SIN CITY 2's Ray Liotta Joins The Cast of THE MUPPETS Sequel

SIN CITY 2's Ray Liotta Joins The Cast of THE MUPPETS Sequel

Following a memorable turn in Killing Them Softly, Ray Liotta (who recently signed up for a role in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For) has now joined the cast of Disney's The Muppets sequel alongside Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey. Read on for details!

Variety reports that Ray Liotta, who actually made a brief appearance as a guard in 1999's Muppets From Space, has joined the cast of James Bobin's The Muppets sequel. His role in the sequel (which was penned by Bobin and Nicholas Stoller) is being kept under wraps at the moment. Not a lot is known about the film right now, although it has been revealed that it will take place in Europe. Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and Ty Burrell have also recently signed up to star. Below are a couple of Tweets from the former about his early experiences on the set of the highly anticipated sequel.

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poop23 - 1/22/2013, 2:38 PM
oh wow, I did't realiz he's also in sin city 2
Kaziganthi - 1/22/2013, 3:06 PM
I wonder if Ray will reprise his security guard cameo from Muppets From Space. ;)

thewonderer - 1/22/2013, 3:39 PM
Wasn't this the main guy from Goodfellas?

LMAO, I love Muppets taking these actors with mature histories and giving them a role. Very awesome!
RexDartEskimoSpy - 1/22/2013, 4:59 PM
Wow. Gervais even laughs at his own jokes on Twitter? He's funny, but very hard to like.

I've never liked Ray Liotta, but I do enjoy his honey:
eidreven - 1/22/2013, 5:36 PM
lol bee movie
eleven59 - 1/22/2013, 8:42 PM
Sooooo, the muppets will be doing their first rated R movie.... I wonder which muppet is getting whacked

OrsonRandall - 1/23/2013, 5:45 AM
Just what the muppets need more Tommy Vercetti
MB007 - 1/23/2013, 7:21 AM
He's the villain.

And absolutely what OrsonRandall said.

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