Win-a-Trip to the 2014 New York COMIC CON

Win-a-Trip to the 2014 New York COMIC CON

That's right, live it up for a weekend in Spider-Man's hometown of New York City with 100,000+ comic and pop culture fans with an all expense paid trip to the NEW YORK COMIC CON '14. is giving one lucky fan an all-expense paid trip to the 2014 New York City Comic Con!

To enter, visit your local comic shop and look for a contest box or enter at .


   Prize Pack Includes:
  • Domestic Airfare for Two
  • 5 Nights stay at a Hotel (within walking distance to the convention)
  • Two VIP 4-Day Passes into the Event
  • $200 in spending cash! 

What more could you want? So spend a weekend in Spider-Man's hometown NYC with 100,000+ comic fans. Get to see some of your favorite artists and celebrities in person. Check out some amazing Cosplay. Eat some great food. Play a new game with other fans. And Party in the Big Apple! Enter at for your chance to win.


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batmanvsuperman - 6/7/2014, 12:11 AM
I want to go
batmanvsuperman - 6/7/2014, 12:12 AM
Specially for the bitches..;) ;p
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 12:20 AM


Totally. Like Jorge at a construction site you'll be whistling and hollering at 'dem beeyotches. Did spell that right?
Comicbookguy543 - 6/7/2014, 12:35 AM
Great...where I live in South Africa there are no comicbook shops! Probably only for people within the United States anyway....
loki668 - 6/7/2014, 12:55 AM
GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!!!!!!!!!!!
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 1:45 AM

No worries. My hometown shop get's limited stock and the owner puts issues back that he thinks are going to be worth something. You're monthly folder was always a "cross your fingers scenario" and should not be. Does that help any man? I'm trying to feel you. :-P
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 3:06 AM
Loki 668 locked me out.
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 3:06 AM
Good folks on this site.
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 3:07 AM
Yeah, he was getting his ass handed to him. I was locked out so I moved here.
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 3:07 AM
Making fun of my name and all sort of.., yeah.
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 3:07 AM
Loki 668
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 4:02 AM
All of the above seems silly, but "someone" disabled my posting capabilities for at least 5 min. You talk of liberty.., I mean this site understands it in spades.., more like hypocrisy.
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 4:04 AM
Why I'm so charged up. Bad health and these little sacks have the nerve to play coy. Bring the guy in you pay, to actually go.., well?
DrVenkman - 6/7/2014, 4:05 AM

Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 4:35 AM
Wow, never ends, eh?
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 4:38 AM

Dr. Venkman, I know you're full of sh1t, but in order to have the decency to understand.., what's the point.., no matter what you truly feel: $$$$$$$$$$$$$!
KINGPEN266 - 6/7/2014, 5:13 AM
blackandyellow - 6/7/2014, 6:42 AM
$200 in spending money isn't even enough to get you drunk in Manhattan.
antman8o8 - 6/7/2014, 7:14 AM
def going again but trying to think of ways to outdo my Lego Iron Man cosplay lol

DrunkenNukem - 6/7/2014, 7:23 AM
I hope anyone wins this..except Gusto
DrunkenNukem - 6/7/2014, 7:25 AM
@GoodOlBarry must be on some good crack..
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 8:04 AM
You would like a visual representation of your mind's eye's inner most desires, but like the fvcks I could give the hypocritical bigots on here, a simple fvck you shall suffice.
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 8:05 AM
Eloquent I understand.., just like your tact.
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 8:06 AM
So once again you've displayed the professional and responsible way to handle site traffic.
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 8:07 AM
Especially that which you work so hard to frame within the small pathetic online community that is and has become the "blogosphere" of pathetic individuals not fulfilling their potential.
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 8:07 AM
Drop and give me 50!
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 8:07 AM
:-P Good people on here.
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 8:10 AM
You know what I mean when you're starting a job in a metropolitan area and your buddy that introduces you to someone says they're "good people".., you know what I'm talking about? That sort of understanding that despite the fact we are in this concrete jungle.., this individual has retained a sense of who he/she is and respects that which has given to them.

Well this site is not rife with those kinds of folk..
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 8:11 AM
Folk=people=someone that doesn't lie or deceive for their own personal gain. A person. You guys got some class on here.
Logan5 - 6/7/2014, 8:11 AM
*has been given to them.
KalElOdinson - 6/7/2014, 9:54 AM
What if I already live in NY??
riseofloganX36 - 6/7/2014, 11:18 AM
Well im from jersey so im spier-man's nabor. And i have family there. Are they brodcasting it i know they use to show it on G4 but i dont hink it's on cable.

Don't be a LEMON be a RoseBud!
blackandyellow - 6/7/2014, 3:18 PM
dio, I'll have to check it out. I've only been to Times Square and the Bronx.

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