What's Your Sign in the Geek Zodiac?

What's Your Sign in the Geek Zodiac?

Nerds, next time you try to ask a girl for her astrological sign to check your compatibility, make sure you refer to the Geek Zodiac.

You know about the atrological signs, and you know about the Chinese calendar, but do you know about the Geek Zodiac? Here's a look at the Geek Zodiac calendar. Just match up the year of your birth to your sign. So what sign are you?

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BrotherStarkofMABMindz - 5/8/2011, 2:40 PM
I'm a Ninja/Samurai, dammit I wanted superhero, but ninja is still cool though
StuckInPanels - 5/8/2011, 2:53 PM
AWESOME I'm a Superhero. 1987 baby!!!
Checkmate - 5/8/2011, 3:31 PM
I'm a treasure hunter.
Everything listed sounds about right.
ManOfIron - 5/8/2011, 4:18 PM
Daikaiju is exactly what I am! 1990, BAYBAY!!! I told my mom what it said and she was like, "THAT'S SO TRUE!"
SeaSerpentine - 5/8/2011, 4:40 PM
Dammit, why did I have to be born 1993?!?
BigK1337 - 5/8/2011, 5:11 PM
Ahh, astronaut!?!
Well at least I will be exploring distant worlds like Star Trek and maybe gain powers through cosmic radiation like the Fantastic Four.

Though this does explain my love for planetary explorations in fiction. The idea of travelling to unknown worlds is after all exiting. =D
GrandWrex - 5/8/2011, 5:44 PM

whoa123 - 5/8/2011, 6:10 PM
Damn an astronaut, lame haha
marvelguy - 5/8/2011, 9:27 PM
Ninja/Samurai: knew it all along! AKA undercover geek!
TesDaGreat - 5/9/2011, 8:12 AM
CoolioVids - 5/9/2011, 9:32 AM
[frick] ya Im with Indy
TyrannicalOverlord - 5/9/2011, 11:17 AM
Spock - 5/9/2011, 11:17 AM
I am a Time Travler so approriate! 1979 Gen X/Y. IN the words of LIttle John YEAH!!!!!!!!
l0rdleg0las - 5/9/2011, 12:51 PM
i'm a [frick]ing wizard. this zodiac sucks. wanted superhero but ended up as freaking Gandalf
Tman - 5/10/2011, 3:23 AM

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