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Who is better, Green Arrow or Hawkeye?


Green Arrow
194 Votes (54.65%)
161 Votes (45.35%)


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Reevemat - 12/16/2009, 7:41 PM
And I jizz in my pants
venomous - 12/16/2009, 7:45 PM
holy shit i have been waiting so long. this is like Christmas come early for all. sooooooo sweet.
future0fcomixs - 12/16/2009, 7:59 PM
And what are those robots at the end?!
LadyArkham - 12/16/2009, 8:49 PM
omg. omg. omg.

i'm freakin excited!
NERO - 12/16/2009, 9:10 PM
I think I just peed a little.
MercWitaMouth88 - 12/16/2009, 9:27 PM

Im guessing the Stark Secret they keep hinting at with those viral magazine articles has to do with whiplash and the stark family destroying his life. Maybe the Arc reactor tech was really whiplashes to begin with. Then they threw him into jail to cover it up. I dunno brainstorming here

What do you guys think?
MercWitaMouth88 - 12/16/2009, 9:33 PM
There just seems to be a lot of focus on the reactor. and in the first movie all those scientists could no create a mini version. " The technology doesnt exist" they said. But Whiplash can make one with less material than Tony had in that cave. hmmmmmmm I wonder.

This movie is going to be f**king amazing
Unspoken - 12/16/2009, 9:34 PM
Awesome. War Machines should gun is bad ass. Can't wait.
chucksome12391 - 12/16/2009, 9:39 PM
that was [frick]ing sweet!!!!!
ThisFan - 12/16/2009, 9:43 PM
AMAZING trailer
MercWitaMouth88 - 12/16/2009, 9:46 PM
There just seems to be a lot of focus on the reactor. and in the first movie all those scientists could no create a mini version. " The technology doesnt exist" they said. But Whiplash can make one with less material than Tony had in that cave. hmmmmmmm I wonder.

This movie is going to be f**king amazing
Paralyz3dxD - 12/16/2009, 10:36 PM
Can anyone find a way to download this trailer? I've been trying on Apple but it doesn't seem to work for me. Anyways, trailer looks amazing. Can't wait. Ironically was watching the first when I checked here and it said it was going to be released within the hour.
darthstern - 12/16/2009, 10:48 PM
anybody have a towel!!!!!!!!! that was sweeter then megan fox covered in nutello
BLANK - 12/16/2009, 10:48 PM

Oh my frakking GAWD! Still coming down...
My head hurts from when I passed out from the rush.
THEPHOENIX - 12/16/2009, 11:15 PM
Holy shit! I think I just $#%&*#d myself. I can't wait! I wish Hawk could see it, he would love it...
YohonKalic - 12/16/2009, 11:44 PM


DogsOfWar - 12/16/2009, 11:51 PM
How is Hawk Phoenix? Our prayers are with him to have a speedy recovery
SauronCorps - 12/17/2009, 1:25 AM
this is sooo cool !!!!! im sure someone is going to say this movie will suck .....there is always one bastard who says that =S
LancerEvo - 12/17/2009, 2:15 AM
this movie will suck...

....me in completely!!

I just nerdgasmed all over my keyboard... dear god.
TheJokerGuy - 12/17/2009, 3:37 AM
SMOKING HOT!!! I am crying! I really am, I just can't believe it!! Oh man this looks sooo gooooood.
Slick425 - 12/17/2009, 6:40 AM
This is a must-see!!! This is EPIC! I'm so pumped for this now. War machine looks Bad A$$. Maybe they will say something about Steve Rogers in this to build up for The Avengers. Also HAWK best wishes man. Hope for a healthy recovery.
akthunder - 12/17/2009, 7:01 AM
Wow. I will admit I never read an Iron Man comic in my life but these movies are awesome. The second one looks like it will top the first.
marvelsleeve - 12/17/2009, 7:11 AM
Freakin sick
Gideon - 12/17/2009, 7:31 AM
OMG OMG OMG! This looks so sweet! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JHowlett - 12/17/2009, 8:31 AM
Holy shit that looks dope!!! This definitly looks better than the first one! and that's saying somthing! They close off the trailer with Ironman and War Machine throwing down back to back nice!
GrimReaper90 - 12/17/2009, 8:54 AM
BIGGEST MOVIE of 2010!!!
GreenLantern416 - 12/17/2009, 9:07 AM
superdog - 12/17/2009, 9:43 AM
JAYRON - 12/17/2009, 9:50 AM
I never would of thought earlier on that Iron Man would become Marvel's next big movie franchise after Spidey and X-men, but its happening. The first Iron had mass appeal like Spidey 1. But Spidey started getting ridiculous with multiple villians and subplots like the original Batmovies, i hope the same doesn't happen to old buckethead
JAYRON - 12/17/2009, 9:51 AM
Oh...and Scarlett as Black Widow. Hot!
TheGrinch - 12/17/2009, 10:52 AM
EPicly awesome!!!.. Best movie of the year by far.. Oh and "Denn1s" Ac/Dc made a song called "war Machine" on their new album that's actually pretty good, so knowing Favreau he'll probably use that if anything

Here check out the song: (I DID NOT CREATE THE VIDEO)

JoshWilding - 12/17/2009, 11:01 AM

'Nuff said. ;)

Guys, go check out my BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Fan Cast!!!

GrimReaper90 - 12/17/2009, 11:02 AM
@ GreenLantern416

BLANK - 12/17/2009, 11:40 AM
Why oh why can't somebody put it on Youtube? I can't see it on my iPhone. Argh.
redrum010 - 12/17/2009, 2:16 PM
It does look great, but I need to see the whole movie before I vote it the best film in '10.
DJSpidey26 - 12/17/2009, 3:00 PM

AWESOME!!!!! i can't wait until it will be in cinema in the netherlands
TheGambitFreak - 12/17/2009, 3:14 PM
OMG the trailer is cool but sh*t war machine,and iron man teaming up against an army of iron mongers yeah baby #1 movie of 2010!!!!!
my favorite marvel team up.
gambit ( of course!)
war machine
moon knight
iron fist
that would kick some ass!!!!!!!!!!!
Warg - 12/17/2009, 3:41 PM
Is something going wrong with the arc reactor in tonys chest? There seems to be something spreading out from it in his chest and he didnt look happy about it.
wolverine81 - 12/17/2009, 3:52 PM
AAAAHHHHHHHH AWESOME WAR MACHINE = DON CHEADLE!!!! Personally I thought Terrance Howard made Rhodie look like a total punk throughout the movie...

@Warg Dude I saw that too rumor has it it could be a techno-organic virus from the Arc...

MICKEY ROURKE IS GOING TO KICK A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BigL1979 - 12/17/2009, 5:19 PM
My wife has the laptop and i can't watch flash video on my Itoucj. Apple sucks , Damn You quicktime.
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