Preacher Preacher is a comic book series created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon, published by Vertigo (an imprint of DC Comics), with painted covers by Glenn Fabry. Preacher tells the story of Jesse Custer, a down-and-out preacher in a small Texas town who is accidentally possessed by the supernatural creature named Genesis in an incident which killed his entire congregation and flattened his church. Garth Ennis, feeling Preacher would translate perfectly as a film, sold the film rights to Electric Entertainment. Rachel Talalay was hired to direct, with Ennis writing the script. Rupert Harvey and Tom Astor were set as producers. By May 1998, Ennis completed three drafts of the script, based largely on the Gone to Texas story arc. The filmmakers found it difficult financing Preacher because investors found the idea religiously controversial. Ennis approached Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier to help finance the film under their View Askew Productions banner. Ennis, Smith and Mosier pitched Preacher to Bob Weinstein at Miramax Films. Weinstein was confused by the characterization of Jesse Custer. Miramax also did not want to share the box office gross with Electric Entertainment, ultimately dropping the pitch. By May 2000, Smith and Mosier were still attached to produce with Talalay directing, but Smith did not know the status of Preacher, feeling it would languish in development hell. By then, Storm Entertainment, a UK-based production company known for their work on independent films, joined the production with Electric Entertainment. In September 2001, the two companies announced Preacher had been greenlighted to commence pre-production, with filming to begin in November and Talaly still directing Ennis' script. The production and start dates were pushed back because of financial issues of the $25 million projected budget. James Marsden was cast in the lead role sometime in 2002. In a March 2004 interview, Marsden said the filmmakers were hoping for filming to start the following August. With the full-length film adaptation eventually abandoned with budgetary concerns, HBO announced in November 2006 that they commissioned Mark Steven Johnson and Howard Deutch to produce a television pilot. Johnson was to write with Deutch directing. Impressed with Johnson's pilot script, HBO had him write the series bible for the first season but by August 2008, new studio executives at HBO decided to abandon the idea, finding it too stylistically dark and religiously controversial. Columbia Pictures then purchased the film rights in October 2008 with Sam Mendes directing. Neal H. Moritz and Jason Netter are producing the film. The previous scripts written by Ennis will not be used.
The first trailer for AMC's live-action Preacher adaptation was recently released to predominantly positive vibes from the online comic book community. But what did the comic's creator think of the first footage of Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer? - MarkJulian
AMC debuted the very first trailer for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's adaptation of Garth Ennis' controversial comic series during tonight's extended episode of The Walking Dead, and you can watch it right here. Oh, and Cassidy (Joe Gilgun) does have an Irish accent!... - RorMachine
AMC has released a teaser for the upcoming full Preacher trailer which will air this Sunday night. It's only a few very brief snippets, but it does give us our first looks at Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, and Joseph Gilgun as hard drinking Irish vampire, Cassidy... - RorMachine
AMC has officially announced that the very first trailer for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's adaptation of Garth Ennis' controversial classic will air during a feature-length episode of The Walking Dead on November 1st. Check out a revealing synopsis after the jump... - RorMachine
Seth Rogen is developing Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's insanely brilliant comic series for AMC, and during an interview with CraveOnline the actor/writer explains how the Preacher TV series will differ from the controversial source material. Will hardcore fans be annoyed at the changes? - RorMachine
Seth Rogen has taken to Twitter to announce the premiere date of AMC's small screen adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's controversial comic series, as well as our first official teaser image. Click on to take a look, and to find out when "the beginning is nigh"... - RorMachine
After several months of shooting, we finally have our first look at This Is England actor Joe Gilgun as Cassidy the Irish vampire thanks to some new BTS images. There's also a much clearer pic of Ian Colletti as Arseface, looking much less gruesome than he does in the comics! - RorMachine
Seth Rogen (The Green Hornet) continues to post teasing production stills from the set of AMC's small screen take on controversial DC Vertigo comic, Preacher. One of the pics features Dominic Cooper (Agent Carter) as the Reverend Jesse Custer... from the collar down! - RorMachine
Seth Rogen has shared another production still from the set of AMC's small-screen take on Garth Ennis' controversial comic series, Preacher. It's not clear exactly what we're looking at, but it appears to be a couple of nuns chatting to a cop. Sheriff Root perhaps? Check it out... - RorMachine
With filming for the pilot episode of the TV adaptation of Preacher currently underway, AMC have announced that British actor Tom Brooke has joined the show's main cast in a series regular capacity. Which character will he be playing? Find out after the jump! - Minty
Executive Producer Seth Rogen has taken to twitter to give fans a first glimpse of Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) and Arseface (Ian Colletti) from AMC's Preacher. The premium cable network's adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's celebrated comic is expected to debut late-2015. - MarkJulian
Filming for AMC's Preacher adaptation has officially begun according to Seth Rogen's twitter. With Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Ruth Negga s Tulip and Joe Gilgun as Cassidy, how do you think Preacher will fare on the network that brought us The Walking Dead? - MarkJulian
You'd think with the abundance of characters already featured in Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's comic series there'd be no need to create any more, but that's just what AMC has begun to do. The newest additions are The Killing actress Jamie Anne Allman and Rectify’s Derek Wilson. - RorMachine
Another principal cast member has been added to AMC's upcoming small screen take on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's controversial comic series. Former Deadwood alum W. Earl Brown will play the despicable father of Arseface, Sheriff Hugo Root. More past the jump... - RorMachine
Now that the three leads are officially locked in, AMC can begin adding more supporting cast members to their small screen take on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's controversial comic series. Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds, The Flintstones) will play a character named Vyla Quinncannon... - RorMachine
Preacher executive producer Seth Rogen has officially confirmed [via Twitter] that Agent Carter's Dominic Cooper will portray Jesse Custer in AMC's adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic book. - MarkJulian
She may have missed out on a role in Constantine (Angelica Celaya replaced her as Zed) but former True Blood alum Lucy Griffiths will get another crack at a DC Vertigo adaptation when she joins Ruth Negga, Joseph Gilgun and Ian Colletti in Preacher. Click on for more... - RorMachine
"Yer Ma's a hooer!" In an inspired bit of casting, This Is England's Joe Gilgun has joined AMC's small screen take on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's controversial Preacher comic as hard drinking Irish vampire, Proinsias Cassidy. More past the jump... - RorMachine
Yesterday we found out that Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Ruth Negga would be playing Tulip in AMC's Preacher adaptation, and now they've added 18-year old Ian Colletti as poor, unfortunate, hilarious Arseface. Click on for more... - RorMachine
Rumors point to her fellow Marvel TV alum Dominic Cooper being the frontrunner to play Jesse Custer, but in the first bit of official casting news for the AMC Preacher pilot, Ruth Negga has landed the role of his gun-toting girlfriend, Tulip O'Hara. More past the jump... - RorMachine
Apparently no offer has officially been made, but word is that AMC wants Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avengers, Agent Carter) to lead their small-screen adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's Preacher as the Reverend Jesse Custer. - RorMachine
While fans of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's awesome comic series anxiously await details on Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's small-screen adaptation, we might have some news on how they're looking to cast one of the 3 lead roles: Tulip O'Hare. Click on for more... - RorMachine
The Green Hornet actor has tweeted a pic of a stack of Blu-rays that he and Evan Goldberg will apparently take influence from for their small-screen adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's controversial comic series. Fans should be pleased! - RorMachine
Well before his days at Marvel, Alonso worked as a Vertigo Comics editor & helped shape Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's Preacher. With such familiarity with the source material, does Marvel Comics' top boss have a strong opinion about the forthcoming TV show from Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg? - MarkJulian
Preacher fans were surprised to learn about Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's involvement with the adaptation of the classic Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon comic book series, but AMC (the network behind Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead) have now given the pilot the green light! - JoshWilding