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I'm a fan of DC and Marvel films. Comics-wise I've read more DC (mostly Batman and Green Lantern) but I like Marvel ones as well.

Favourite comic book films of 2011:
1.X-Men: First Class
2.Captain America: The First Avenger
3.Tie between Green Lantern and Thor

Anticipation for 2012:
1.The Dark Knight Rises
2.Tie between The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers
3.Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Favourite DC films:
1.The Dark Knight
2.Batman Begins

Favourite Marvel films:
1.The Incredible Hulk
2.Spider-Man 2
3.X-Men: First Class

Favourite Dark Horse films:
1.Sin City
3.30 Days of Night
4.Hellboy II: The Golden Army
5.The Mask

Started reading Zenescope stories.

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