SONY CEO On Hands On Approach And The Studios Future

SONY CEO On Hands On Approach And The Studios Future

SONY CEO Kaz Hirai recently held a strategy meeting where he talked about his hands on approach and the companies future in the movie production business insisting 'we're not getting out of movie production.'

Sony Pictures have had well publicized struggles in recent years but hit franchises and successful films such as 21 Jump Street, Skyfall and The Amazing Spiderman have helped the studio.

CEO Kaz Hirai talks about his hands on approach in the studios movie productions and The Amazing Spiderman 2 final film:

"I spend a lot of time trying stuff out for myself,""I went to see the final edits for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before it came out; [Sony Entertainment CEO] Michael [Lynton] and [SPE co-chairman] Amy [Pascal] just wanted to get my thoughts on a few things," "I can't edit a film, I just know if this scene and that scene don't come together quite right, and so maybe we want to explain why this plane is out of control or blind in the air. I know if something is confusing,"

Hirai also revealed that he reads the scripts of the studios movies and suggests changes to Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton on whether or not  "that story ending is not so good," or suggesting "this part is a little controversial. Do you want change this or that?"

Hirai refused to give details about the studios $50 million cuts stating:

Michael [Lynton] and his team have gone through everything with a fine-tooth comb, and they've identified savings across the board. There's no one area where it's being focused,"  

Although there was little mention of movie production Hirai assured that it is still a primary focus:

"We may cut one or two films from the slate, but we're not getting out of movie production," "Having said that, at the investor day in Culver City, in L.A. last year, we did talk about putting more emphasis on television production, and our networks, especially those in places like India. If done right, there's a lot of margin in those businesses, and that allows us to offset some of the risk that we have with the theatrical releases."

Many fans would like to see Sony sell the Spiderman rights to Marvel to raise much needed finance but it looks like the properties future is set in stone at Sony in the mean time. Sound off your thoughts about Hirai's comments below.


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Jollem - 5/26/2014, 8:13 AM
damn right. go spidey, go
remembertheking - 5/26/2014, 8:18 AM
How about the studio doesnt get involved with the production next time. Maybe we will get an x-men quality TASM 3.
So.......... quit being hands on, Karai.
Jollem - 5/26/2014, 8:21 AM
more tasm 1 and 2's, less iron man 2 and 3's
Jollem - 5/26/2014, 8:23 AM
and did you read the part where he said "i can't edit a film"?

so...quit being all hoity toity, silly-butt
YeezusWept - 5/26/2014, 8:23 AM
Even Kaz knew the airplane scene in the climax was shit.
Jollem - 5/26/2014, 8:25 AM
anyone without their tongue or head stuck up marvel studios' butt can see that tasm 2 was a good comic book movie and a good spider-man movie
Jollem - 5/26/2014, 8:32 AM
@RodBender - i'll give you a dollar if you can come up with one good reason why it wasn't. otherwise, you're just pooping to make a stinky poop
DaVinci31 - 5/26/2014, 8:35 AM

I'm trying to get interested in this franchise again, give me something. Anything but this.
ArmGunar - 5/26/2014, 8:43 AM
His name is KAZ HIRAI !

Jollem - 5/26/2014, 8:47 AM
awww...what'samatter, Bender? you don't have anything? that's what i thought. just making a trevor poopy
Pasto - 5/26/2014, 8:54 AM
This Levi impersonator makes my heart sad.
Jollem - 5/26/2014, 9:00 AM
anyone can say "this is doody"

it's more constructive and meaningful to say "this is doody and this is why i think so..."

MrFridayNights - 5/26/2014, 9:07 AM
This Levi wanabee is retarded
Jollem - 5/26/2014, 9:09 AM
i explain my thoughts very well. i have before. many, many times

if it's a silly point like "i don't like the shoes he was wearing so that proves the movie was bad", then yeah, that's all your gonna get
YeezusWept - 5/26/2014, 9:15 AM
MrFridayNights - 5/26/2014, 9:18 AM
You are a poor man Levi wanabee
MrFridayNights - 5/26/2014, 9:19 AM
That Levi wanabee is the cancer of
Ramiel - 5/26/2014, 9:20 AM
Sony is done. Spidey will be in the MCU sooner than we think.
nibs - 5/26/2014, 9:21 AM
I haven't seen TASM 2 yet, and I won't until it's free because of the Jamie Foxx pic above.

I'm sure it could be a good movie. In fact, I actually enjoyed TASM, probably more than any of the Raimi ones, BUT, it also seems like it could be terrible, because that has to be the corniest version of Max Dillon (or any villain, really) I have ever seen. It makes me cringe similar to the over the top crippled Guy Pearce in the opening scene of IM3.

And judging from the very mixed reviews on here, it seems perfectly reasonable that there are some who like it, and some who hate it. So if I can quickly come to that conclusion, why such a bitter argument on this?
JoJo1982 - 5/26/2014, 9:29 AM
The is a few days awhile from being in the 700 million club

That's good for the movie
Jollem - 5/26/2014, 9:35 AM
@nibs - well, why argue or debate or discuss anything, then? and believe it or not, max isn't as doofy as that one pic there makes him seem. i really liked the difference in demeanor between max and electro. whenever you torrent the movie, feel free to give your opinion on it. i like hearing people's opinions on things. well...when it's not just simple drivel
nibs - 5/26/2014, 10:02 AM
true enough, a discussion is required to see what aspects people like and what aspects people hate, and I love having those.
I guess I just find that once it becomes a back and forth of "it was good" vs "no, it sucked!" then you may have hit a wall on progress lol.

And I will let you know what I thought once it's out! I do have high hopes, I did enjoy TASM and DeHaan Goblin looks great (complainers seem to have quickly forgotten about the horrendous Willem Dafoe and James Franco versions).

lol. that is absolutely doofy beyond repair. and the 'itsy bitsy spider' just sounds like they went so corny with this one. Which sucks, because it felt like the first TASM was trying to pull away from the corniness of the Raimi ones. I can't really speak on it until I see it though.
CinemaHero - 5/26/2014, 11:52 AM
Okay. These studio CEO's and corporate businessmen are not filmmakers. SONY's grubby little paw-prints can be seen ALL over TASM 2. I get they want to make back their money, but COME ON, how is Spiderman a high risk venture?!? Just about the ONLY possible way to screw up their investment was get too involved in it's production...WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID!!!
When I watch that movie, I just see a lot of studio notes on "add this for the sequel" or "put in this SONY product there". It's the exact same problem that Spiderman 3 had!!! You'd think they'd learn their lesson by now!!
You're @%#@$&%##^& right you don't know how to edit a film!!

Also, just to prevent people from labeling me a hypocrite by calling out SONY but not criticising Marvel Studios, that's because those are two VERY different set-ups. Marvel has an entire cinematic universe to maintain. They get a pass because the understanding on all of their projects is that each film is just a piece of a larger universe. It can be unfairly hard on individual directors, but it pays off in the long run with movies like The Avengers.
SONY is TOTALLY different. They've got Spiderman.
Just Spiderman.
I'm not even counting Ghost Rider, they've just got Spiderman.
As much as they want it, there is no massive Spidey cinematic universe. So far, they've had two movies, and both have been kinda "meh" at best. They CANNOT AFFORD to weigh down their "meh" movies with a bunch of studio crap!!!
Jollem - 5/26/2014, 11:59 AM
@nibs - yeah. dane's harry and goblin rocked, i thought. and yes, there are a lot of petty simpleton comments on here. that's the internet, tho :)
Jollem - 5/26/2014, 12:02 PM
oh, and here's the itsy bitsy spider part. electro doesn't say it, but it's the sounds from the electricity thrashing spidey around. i thought it was a great part. not lovingly campy like the raimi films

GeekyCheekyChic - 5/26/2014, 1:42 PM
"TASM 2 was a good movie" - I needed that. Oh wow that's classic.

Hey Sony- let the director do his thing,take your hands off the project and maybe we don't get a repeat of that doo doo that was Not so Amazing Spider-Man 2
sameoldthing - 5/26/2014, 1:48 PM
Sony dropped the ball with Spider-Man franchise.
Give up already losers or let Marvel take a bigger cut & fix your problems or better yet,give it back to them.

Foxx as Max was atrocious. Coming off of Django I expected better.
Dehaan was creepy every second,didn't work. He's better than that.
Giamatti is a good actor who acted like he had a mental disability. Sad.
Jollem - 5/26/2014, 3:40 PM
great movie

awesome acting all around again
didn't lag or drag like most of iron man 2 & 3
so many awesome action scenes
lots of good emotional bits
lots of good humor bits
there's a great spidey universe that keeps opening up
lots of enjoyment for a spider-man fan
Jollem - 5/26/2014, 3:46 PM
good to see TheRedBaroness raggin' on spidey again :)

ha! a menestural joke. classic

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