New Trailer For THE RAID 2: BERANDAL Packs One Hell Of A Punch

New Trailer For THE RAID 2: BERANDAL Packs One Hell Of A Punch

The official Indonesian trailer for the highly-anticipated film The Raid 2: Berandal has just been released. Hit the jump to check out two and a half minutes of action-packed footage.

raid 2 berandal first poster

“Picking up right where the first film ends, ‘The Raid 2′ follows Rama (Uwais) as he goes undercover and infiltrates the ranks of a ruthless Jakarta crime syndicate in order to protect his family and uncover the corruption in his own police force.“

Cast: Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian, Julie Estelle, Kenichi Endo, Ryuhei Matsuda, Kazuki Kitamura
Directed & Written By Gareth Evans

Lands In Theaters March 28, 2014
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BlackIceJoe - 12/31/2013, 1:24 AM
That looks really nice. I was pleasantly surprised how good the first one was so I can't wait to see this one too. I know it has nothing do with Batman but I so would love to see fighting in the Batman movies like these films.
batmanvsuperman - 12/31/2013, 1:27 AM
Looks good cant wait
Jolt17 - 12/31/2013, 1:33 AM
The first movie was very much a "contained" story, and that's the very reason behind its success; this one aims for a bigger, radically different scope, and that can either make it, or break it. As far as the action go, though, I'm still confident - they seem to amp up the swift choreographies, and the glimpses look like they can make for some truly thrilling sequences.

Glad to see this one having an impressive supporting cast, though; they seem to add more of the great veteran actors into this, and that guy firing Uzi is more frequently a comedic actor, if I'm not mistaken. I'd like to see his turn, in this.
Jolt17 - 12/31/2013, 1:34 AM
Anyway, the subtitle isn't all that accurate, though there are only slight context shifts.
word1one - 12/31/2013, 1:35 AM
The first one set the bar high. This one won't be as good.
whoa123 - 12/31/2013, 1:43 AM
Oh my God that looks insane! Dat overhead shot!
Realgarcia - 12/31/2013, 1:57 AM
No bueno
Doopie - 12/31/2013, 2:11 AM
this looks pretty good to me
TheVirgin - 12/31/2013, 2:25 AM
One of my top 10 anticipated movies of 2014. Hope its better than the first movie.
Danbojohnj - 12/31/2013, 3:34 AM
Was that Mad Dog stamping on that guys knackers.
SuperCat - 12/31/2013, 3:49 AM
Loved the first one. Count me in!

seantwakafilmyguy - 12/31/2013, 3:53 AM
Wow, looks waay better than the first one. Wasn't the biggest fan of it. I liked Dredd better to be honest.
REPOMAN - 12/31/2013, 3:56 AM

The Raid was a great comic book.

Nubase - 12/31/2013, 4:00 AM

the word is that zack is gona employ martial arts into his version of the batman and scott adkins will be the stuntguy batman doing the scenes, affleck and gia are also learning martials arts for the close up scenes.
HEROMAKER - 12/31/2013, 4:20 AM
@BlackIceJoe & @Nubase : actually if you read Batman : no man,s land, in there Batman actually said he is using pencak silat too, Cikalong style (Kalong in Indonesian meaning for big bat) (okay there should be misspelled in the comic, it should be Cikalong not Chikalong)
VIRILEMAN - 12/31/2013, 6:10 AM
Sequel to the best action film of all time!!!!!
VIRILEMAN - 12/31/2013, 6:10 AM
It feels weird agreeing with grif...

I feel so dirty.
marvel72 - 12/31/2013, 10:31 AM
looks f*ckin blinding,now please release a red band trailer.
novaprime - 12/31/2013, 1:50 PM
God Like! Greatness! Amazing!
Garreth Evans for Ironfist Solo Film!
Abu - 1/2/2014, 2:58 PM
Wow, the tone of the trailer sets this up perfectly. Absolutely cannot wait for this to hit theaters!

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