What makes a great movie? A passionate director and creative control.

What makes a great movie? A passionate director and creative control.

Passion in movie making. It sounds like a contradiction. The movie industry is ultimately about money,isn't it(and egomania,but I digress)? Well, on rare occasions,it's not. It's about passion expressed through an art medium-film. And that's when the public most benefits.

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By headlopper - 7/14/2011
I'm a gen-xer, so I'll deal with film from my generation.

First, 'Stat Wars'. Lucas had a vision-an amazing world which he passionately desired to create.Fox exe's were a bit inflexible,and put massive pressure on his creative process,but ultimately his vision, birthed in artistic passion,was created and changed the world of film.(of course, after 'The Empire Strikes Back',his descent from reality commenced,but initially the germ of inspiration was created).

Again,'Titanic'.You may not have liked the genre,but the flick is the highest grossing film of all time.Why? Because it's a great film? Yeah, it's good ,some would say great, but what gives it that intangible is the passion Cameron invested in it's creation, and how that passion translated into an uncompromising commitment to make the film HE visualized.It was a massive success. He set the bar for other's to match.Is he a great film maker? Maybe,maybe not, but he is passionate about his projects since then.(Ahem,2nd highest grossing film of all time,'Avatar',and definitively a produce of passion).

The Wachowski brothers. Creative control(for the most part) and a vision basted in passion to create something never seen before in cinema.'Matrix' was revolutionary(the first film),and many copy cat's-even in animation- have tried to simulate,or surpass,the initial impression the film had on the public.I believe a passion for art in film form struck a cord with the public once again.
Peter Jackson. Need I say more!

Say what you want about Zack Snyder, but'300' established a new frontier in film making,and we're all the better for it.Passion,vision and some flexibility in creative control from the studio holding the cash makes all the difference.
Yes 'District 9'- a bloody master piece.From the visuals to the realistic dialogue,to the amazing CGI and masterful story telling(as well as the brilliant acting of Sharlto Copley), the film touched a visceral part of humanity which we all recognize.

And finally Nolan,who single-handedly saved the Batman franchise,was unleashed by Warner, to allow his vision of Batman to come to life through his passion and perspective, which ultimately gave the Dark Knight a gritty ,real world treatment we all universally respect. Every film company now strives to duplicate his paradigm in CBM film making.
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