Poll Question:

Which actress would you like to see standing with the Red Skull against Captain America and Bucky in The First Avenger: Captain America?


Angelina Jolie
193 Votes (9.23%)
Carrie-Anne Moss
82 Votes (3.92%)
Diane Kruger
309 Votes (14.78%)
Eva Green
268 Votes (12.82%)
Kate Beckinsale
477 Votes (22.81%)
Kristina Loken
304 Votes (14.54%)
Megan Fox
251 Votes (12.00%)
Milla Jovovich
207 Votes (9.90%)


Gr8Frappe - 4/22/2009, 1:30 PM
Other than Scott Summers in the middle with the protective eye shields, I'd love to know who all of the mutants are in this picture.
localman - 4/23/2009, 9:21 AM
Isn't it Emma Frost to our left, his right?

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