDK was great but it was the world/themes/character development Nolen introduced in the first one that made it great. I think Nolen n Goyer make a spot on interpretation of batman, IMO.
so my list is 1)BB 2)TDK 3)Iron man 4) Watchmen 5) Superman
legionbecks - 10/9/2009, 1:17 PM
no offense but i guess many cbm have come out since the AD's ;p. mine would be same as the BatmanKnight.
2.Iron Man
3.instead of Sin City i would say 300
4.Batman Begins
BmanHall - 10/9/2009, 1:18 PM
That's odd. Could have sworn I posted first. Oh well...

1. Spider-Man
2. The Dark Knight
3. Ironman
4. Incredible Hulk
5. WatchmenThe
StrangerX - 10/9/2009, 1:19 PM
Yea my top three are there simply becaues they introduced me to the comic world and I will forever be in their debt. As far as the rest their spots always seem to change mainly due to the fact that something new is always coming out. These are my top five mainly because of the impact they had on the comic book world. I could put up my top ten, but I know that's going to change once another movie comes out. So why bother.
ManhuntersBastardChild - 10/9/2009, 1:31 PM
Durkin, you do a great job of breaking down the kinks in the old batsy movies. I honestly haven't seen them since the early 90's and so cannot remember half that stuff.

My list:

1. 300: I've cried coz of movies, been disgusted by them, been made to laugh, to smile. Never have I left a theatre feeling like I had just been injected with raw testosterone. This movie was exciting, and had me feeling like I was part of the Partan struggle. It is no. 10 in my "Top 10 movielist of all-time"

2. Watchmen: Without a doubt one of the most faithful adaptations ever on the screen. Snyder renders a comic book world on the screen that chills and wows (and even manages to trigger mini-feelings of sadness by reel's end).

3. The Dark Knight: This one speaks for itself mostly. Saw it 2wice (but bought 3 ticks) while it was in theatres. Action, Thriller, Sci Fi, Suspense, a bit of romance here and there...a true winner!

4. 30 Days of Night: I've seen this movie 3 times in 2+ years. Even though some crucial changes are made from the original source material. The movie manages to stand on its own as a scary vampire flick, with the vamps being these unbound merciless creatures. The cinematography and setting also help to create an atmosphere of desolation and doom.

5. Star Trek: Loved this movie! The chemistry the actors share is so blatantly potent, that even long-time anti-trekkies will become engaged and spell-bound. Graphics and efx, while run-of-the-millish for the times, manage to give the quantum hacking futuristic flick an almost subtle plausibility that's rare in the genre.

supermarioworldE - 10/9/2009, 1:38 PM
Hell yeah! the first ninja turtles was a good movie, and also one of my favorites from my childhood.

"Death comes for us all Oroku Saki, but something much worse comes for you, for when you die, it will be.....Without Honor"

InTylerWeTrust - 10/9/2009, 2:09 PM
1. Watchmen

2. The Dark Knight

3. Spider-Man

4. Batman Begins

5. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
StrangerX - 10/9/2009, 2:09 PM
So far the majority of people have TDK, THE WATCHMEN, and 3OO within their top 5.
flames809 - 10/9/2009, 2:14 PM
my would be

1- the dark knight- great movie liked it

2- batman begins- great beginning

3-incredible hulk- how hulk should of be

4- ironman- just like the movie a lot

5- wolverine origins- like the movie

Hawksblueyes - 10/9/2009, 3:34 PM
2.Iron Man
3.V For Vendetta
5.Batman-----I remember watching this as a teen thinking that they really pulled you right into a comic book.
Swiftsword777 - 10/9/2009, 8:38 PM
1.Spider man3 -2.Blade:trinity - 3.Elektra -4.x-men:last stand -5.Batman & Robin.........There you have it gents top 5 of all time hands down
supermarioworldE - 10/9/2009, 10:12 PM
What part of the multiverse do you live in? :)

cbmf25 - 10/10/2009, 1:07 AM
my top cbms
1.batman begins
2.iron man
4.tim burtons batman
Boekelaar - 10/10/2009, 4:11 AM
1. Iron Man
2. The Dark Knight
3. Sin City
4. Watchmen
5. Does Star Wars count? Because Empire Strikes Back if it does.
THEHAWK - 10/10/2009, 11:21 AM
Mine would be...

1) Batman (1989)
5)HULK (Ang Lee version)

My top five LEAST favorite:

1)Batman &Robin (They nearly killed my love for Bane)
2)Blade Trinity
3)Howard the Duck
4)Superman 3
5)Spiderman 3
rushx5 - 10/10/2009, 11:34 AM
1) TDK
2) Batman Begins
3) Tim Burton's Batman
4) Spiderman 2 - because of the punisher cameo
5) UP/Wall E

I put UP or Wall E because I was kinda disappointed with the rest of the CBMovies.

Ironman I thought was awesome until Stark escape the cave (And when did ironman started killing people? Is he the punisher now?)

Incredible Hulk should be 6th on my list, the film was a bit too short and I find Liv Tyler annoying (She's supposed to be a scientist! why so stupid?)

HellBoy films are ok, beautiful scene and makeup but needs better plot.

Never liked any of the X men film (probably because Cyclops is my favorite X men and he gets like 10 minute screen time in TOTAL across the entire TRILOGY!!!)

Superman is great, but I find the reversing earth part ruined the ending a bit.
Minotauro - 10/10/2009, 1:16 PM
1.Batman Begins (TDK was great, but I still prefer this)
2.Akira (Amazing)
3.Watchmen (amazing)
4.Fantastic 4: 2 (I know? But, I like the silver surfer)
5.Spawn, Blade, or Hulk(2008) (are tie for this spot)

The Crow, Judge Dredd, Spider-man, Hellboy 2, Constantine Daredevil, Ghostrider, or 300: Round out my top 10...
Ryden - 10/10/2009, 2:39 PM
@ DurkinKnight and Nerosday- I see your guys point, especially on Batman killing I agree with that, its just that Batman 89 is much closer to the comics than TDK thats obvious, I didn't really like how everything was made so realisitc in Begins and TDK, it didn't feel like a comicbookmovie, where as Batman 89 did, it was beyond normality, beyond what could really happen, and thats what a Batman movie should be because to have all of this realsticness (not a real word i know) takes away the imsgination and the superheroics of Batman, they even say in TDK that Batman isn't a superhero, thats just not true, you dont need to superpowers to be a superhero, its about doing things that no one else can or will, as for the suit, I prefered the 89 version because he may have been stiff but he didn't look like an idiot in the suit, Bale does, and Keaton is the best Bruce Wayne ever, Bale couldn't hold a candle to the guy, Batman was naturally threatening, no silly voice, and he actually acted like Batman, Bale just screams, Batman is emotionless when out fighting crime and Keaton did that perfectly Bale was to angry, and dont worry lol u didn't offend me :D
StrangerX - 10/10/2009, 6:49 PM
@ ryden: you make a great point about the realism in TDK. Begins had a comicbookmovie feel which was good. TDK made me feel like I was watching 007 in a tricked out armor suit. I loved TDK, but Nolan really didn't leave any room for the fantastic. I mean how would he fit in a Mr. Freeze or Killer Croc without making the movie seem out of touch now. IMO Nolan will have to take it back to the style of Begins, and actually give the movie a Gotham City dark fog feel instead of just a Bright Chicago city scenery.
Ryden - 10/10/2009, 9:24 PM
@ StrangemannX09- I couldn't have put it better myself man ;) In Burton's Batman Gotham was this amazing grand Gothic metropolis but in TDK you could tell it was Chicago lol, and yeah I felt that there was a difference between Begins and TDK, didn't know what at first but now I know, the realisim was magnified in the sequel
AshleyWilliams - 10/11/2009, 8:11 AM
1-The Dark Knight
2-Iron Man
3-Spider-Man 2
4-The Incredible Hulk
CaptainCanada - 10/11/2009, 8:49 AM
2-Iron Man
4-The Incredible Hulk
5-Batman Begins
BubastisTheLynx - 10/13/2009, 4:08 PM
1-The Mask
3-The Dark Knight
5-Batman Begins
flames809 - 10/16/2009, 3:14 PM
gaikinger - 10/16/2009, 9:51 PM
1.30 days of night 2.300 3.iron man 4.akira 5.blade
blacksad - 11/1/2009, 10:15 AM
My top five should be like this:
1.- The Dark knight.
2.- Watchmen.
3.- 300.
4.- Sin City.
5.- Batman Begins.
And the top five of the worst CBM:
1.- Batman and Robin.
2.- Batman Forever.
3.- Spiderman 3.
4.- X-Men the last stand.
5.- Wolverine Origins.
Ryden - 11/7/2009, 8:36 PM
@flames- yeah they're good but not as good as the original and no no no no no no no Bale is terrible as Batman/Wayne, and Nolan cant include croc or freeze because now it looks stupid, he's left no room for the imagination. When you had realisim to a comic book movie it kind of does the opposite effect because a billionare running around dressed as a bat isn't too realistic, Nolan needs to stop being so philosophical with Batman and just make a Batman movie, good action, good plot, good acting. TDK is way overrated, its good but not great. And please kid, speak properly.
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