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Leadership is not about appreciation, it is about responsibility. It does not matter that the burden is heavy, it only matters that you carry it.

Comics are more than just entertainment or an escape for me, you can say it's more like a combo of religion and mythology, it's my faith. I look at these characters for guidance and wisdom. I ask my self what would Steven Rogers do? When life gets tough, I look at Bruce Wayne's dedication and self-sacrifice. I look to Xavier for lessons of acceptance. I look at Nick Fury when I need to make the tough choice. I look at the TMNT and see the true meaning of family, not blood but love. I am a father of two beautiful daughters, 4 & 2. I am passing along the knowledge that Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Chris Claremont, to name a few, have passed on to us. I am happily married, and have been blessed with my own personal angel. Basically I am a comic book man hippie. And with that I leave you with this.

Open your mind, and you will find freedom. Open your heart, and you will find love. Open your eyes, and you will find beauty. Open your soul, and you will find peace.

¤Shadows on the Sun¤

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