POLL: Which Characters Got the Best Portrayals this Summer?

POLL: Which Characters Got the Best Portrayals this Summer?

2011 had a good summer for Superhero films, allowing for many classic comic book characters to grace the silver screen. Now it is time for you to decide which characters got the best portrayal!

Finally, all the superhero films of the summer are released! Many were met with praise, while some left fans slightly disappointed. Most of the praise and criticism, however, is focused around the portrayal of the many characters, most of whom are classics, and many of whom are making their big screen debuts.

Now it is time for you to vote on which characters you felt got the best portrayal this summer. All the characters from this summer are separated into polls by how they fit into specific character Archetypes. While voting, these are some criteria you might think about:

1. Casting (how accurate you feel the actor fits the character)
2. Acting (how good you consider the actor's performance)
3. Faithfulness (how closely this portrayal is to the original character)
4. Appearance (how well you feel the look of the character translated to screen)
5. And finally, overall likability of the character. Something that is very important, but often underestimated.

(Note: This article includes only characters from superhero films. Although there were other comic book movies this summer, such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon, it is not a "superhero" film and therefore is excluded from this article.)

Now, on to the voting:

The Hero:

The hero, or in this case, superhero, is what these films are all about. He is always the one with the most screen time, and therefore usually ends up as being either the biggest hit or miss of the film. So which actor gave us the best performance as a superhero? Who was the most faithful? Decide below!

The Maiden:

Every superhero must to have a girlfriend, so which hero lucked out and got the most beautiful? The romantic interest requires a combination of good looks, acting skill, and respect for the original character. So which of these summers beauties got portrayed just right?

The Villain:

There is not much use for a hero if he has no villainous counterpart to battle. Did the villains this summer turn out as evil and twisted as you hoped? Name your favorite here!

The Secondary Villain:

Sometimes, the baddie needs a little help. So there is always someone there to come to their aid. Did any of these helpers steal a little of the limelight from the more important villains?

The Sidekick:

The hero can't do everything by himself, so he often finds himself a friend or two to help him out. How good do you feel the portrayal of these supporting characters where? Which sidekick especially stood out?


These are the characters who don't fit into any of the above categories, but due to the wonderful actors who portray them, definitely deserve some recognition. Many of these characters have helped turn the heroes we know and love into who they are today. Who did you like the best?

Thank you for voting! The results will be posted in the near future. Have a nice day!
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